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e. New season you say, woohoo time to get the new kit and wear it it to the pub for all the big games, the wags down there call me Mr West Ham

charleyfarley 9:34 Mon Jan 15
Cyrille Regis dead aged 59
Cyrille Regis dead: Ex-West Brom, Coventry and England star passes away aged just 59 of suspected heart attack

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Crassus 1:30 Fri Feb 9
Re: Cyrille Regis dead aged 59

I think you have nailed it there mate


I was born and brought up in the immediate area of the ground, some mates were of West Indian and Indian origin, never batted an eyelid at the racial fact

Yet would still refer within their company to non mates as black cunts or worse, Paki cunts in reference to Indians, with full vitriol - then followed by the perceived exemption caveat of not you mate, your one of us, as if delivering a favour....

I can still see the confused look in their eyes, trying to reconcile that bollox - that flew over our heads.

The irony of it all was that we saw ourselves as all rather forward thinking, what with having 'spooks' as genuine pals

In truth, and having discussed it wih my brother in recent times, there was a culture of rejection/fear in general terms, but a willingness to accept individuals - so comments like so and so is a lovely lady, a nurse, nice husband, shame she is black were commonplace

I guess the supporters reflected that from the terraces at the time, black but our black if you like. Clumsy assimilation but as equally clumsy as the politicians that invoked immigration waves upon specifically unprepared areas whose populace were expected to get on with it, it was never a bed of roses from either side but a strength of the character of all sides that we did, warts an all

Not sure that makes any sense to you, but it would if you were there at the time

JLAP 11:45 Thu Feb 8
Re: Cyrille Regis dead aged 59
That’s brilliant
God bless ..

Eddie B 10:43 Thu Feb 8
Re: Cyrille Regis dead aged 59
Believe it or not but this was his funeral:


SurfaceAgentX2Zero 9:55 Mon Jan 22
Re: Cyrille Regis dead aged 59
I think the media's apparent confusion about Regis's role is brought about by the fact that he was so damned good AND so damned likable. He was certainly one of the few opposition players I ever had any time for, the others being Bobby Charlton, Dennis Law, Frank Worthington and Derek Dougan. Plus a few of the 66 boys, Banks, Wilson, Stiles, maybe. I pretty much despise any other player not wearing claret and blue.

gph 9:04 Mon Jan 22
Re: Cyrille Regis dead aged 59
Comment on the article ay-h linked:

Inspiring story. As an Evertonian I am ashamed by the racist attitude of our fans in the past. I remember the chants of 'Everton are white' whenever John Barnes had the ball in a Merseyside derby. I also recall that Paul Parker, who was on the verge of signing for Everton, received letters from 'Evertonians' telling him that they didn't want a black player at their club.

normannomates 4:28 Mon Jan 22
Re: Cyrille Regis dead aged 59

In the here and now..of course the 70s will appear beyond the pale..
The Black players got stick..but nothing like some make out..and have survived and thrived..look at Johnny Barnes showing himself up on BIG Brother..
He's getting pulled up for his supposed homephobia. .oh the irony.

I believe this Country is amongst the fairest and most liberal on the planet..but some won't let it be.
Sins of our fathers?
But we have given the world and human kind many riches

arsene york-hunt 4:06 Mon Jan 22
Re: Cyrille Regis dead aged 59
See what I mean about scousers? Absolute scum!


arsene york-hunt 3:50 Mon Jan 22
Re: Cyrille Regis dead aged 59
On the subject of early black players.

went to Anfield in 1967 and John Charles was playing for us. Every time he touched the ball there was a cacophony of monkey noises. Not just from a group of yobs behind the goal but from all all around the ground and for the entire game.

I wondered what it must have felt like to be in his shoes, I have passionately hated scousers since then, as they were and still are a bunch of disgusting cunts.

On the subject of West Brom and Big Ron pioneering using black players, there were always a few like Albert Johanson of Leeds to name one. but West Ham United were the first club to have three, long before West Brom We were the pioneers.

normannomates 3:13 Mon Jan 22
Re: Cyrille Regis dead aged 59
Chim 2.38

I disagree with that..just plain wrong..we always had lads from all over...the NF were fucked off lively.

It's a myth...always pisses me off that...lumbered with the likes of CFC and the like..

Fuck off

Blunders 12:42 Mon Jan 22
Re: Cyrille Regis dead aged 59
This is in no way meant as disrespect to Regis or what he did in the game both on and off the pitch, but I was having a read up on black players in English football earlier... So Clyde Best for 1 example played TEN years before Regis did, and John Charles even before then.

Viv Anderson played for England before Regis etc.

It's being made out by the media a bit to sound like Regis was the first!

J.Riddle 2:52 Sun Jan 21
Re: Cyrille Regis dead aged 59
I recall at QPR away night game around late 70s early 80s, my mate said a few NF were down the front giving it Nazi salutes and Sieg Heils until Cass went down there and "they got the shit kicked out of them", his words.

Private Dancer 3:45 Sat Jan 20
Re: Cyrille Regis dead aged 59
Must be some time since a footballers death was so newsworthy and affected so many people. A real shame this. A genuine RIP.

normannomates 2:40 Sat Jan 20
Re: Cyrille Regis dead aged 59
The mentality back in the 70s was neanderthal like looking back...but thats life right..we all learn as time marches on..each generation learn lessons from the previous one..not always acted upon..but the answers are there.

The bods back in the day lobbing bananas were.. in their minds just fuckin about..no racist hatred.

everyone got it back then...and I mean everyone .

tnb 1:10 Sat Jan 20
Re: Cyrille Regis dead aged 59
I just dont understand the mentality of that era, and that's not being 'right on' It's just the truth. My Dad, for example (going since the 50s) gets rightly fed up all the fuss about West Brom as pioneers when we had Clyde Best first, but at the same time he remembers seeing bananas being thrown at Regis. If you've got such a massive problem with black people, how come you don't have a problem with the black players on your own team? This madness still goes on in Spain where black players for a fan's team are accepted but those playing for the opposition are greeted with monkey noises. I'm not trying to be PC, I just dont understand it. If you're going to be a racist, at least have the courage of your convictions.

lincslink 12:22 Sat Jan 20
Re: Cyrille Regis dead aged 59
I remember it was cans of beer no draught stuff. It was relaxed like having a beer with your mates after local football.

Far Cough 10:19 Fri Jan 19
Re: Cyrille Regis dead aged 59
Been up there once, a mate was friends with Ray Stewart

JohnnyL 9:58 Fri Jan 19
Re: Cyrille Regis dead aged 59
Loved being able to drop into the old Players Lounge ... that would be a thread on its own

lincslink 7:34 Fri Jan 19
Re: Cyrille Regis dead aged 59
I was lucky enough to have a couple of beers with Cyrillie Regis in West Ham's players lounge in the 1980's, my mate was invited there by Gary Owen when they were at WBA, Billy Bonds nobbled Owen who came in on crutches. Regis was good company and a real gent.

JohnnyL 2:11 Fri Jan 19
Re: Cyrille Regis dead aged 59
Premier League have reacted late to fans from many clubs and have said all clubs will pay tribute this weekend

gph 2:09 Fri Jan 19
Re: Cyrille Regis dead aged 59
I can't remember the bloody score - the two matches finished 1-0 to us, and 2-2 (looked it up, but it didn't jog my memory).

I only went to one of them.

Clyde scored in the 2-2 one, so it was probably the 1-0 one, as I'm sure I would've remembered his revenge.

Coffee 2:01 Fri Jan 19
Re: Cyrille Regis dead aged 59
Anno Domini, gph.

What was the score?

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