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Gavros 8:33 Tue Jan 9
Fusion GPS testimony on Trump released
This looks big.....there' an FBI informer within Trump's inner circle...

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Westham67 9:29 Tue Nov 12
Re: Fusion GPS testimony on Trump released
Gates testified at Stones trial said that Trump knew about wiki leaks prior to the email hacking and there subsequent release ,which means he lied to Mueller in his written answers. Plenty of collusion just not enough to prove a "Criminal conspiracy"

charleyfarley 2:55 Mon Nov 11
Re: Fusion GPS testimony on Trump released
Anybody know when Trump is going to get his wall built in Colorado?

Hammer and Pickle 10:42 Mon Nov 11
Re: Fusion GPS testimony on Trump released
You clearly don't get links, do you knobcheese?

Here - copy and paste this into Google and see what happens


Nutsin 10:11 Sun Nov 10
Re: Fusion GPS testimony on Trump released
Authored by Jeff Charles via LibertyNation.com,

If the recent moves by prosecutor John Durham are any indication, some important people have cause to be worried. After the investigation into the origin of the Russia probe became a criminal matter, many have speculated as to who might be in Durham’s crosshairs.

Sources familiar with Durham’s investigation recently told Fox News the prosecutor likely has evidence that crimes were committed. So who is guilty of wrongdoing, and how will the progressive left, who championed the failed Russia collusion narrative, react?

Indictments On The Horizon?

John Durham

Durham recently elevated his investigation to criminal status, which broadens the powers of the authorities looking into the matter. It means he can subpoena witnesses, call a grand jury, and take other actions. Fox News’ source indicated that the prosecutor might know already who engaged in illegal activities.

“You do not impanel a grand jury at this point unless you are going to indict,” the source said. “Durham is at a point where he knows he has crimes and now the question is how many people were involved and they have a pretty good idea of that group of people and what the charges can be and whether or not they can get some cooperators.”

If the source is correct, it means Durham possesses much of the information he needs to issue indictments. Perhaps elevating the investigation gets him closer to uncovering the rest of the crimes. If this is true, Durham’s probe is likely to send the progressive left into a tizzy; they did not expect to be on the receiving end of this strategy. So how will the Democrats and their close allies in the corporate press react if the prosecutor files indictments and makes arrests? It seems they have already given us a clue.

How Will The Left React?
The Democrats have already placed Durham in their sights, and the leaders are rushing to condemn Attorney General William Barr for daring to investigate government officials for potential wrongdoing. With no sense of irony, they accuse the Justice Department of conducting a politically motivated investigation to harm Trump’s political opponents. This is what a lack of self-awareness looks like, folks.

William Barr

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) and House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA) issued a joint statement, lashing out at the attorney general. “The Department of Justice under AG Barr has lost its independence and become a vehicle for President Trump’s political revenge,” they whined. “If the Department of Justice may be used as a tool of political retribution or to help the President with a political narrative for the next election, the rule of law will suffer new and irreparable damage.”

Sen. Mark Warner (D-VA) claimed that Durham’s investigation is not warranted. He stated that the Senate Intelligence Committee “is wrapping up a three-year bipartisan investigation, and we’ve found nothing remotely justifying this.”

Apparently, the Democrats have embraced the “good for me but not for thee” policy over the past three years when it comes to investigations.

What About Impeachment?

In the midst of an attempt to impeach President Donald Trump, the arrests of government officials who began an obvious politically motivated investigation is the last thing the Democrats want. While they use the president’s phone call with Ukraine as a pretext to conduct yet another probe, it might not be a good look if Durham indicts other officials for doing the same.

Fox News also reported that the prosecutor is “very interested” in questioning former CIA Director John Brennan and former National Intelligence Director James Clapper. In fact, another source told Fox that Brennan was informed by his attorney that Durham might reach out to him. FBI agent Peter Strzok – a key member of the team investigating the Trump campaign – also might be a focus of the continuing investigation. He has been the subject of scrutiny since messages between himself and former FBI attorney Lisa Page revealed a distinct anti-Trump bias.

It is no secret that the Democrats have been planning to impeach Trump since five minutes after he won the election in 2016. The false Russia collusion narrative was supposed to be the kill shot to the president’s time in office. But special counsel Robert Mueller’s report revealed that their efforts were based on utter falsehoods. Now, the left has replaced Russia with Ukraine, hoping to pound a final nail in the coffin. It is clear to anyone following politics that it is out to get Trump by any means necessary.

However, if Durham’s investigation results in indictments of prominent individuals who targeted the president during the 2016 campaign season, it might be yet another demonstration that Democrats are motivated by politics when it comes to removing Trump, not a sense of duty or altruism. It is one thing to lead an impeachment effort based on “Orange Man Bad;” it is quite another if the DOJ exposes left-leaning government officials who used illegal means to damage the president.

Support for impeachment is still high, but it is sinking. As time goes on, with no new compelling evidence against Trump, it will continue to decline. If Durham arrests political actors who worked against the Trump administration, the American public will see through the effort to unseat the president through the impeachment process. Then the Democrats will not have the support they need to push it through. Either way, it looks like the Democrats’ only hope for victory lies with the 2020 election, not the impeachment process

Nutsin 5:24 Sat Nov 9
Re: Fusion GPS testimony on Trump released
Be careful you dumb bastard, you’ll have Pickle accusing you of being a troll posting that kind of nonsense.

