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Yarmouth 1:13 Tue Feb 6
The march
What time and date does it start and where does it start from please?

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Mike Oxsaw 2:37 Tue Feb 13
Re: The march
motley crue 1:59 Tue Feb 13

Interesting point, mots.

If it's all square at the end of the march, when & where's the replay?

Mike Oxsaw 2:35 Tue Feb 13
Re: The march
Russ of the BML 10:05 Tue Feb 13

I agree - a couple of timely wins/unexpected points won't even begin to paper over the cracks that make up the real problem (even if (IF) we beat Liverpool, that's not now the long-standing curse/overdue event from the 60s it once was - we've already put that one to bed).

Even struggling into the top half of the table ("What more could we expect - we're only West Ham, after all") should not allow the media to sneer down at "a bunch of ungrateful louts".

What's probably needed is a thread where we all make up "headines" & soundbites that are likely should we end up with more points than expected in the lead-up to the march.

This is not some sort of playground game, though: If any media outlet chooses to use one such phrase, the internet/social media allows people to clearly see it as something made up earlier and not an original idea from the presenter/journalist.

They hate plagiarism, so to be found out doing just that would highlight them as very unoriginal and even possibly question whether or not they actually understand what they are "reporting on".

Plus...we've got a two week break, so it's something light to relieve the boredom.

motley crue 1:59 Tue Feb 13
Re: The march
We now have a lot of fans who are genuinely not bothered about us losing cup games, don't expect them to turn up!

13 Brentford Rd 1:51 Tue Feb 13
Re: The march
....we've been mostly shit for decades and been relegated a few times since.

13 Brentford Rd 1:50 Tue Feb 13
Re: The march
Should be obvious it's not about results as the last time there were any major protests was over the Bond Scheme nearly 20 years ago.

Takashi Miike 10:50 Tue Feb 13
Re: The march
I couldn't give a shit how it looks to outsiders, and that includes the spineless majority who still back the three clowns

Side of Ham 10:32 Tue Feb 13
Re: The march
It's a simple fact even if we win the next two the way we go into seasons short squad wise is not going to change under this ownership.

We are marching to have owners who put the football first, NOT owners who make any manager do an impossible job season after season until they get thrown under the bus by them for not handling the tightness.

Russ of the BML 10:05 Tue Feb 13
Re: The march
Willtell - As I said on the Real West Ham fans thread:

The problem now is that good results will relieve anger and, in turn, lessen people's appetite for the march.

So I think the organisers need to maintain a solid focus on the reasons for it and spell it out clearly.

This is not about results. This is about a failure by the board to commit to the pledges. It is also in response to a 'next level' promise once we had moved which has now seen the last two windows transfer policy been chaotic and very under-resourced. It's about a lack of professionalism in the media too.

It's odd because we all want West Ham to win and do well but, right now, the more we win the more the march look's a little over the top to the outsider.

That's why the true reasons for it need to be very clearly spelt out to the outsider.

It won't help when, if we go on a decent run of results, highly visible people like Jim White openly question the march and try to make us look like trouble makers.

Willtell 9:38 Tue Feb 13
Re: The march
If we win at Liverpool and Swansea I don't see the march working as intended. Lose both and there will be a riot....

Westham67 8:47 Tue Feb 13
Re: The march

Mike Oxsaw 6:43 Tue Feb 13
Re: The march
A banner?

A picture of a pile of money equal to that raised for the march with the caption: "All this could have been YOURS, Sullivan" beneath it.

Fifth Column 12:35 Tue Feb 13
Re: The march
Better idea for the WHO banner:

A big picture of Sullivan in his comedy Russian hat

"CUNT HIM IN THE BASTARD" in big letters

Maybe with a dead heron in the corner

Gentile 12:17 Tue Feb 13
Re: The march
I hope the March gets well out of hand resulting in national TV exposure resulting in hundreds of arrest and burning cars police helicopters and having to call the Army to the streets to diffuse the situation.

Your mum 10:40 Mon Feb 12
Re: The march
Can't we just get FOMB in giant letters?

Hammer and Pickle 10:15 Mon Feb 12
Re: The march
Ratched looks a bit like PDC there.

chim chim cha boo 8:15 Mon Feb 12
Re: The march
That's me baby!

Far Cough 7:42 Mon Feb 12
Re: The march
Royston huh? :-)

chim chim cha boo 7:38 Mon Feb 12
Re: The march
Talking of dozy cunts I don't seem to be able to get the fucker to show on Google images.

Try this instead:


chim chim cha boo 7:13 Mon Feb 12
Re: The march
I've put this on the pinned RWHFAG thread but some of you dozy cunts won't have read it for a while. How about an official WHO banner for the march?

I've knocked up the beginnings in Illustrator (a program I don't really know all that well- I'm much better at Photoshop but a banner needs to be vector graphics for scaling). I don't really like the font and wouldn't want to pick the message as I'd just get dog's abuse but can some of you chip in with suggestions (yeah, yeah yeah I haven't currently got three years to go to art-school and learn to draw thanks).


cup of tea 4:49 Mon Feb 12
Re: The march
For all my joking around I sincerely hope this goes well and that it is a big turnout. Let us not forget the purpose of this - it is not about egos it is about the club we all love whether we still go or not.

Due to finances and family stuff I stopped going and fill my time with other stuff but that is not to say I don't care anymore - I do, just not as passionately as some of you.

Best of luck to all going and well done to the people that set this up which must have taken a lot of time and effort

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 4:31 Mon Feb 12
Re: The march
Mike Oxsaw 4:15 Mon Feb 12

Nicely put, mate. And of course, I agree with all of it.

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