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Q: 2020/2021 Where will we finish up this season?
a. Top Four, Champions League here we come
b. 5th-7th Europa League is well within our grasp
c. 8th to 14th anywhere in mid table is about right
d. We're in a dog fight before a ball has been kicked and we'll do well to finish 17th or just above
e. GSB have derailed our season before a ball has been kicked, the Championship beckons

Eddie B 6:27 Sat Dec 9
WHU team Vs Arsenal

Zab Reid Ogbonna Cresswell

Obiang Noble

Lanzini Arnoutovic Arthur


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franksfat&slow&wank 5:20 Tue Dec 12
Re: WHU team Vs Arsenal
defend like we did sat and it bodes well

these cunts don't score away from home anymore and like a shit start to away matches

score first and these cunts arses will go a bit

Vexed 2:01 Tue Dec 12
Re: WHU team Vs Arsenal
Thought Eddy Fernandes had earned a start v Chelsea but Noble stepped up well.

Sakho looked like the right sub at the time but was a bit fucking lazy for my liking. Same two up top for me. They'll scare the shit out of Arsenals defence.

Sir Alf 1:11 Tue Dec 12
Re: WHU team Vs Arsenal
Hernandez and Carroll unlikely to be fit enough to start a game anyway so same team to start.

Sakho for me edges the "who comes on" too as although he may be playing within himself at times he is still a handful physically and is probably the fittest of the sub options.

Fernandes coming on for Noble might have to happen if old Nobes is blowing. Was it my bad stream for the City game but I thought Fernandes had a decent game that day. First time I have seen him look physically strong on the ball ever?

Westham67 12:58 Tue Dec 12
Re: WHU team Vs Arsenal
Same team , same set up as Saturday

Jasnik 9:28 Mon Dec 11
Re: WHU team Vs Arsenal
I'd start with same team but not bring on Ayew for anyone

Romfordboy 8:38 Mon Dec 11
Re: WHU team Vs Arsenal
Will probably be same team as sat

It's just to go into a game and actually think we are going to turn up and give someone game!!

LAF 6:24 Mon Dec 11
Re: WHU team Vs Arsenal
Antonia, if fit, would be wasted on top. You need him to put the burners on from deeper infield. Also, he's instinctive and not as effective if he has time to weigh up his options - like a striker often has to do. Not slagging him off, but it's not his favoured position. Agree with posts who put Hernandez up top and stick Antonio behind.

dealcanvey 5:56 Mon Dec 11
Re: WHU team Vs Arsenal
Defend how we did on Saturday and we will get something.

Southampton looked comfortable against them as they sat back and soaked up the pressure then hit them on the break.

Think Antonio could be able to exploit their back line.

Same team. No need to change it.

Northern Sold 4:11 Mon Dec 11
Re: WHU team Vs Arsenal

southlondonhammer 3:32 Mon Dec 11
Re: WHU team Vs Arsenal
same as saturday though i would swap Antonio for Hernandez

Stubbo 3:13 Mon Dec 11
Re: WHU team Vs Arsenal
Agreed same again makes sense. The striker to bring on when the front guys tire totally depends on the match situation.

If it's like for like with strength needed up front, Sakho is the closes we have. If it's pace, movement and looking to nick a goal then Hernandez. If it's total gamplan change and bomb the box then Carroll.

I struggle to see a time given the above options where the answer is Andre Ayew.

At some point I'd like to see Zabaleta play the Cresswell role on the right hand side of defence, with Reid in the middle and a Masuaku equivalent (Antonio?) brought in on the right hand side, meaning we can play a proper striker up front.

3-5-2 certainly suits us from a squad perspective though and gets Lanzini playing centrally which is also a bonus.

Using intelligent fullbacks as the wide centrebacks also makes sense as the side can pivot into a back 4 when a wing back is out of position, and few teams these days are truly reliant on aerial domination in attack to the point you need hulking great centre backs that are 6ft 4".

the exile 2:25 Mon Dec 11
Re: WHU team Vs Arsenal
Same team but when Antonio runs out of puff I'd bring Hernandez on instead of Sakho. Likewise for Arnautovic I wouldn't mind seeing Carroll come on for a cameo instead of Ayew, especially if we're chasing the game.

boleyn8420 1:06 Mon Dec 11
Re: WHU team Vs Arsenal
Antonio was fucked after 60 mins and Moyes should have subbed him. In the end Antonio subbed himself with his pretend calf injury. He needs to stay out of the gym and get on the bike for a bit get fitter. Having said that I think he is brilliant and apart from his first touch, lack of goals and lack of fitness, this season he has been awesome

isolated hammer 11:52 Mon Dec 11
Re: WHU team Vs Arsenal
Same team to start, we have had an extra day on Arsenal and they had to chase the game yesterday. We can certainly win this.

Razzle 11:48 Mon Dec 11
Re: WHU team Vs Arsenal
Dont change a winning team.

zebthecat 11:36 Mon Dec 11
Re: WHU team Vs Arsenal
Same again please

Grumpster 11:35 Mon Dec 11
Re: WHU team Vs Arsenal
Saturday afternoon to Wednesday night is plenty of rest for Antonio, he'll be fine and he's absolutely vital to us wherever he plays.

No doubt he was fatigued, but even I'd be recovered in that time and I'm a middle aged unfit cunt.

franksfat&slow&wank 11:30 Mon Dec 11
Re: WHU team Vs Arsenal
noble does bring something to that side, played 90 in the win at spurs and Chelsea

I would bring Hernandez in Wednesday too as big ask getting players to deliver the same intensity in a short space of time albeit the boys should be high on confidence

Sakho wants out so not sure I'd be considering him if all the others are fit?

JayeMPee 11:24 Mon Dec 11
Re: WHU team Vs Arsenal
As Justin P

Bertolli 11:23 Mon Dec 11
Re: WHU team Vs Arsenal
I would only drop Antonio if he is injured. Replace Antonio after 60 for Chico this time instead of Sakho! The energy up front helped us greatly on Saturday only to be ruined when Sakho came on!

Vexed 11:11 Mon Dec 11
Re: WHU team Vs Arsenal
Dropping Antonio. Absolute mugs on here. Hilarious.

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