Capitol Man 5:54 Fri Nov 8
Re: Fusion GPS testimony on Trump released
Book except from an any ours on Trump.

“It’s like showing up at the nursing home at daybreak to find your elderly uncle running pantsless across the courtyard and cursing loudly about the cafeteria food, as worried attendants tried to catch him,” the author writes. “You’re stunned, amused, and embarrassed all at the same time. Only your uncle probably wouldn’t do it every single day, his words aren’t broadcast to the public, and he doesn’t have to lead the US government once he puts his pants on.”

Capitol Man 5:25 Fri Nov 8
Re: Fusion GPS testimony on Trump released
Republicans never cease to amaze, Obama wore a light suit and they ran around slapping their heads until the exploded that he was degrading the office of the residency.

In trump they have a man taking a shit on the beloved constitution and they will utterly humiliate themselves to defend him.

Did they get into politics so they could cower behind their desks when the time came to stand for something?

HairyHammer 2:51 Thu Nov 7
Re: Fusion GPS testimony on Trump released
If justice is a word he should be screwed and it's over but in my view he has so many cowards slurping on his pooper that nothing will come of this.
There is no such thing as Republicans or the republican party they are now the Trumplican party , so he either needs to kill their family's or screw their wives and even then if he waves the money at them he will get their vote.

Texas Iron 1:02 Thu Nov 7
Re: Fusion GPS testimony on Trump released
Open hearings next week...

Taylor testimony can clinch it...

Sondland memory returned...


BRANDED 6:56 Wed Nov 6
Re: Fusion GPS testimony on Trump released
Has he been impeached yet?

Westham67 11:10 Wed Nov 6
Re: Fusion GPS testimony on Trump released
#Blue wave

Darby_ 8:47 Wed Nov 6
Re: Fusion GPS testimony on Trump released
Unlucky, Donald.

Capitol Man 5:27 Wed Nov 6
Re: Fusion GPS testimony on Trump released
Ha, and Moscow Mitch was there too. No wonder they lost.

Capitol Man 5:24 Wed Nov 6
Re: Fusion GPS testimony on Trump released
Ag ag ag - gop loses Kentucky governor race. Trump was there with rand Paul last saying it was about impeachment.

Capitol Man 4:18 Wed Nov 6
Re: Fusion GPS testimony on Trump released
You are deluding yourself you sad little twat. It’s there in what he released. Read the transcript. There is the shakedown, there is the soliciting interference.

Everything else just supports what is in the text. Time to set your fat, lazy, stupid bullshit aside and think.

Nutsin 3:49 Wed Nov 6
Re: Fusion GPS testimony on Trump released
So out of nowhere you pull shit out of your ass about me lying about where I live and my healthcare costs and think if you say it often enough it will stick.
A typical liberal tactic I might add, we' very seen it happen countless times since Trump took office. Some people, the gullible fools like you fall for it.

The normal people know its bullshit and strengthen their resolve each time you repeat the same nonsense.
So carry on with your dumb lies, all it shows is how weak your character and position is. Funny thing is you think you have enough moxy to pull it off you dumb bastard.

Nutsin 3:39 Wed Nov 6
Re: Fusion GPS testimony on Trump released
You fall for this shit every time, it's so obvious to everybody else but you.

All you have here is yet another desperate attempt by the Dems to oust Trump. Its pathetic, Trump released the call, there was no quid pro quo, Schiff and Pelosi have kept everything hidden from the public, McConnell is saying that with the way the Dems are acting and the history on how they have acted since Trump won that they have no cred. Its really quite simple. A simpleton like you must see it.

Capitol Man 2:26 Wed Nov 6
Re: Fusion GPS testimony on Trump released
And in the real world it’s go so bad for the gop that Lindsey Graham has to now pretend he’s rot reading any of the transcripts of the depositions.

Mitch McConnell admitting he’s shitting on the constitution yet again by saying the Senate will not convict before hearing the evidence.

How low can these people get. Human scum indeed.

Capitol Man 2:21 Wed Nov 6
Re: Fusion GPS testimony on Trump released
Well that would again show the depth of your stupidity then NoNuts. I feel absolutely no need to get into a pissing match with a knob end like yourself. That stupid old fucker in France is the man you want to have that conversation with. You’d only lie anyway.

Anyway, let’s end this conversation about your bullshitting ways and get back to just about the only man on the planet more full of shit than you are.

You can’t pretend to be in support of the constitution then ignore a president trying to force a foreign nation to interfere in the American election.

You also can not pretend to be in support of the constitution and still back a president ignoring the oversight function of congress.

Nutsin 1:04 Wed Nov 6
Re: Fusion GPS testimony on Trump released
No mong,
I never made anything up and I'll put my pay check up against yours any day. Once again you have no idea what you are talking about.

All these assumptions expose you for the soppy cunt you are.
I never said I lived anywhere different than I do now and what I am saying about my healthcare is fact. I'm not alone either, theres plenty of others out there. Its a real problem you ignorant cunt!

Nutsin 12:02 Wed Nov 6
Re: Fusion GPS testimony on Trump released
That's all u got Pickle, calling me a troll.

Tell me why am I trolling?

Obamacare dove up the cost of private insurance it's a fact. Not only did it drive up the costs but it made it too expensive to use because of the high deductible. That is a fact!

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