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Q: 2019/20 With seven games to go will West Ham stay up
a. Our demise was sealed when the idiots on the Board appointed Moyes, we're down
b. Despite the efforts of Moyes and the players, we will stay up by the smallest of margins
c. I'm beyond caring & couldn't give two hoots either way

J.Riddle 12:36 Tue Jan 23
Arnie done his hamstring
Out for 3 weeks and Lanzini ruptured his out six weeks +

Over to the 2bobs to dig deep....

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Darby_ 5:10 Wed Jan 24
Re: Arnie done his hamstring
If you forget what Lertie said and are too lazy to scroll back down, it beggars belief that we should be dreading a game against Wigan after we've been 'reduced' to playing two players worth 20m and 16m. It's about time these wasters earned their wage.

Darby_ 5:01 Wed Jan 24
Re: Arnie done his hamstring
Lertie Button 8:52 Tue Jan 23

aldgate 1:57 Wed Jan 24
Re: Arnie done his hamstring
granted rumford but at least we put our best team out back in the day. if we throw the cup it's an insult to the travelling fans and a poor reflection on the club if it hasn't got a squad to cope with two competitions

gph 12:33 Wed Jan 24
Re: Arnie done his hamstring
Hernandez would've been a great buy if we were going to change the way we play to suit his way of playing.

Either he's thick*, or he will have noticed before he came that we didn't play the way that suited him. In the latter case, surely he wouldn't have agreed to sign without assurances that we were going to play differently.

Assurances that haven't been followed up if they were made.

*He does pray a lot...

Any Old Iron 12:19 Wed Jan 24
Re: Arnie done his hamstring
Your mum 3:38 Tue Jan 23

You might have slagged the owners. I don't fucking care if you did or not.
What you said was 'fuck the FA cup'.

And for me that marks you down as a complete retard. I note that you don't argue my points, just accuse me of being a gobby cunt.

You don't do irony, do you.

rumford 11:58 Tue Jan 23
Re: Arnie done his hamstring
West Ham once lost to Mansfield in the FA cup with Hurst,Moore,Peters,Brooking and Bonds in the team.Its happens its cup football mate.

aldgate 11:12 Tue Jan 23
Re: Arnie done his hamstring
fair point never say die but we have to start trusting footballers who are apparently world class or ship others in.... or are we admitting our second string with a mix of top pros will struggle to beat wigan (even if they don't rest platyrs for a promotion push)!

NEVER SAY DIE 11:07 Tue Jan 23
Re: Arnie done his hamstring
aldgate 9:25 Tue Jan 23

Was he playing on his hands at Shrewsbury???

Barty 9:49 Tue Jan 23
Re: Arnie done his hamstring
Right back with pace who can defend and pass & cross a ball properly

Tough tackling defensive midfielder who can pass a ball properly.

Attacking creative midfielder (Lanzini isn´t enough he needs some cover like the latest injury shows)

Winger with creativity and pace who can dribble past players and pass and cross a ball properly.

Oh and a fucking striker please. Hernandez doesn´t suit us and was a terrible buy whoever was responsible for that deserves sacking (Oh wait) Carroll is too fragile, Sakho is too mentally fragile and Ayew aint a striker!

So to summarise some serious backing is needed this window to make sure we stay up and then if we do some SERIOUS backing is needed in the summer to push on and build a PROPER team but with these owners we will probably never see that


aldgate 9:25 Tue Jan 23
Re: Arnie done his hamstring
just looked at wigan website
can't recognise a player on there
we are the 17th richest team in the world ffs!
chicarito could play on his hands against them and score a hat trick - why the hell are we worried about wigan!

Lertie Button 8:52 Tue Jan 23
Re: Arnie done his hamstring
So no hiding place for Hernandez and Ayew now, starting against Wigan they got to earn their vast salaries and about fucking time too.
They wanted first team football now they are going to get it.

Side of Ham 8:32 Tue Jan 23
Re: Arnie done his hamstring
If we put the league before the FA Cup it will be down to the owners or any of our owners ever NOT supplying our managers with a squad that can cater for all eventualities.

We've always been short in key areas and throw in that the F.A. Cup starts in the middle of winter and it's no wonder we'll put out a patched up mix for a cup game.We'll do the same the next week in the league at Brighton because of the above reason.

We can't cater for early rounds in the Europa League so why does anyone think we'll be well covered for extra domestic cup games.

But any of our managers are forced to use it to make a point to our tight ship out of their monetary remit owners.

We spend too much time blaming managers who are easily replaced to carry on the con from the owners.

Too Much Too Young 8:18 Tue Jan 23
Re: Arnie done his hamstring
I do not agree with the knicker wetting on show.


This is TITS, FANNY AND WEST. HAM, against the miserable, grey, cold North.

Arnie or not, we shall wallop the fuck out of them and be in draw for the next round.

Lily Hammer 7:52 Tue Jan 23
Re: Arnie done his hamstring
Belief is contagious. Doing is believing and there will be lots around the on and off teh pitch who remember it well.

BRANDED 7:49 Tue Jan 23
Re: Arnie done his hamstring
Wigan have the same team as 2013?

Lily Hammer 7:47 Tue Jan 23
Re: Arnie done his hamstring
The way things are now, even if he goes for it and puts the strongest side possible out away to Wigan, it's going to look like the kind of weakened side that Allardyce would have put out, anyway.

Whatever side we put out, I'll be pleasantly surprised if we're in the hat for the 5th round draw. Wigan may be 3rd division, but they won the cup in 2013 and are flying and full of confidence.

13 Brentford Rd 6:30 Tue Jan 23
Re: Arnie done his hamstring
Ha ha unbelievable, a few days ago everyone was saying imagine if Arnie & or Lanzini get injured and bang both injured.
You couldn't make it up seriously, never fucking ends does it.
Lengthy injury lists inc key players every season.
Good job we invested all that money we didn't spend on a football stadium on a world class training ground.......

One McAvennieeeeee 6:24 Tue Jan 23
Re: Arnie done his hamstring
I don't think keeping us in this league raises his stock at all. I'm also not sure about what bonus he's on. The fact he's came in off the scrap heap I'd like to think Sullivan is a bit more clever than that.

Winning a trophy would be his greatest ever achievement.

chim chim cha boo 6:22 Tue Jan 23
Re: Arnie done his hamstring
Keeping us up is raising his stock AND getting him a massive cash bonus.

One McAvennieeeeee 6:20 Tue Jan 23
Re: Arnie done his hamstring
Is it right he's on a 6 month deal? If so fuck it and go for both? He already relegated a team last season and got another job so it's not that much of a problem.

If he was to win a trophy though is would be the best achievement in his career and could help raise his stock and get a better job.

chim chim cha boo 6:17 Tue Jan 23
Re: Arnie done his hamstring
So is Moyes right or wrong to focus his attention on the league and not cups?

As a glory-starved punter of course I'd love to win a cup and wouldn't particularly be bothered if we got relegated. Well, it wouldn't be the end of the world.

However, the manager has been bought in on a short contract with a huge cash bonus for keeping us up. He doesn't support the club and we've only been on his radar twice a season at best for his entire career. He's got virtually every decent member of the squad out injured too.

What would you do if this was, say, Huddersfield and you were manager there? One, maybe two million for keeping them up?

It's not Moyes fault really, is it? Who put such heavily weighted incentives to remain in the league into his contract to start with? Surely that's where to point the finger?

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