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Sarge 11:52 Thu Jan 4
Declan Rice
Outstanding contribution tonight.

Take a massive bow and a regular starting berth son.

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bloodinmepoo 6:03 Sun Nov 18
Re: Declan Rice
Hope he doesn't get injured like the rest of our top signings. Wow that would upset the cart.

cartis 5:21 Sun Nov 18
Re: Declan Rice
Takashi Miike 2:47 Sun Nov 18

Spot on.

He makes easy work of those two fucking idiots.
He must laugh at how easy it is.

dicksie3 3:12 Sun Nov 18
Re: Declan Rice
Whoops! Fucked that right up!


dicksie3 3:11 Sun Nov 18
Re: Declan Rice


Takashi Miike 2:47 Sun Nov 18
Re: Declan Rice
all this bollocks about 'we're not good enough' is irrelevant. of course he'll eventually fuck off but any club owner with a brain protects the club by getting him on an extended deal so we don't get shafted again with a miniscule offer from one of the scum in the top six. that's why as much as i detest daniel levy, he wipes the floor with the porn dwarves in how to run a club

AKA ERNIE 2:16 Sun Nov 18
Re: Declan Rice
we could offer him 150k a week and he would still go to a top 6 club

Full Claret Jacket 2:06 Sun Nov 18
Re: Declan Rice
Anyone with an once of sense will see we are a good stepping stone to clubs who are genuinely competing for honours. Most if not all players will want to win things in their career.

I think we are a mid table side who will occasionally flirt with relegation and occasionally have a good run. A lot of other clubs are in the same boat.
Unless you are going to invest billions and lose a lot of money which is what Man City did over a decade, then you aren't going to change that.

It's always going to be the case we are going to have to sell our best players and feed the agents. Sometimes these moves work for them and sometimes it doesn't.

SUM A DING WONG 1:54 Sun Nov 18
Re: Declan Rice
I hope im wrong, but sadly i think we wont make the progression in time for Rice to commit to us long term.

I can see Rice signing a long term contract with us, but not seeing it out.

SUM A DING WONG 1:49 Sun Nov 18
Re: Declan Rice

I would have agreed with you a 100%, before the investment and hiring of Pellegrini in in the summer (they should of made the investment sooner and not in one go, but that's another discussion).

I'd like to think if they at least improve us a bit more and if that is their limit - hopefully, they would step aside if the right people come along to take us over.

We shall see.

Takashi Miike 1:03 Sun Nov 18
Re: Declan Rice
*of our own*

Takashi Miike 1:03 Sun Nov 18
Re: Declan Rice
๐Ÿ•๐Ÿ’ฉ Owners

the cunts can't wait to throw 80-100k at a french, shit stirring mentalist but give a decent contract to one of own? Fuck Nooooooo

AKA ERNIE 12:56 Sun Nov 18
Re: Declan Rice
comma Leicester and Maguire last summer

dicksie3 12:30 Sun Nov 18
Re: Declan Rice
If we can't tie down Rice to a new deal then we may as well seize to exist as a football club.

There'd literally be no point of us operating.

Bernie 12:13 Sun Nov 18
Re: Declan Rice
It's up to the club to match Rice's ambitions.

7th this year which will be EL and a decent FA Cup run. It's the only hope we have of hanging onto our better players. Start closing the gap to the top 6 and become part of it

, 12:09 Sun Nov 18
Re: Declan Rice
Outside the top six every other club is a feeder to that elite group. And it has been obvious for years. If we have a youngster with a lot of potential is is when he moves on not if.

Which team from mid table or below has recently managed to keep hold of a really good player not past his prime?

Percy Dalton 11:35 Sun Nov 18
Re: Declan Rice
Sir Alf.
My sentiments exactly
Couldn't agree more.

cartis 10:33 Sun Nov 18
Re: Declan Rice
SUM A DING WONG 1:09 Fri Nov 9

I absolutely guarantee that will never ever happen while these two old cunts Gold and Sullivan are here.

We will tread water at absolute best,they are totally incapable of taking the club forward.

Sir Alf 10:32 Sun Nov 18
Re: Declan Rice
Media frenzy this weekend as there are no games. Man Utd, Chelsea, Arsenal Spurs Liverpool Man City all been โ€œreportedโ€ as interested or making moves to get Rice as it essentially suggested that such a good player at that age has to go to the top 6. They are entitled to get all the best players to ensure they remain well ahead of the rest of the league.
A cartel or closed shop is what the media want and Premier League to ensure the โ€œproductโ€ keeps the huge overseas foreign subscribers which is where the growth is for revenue.

Capitalism at its best :-( get as much money as possible.

Sooner the 6 breakaway to a European league of 4 games versus the other elites of Europe the better.

The one thing I still get enjoyment from is younger players coming through but wonโ€™t be long before DNA testing will ensure big clubs snap up the best potential players as they exit the womb

The Sport and game us old gits loved is finished. Itโ€™s just a badge and colours or โ€œbrandโ€ and family histories and even that will fade and die.

But until grounds empty or subscriptions fall nothing will change

May as well sell Diangana and Holland too

Miserable, jaded, cynical? Who me ?

arsegrapes 1:14 Sun Nov 18
Re: Declan Rice

torino hammer 1:11 Fri Nov 9
Re: Declan Rice
Agreed that must be the aim

SUM A DING WONG 1:09 Fri Nov 9
Re: Declan Rice
Torino Hammer,

It is a sad fact, that a club in our position can lose its best talent to teams in the Champions League and/or challenging for the league.

Its for us as a club to step up and make it so players don't have to 'imply that they may leave sometime in the future to progress their future'.

Hopefully, with continued investment and forward thinking (Stadium issues aside), we will become a club no one wants to leave.

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