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Q: 2019/20 With seven games to go will West Ham stay up
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gregan 12:47 Sat Feb 10
Midfield prospects
Marcus Browne was flying last season before a 6 month injury. Now back and was superb this week against albeit a young Sunderland U23 team, plus Jack Rodwell.

Having watched a lot of the U23's I've seen that Martinez's goals covered his weaknesses and unfortunately despite the obvious flair that Samuelson is well short of 1st team standard. Quina is undoubtedly talented but still lightweight and lacks end product/consistency even at U23 level (was subbed at half time after a poor half on Monday).

Declan Rice was a clear standout playing U23. Nathan Holland was also playing beautifully until he got injured. Marcus Browne if he can stay fit has star potential. His performance on Monday as Terry Westley commented was head and shoulders above any other player on the pitch.

He's an Ox. Strong, compact and powerful. This helps him ride tackles and have that important burst of speed over the first few yards. He first came to my attention a few years ago due to his technical excellence. He can go past a player with acceleration or skill. A good range of passing and he has excellent power and whippage in his shot. He also used his body strength expertly to bully the Sunderland player and knock them off the ball and come away with it.

Positon wise No.10, wide in a front 3 or attacking midfielder who can tackle as well. Shit loads of talent. Monday confirmed for me he should be right in the 1st team picture. I think he could take off if given a chance.

One player who also was fantastic on Monday was Alfie Lewis who came on for Quina at HT and played DM. He was brilliant. Could have passed for being Spanish. Super comfortable on the ball. He could find quick forward passes beyond opposition midfield line. Small with low centre of gravity. Defo one to watch. The DM position been a talking point with Carvalho and Dendoncker. We may well have a gem in our ranks who's 18.

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jack flash 9:08 Tue Apr 10
Re: Midfield prospects
He looks a great prospect & hopefully will get some game time in before the end of the season

However, much as I can't wait to see the back of Carroll (hopefully at the end of the season) I think he'd be a better option (if available) to come on for the last 10 minutes (if the situation dictates it) against Stoke

If he does ok it might possibly encourage someone to buy him

The general rule of thumb seems to be to play experienced players in desperate times

Sven Roeder 8:42 Tue Apr 10
Re: Midfield prospects
Not much more he can do to make the squad at the moment.
It’s whether Moyes trusts young players

Jasnik 8:11 Tue Apr 10
Re: Midfield prospects
I'd rather have Brown on the bench than Carroll.

As nothing to do with how well I think Brown would do just Carroll is just a waste of space now

daveyg 4:18 Tue Apr 10
Re: Midfield prospects
Browne dominated that game last night,bullied his way on to the ball and even his own team mates,wanted to score.
He resembled Arnie in that way.
Would love to see him start against Stoke instead of Mario as I don't think he's going to stay .Definitely ahead of Fernandes who only plays well for a half then gets a slot in the team due to injury next time around.
We're at home but expect Moyes to play a similar line up and tactics as he did against Chelsea. We need to start like we did against Southampton as Stoke know a draw is no good to them.
Browne Lanzini
Masukua Kouyate Noble Zabaletta
Cresswell Rice Ogbonna
Adrian Evra Hernandez Mario Carroll Collins Fernandes

South Woodhammer 2:56 Tue Apr 10
Re: Midfield prospects
I've seen enough of Alfie Lewis to say that he's going to be a top player one day... two footed and with vision. Just hope that he realises his potential with West Ham.

Bernie 1:05 Tue Apr 10
Re: Midfield prospects
kane shows you what hard work, practice and dedication can get you.

gregan 12:48 Tue Apr 10
Re: Midfield prospects
All 4 goals from the Browne show tonight. Class act. https://twitter.com/westhamutd/status/983461206114619396?s=21

Not seen George Moncur for a while. Fair play to him. Looked an ok player at West Ham without ever really pulling up any trees. Of course Harry Kane wasn't exactly amazing as a youngster which means it's hard to predict the future. Often it's the mental side and dedication to practice that has a huge influence which is something the average fan won't know about.

terry-h 11:35 Mon Apr 9
Re: Midfield prospects
That's some performance tonight by Browne. Hope he gets his chance soon. Holland is another I have high hopes for.

Just as an after thought, I've seen George Moncur play some decent stuff for Barnsley this season in the championship highlights C5 show. Hes a player who might have developed with us given the chance.

Far Cough 10:40 Mon Apr 9
Re: Midfield prospects
Moyes, start Marcus Browne against Stoke

gregan 10:38 Mon Apr 9
Re: Midfield prospects
It's now Marcus Browne 4-0 Everton.

gregan 10:18 Mon Apr 9
Re: Midfield prospects
Marcus Browne ripping it up tonight. Fresh from scoring a free kick stunner with trademark whippage to beat Man City.........tonight he already has a hat-trick as the U23s lead Everton 3-0 on the road.

ChesterRd 4:36 Sat Apr 7
Re: Midfield prospects
Cheers, here's hoping then.

gregan 2:51 Sat Apr 7
Re: Midfield prospects
Chester, Lewis is a pure technician who always shows for the ball and plays passes fwd that most players won't see let alone execute. I've not see a huge amount but the quality of his work advancing the play is mightily impressive. I would hope his technique and attacking intelligence ala masia will ease any physical issues he might encounter.

Buster, Haksabanovic hasn't overly impressed in the U23s. Stays too wide, lacks end product and drifts in and out. He has good technical ability but has been outperformed by Diagana in a similar role which probably indicates why he was on the bench for the 1st team.

Buster 12:17 Sat Apr 7
Re: Midfield prospects
Haksabanovic is the only one who could possibly make it for me. I’ve seen nothing from any of the others to suggest they’ll make it at Premier League level.

But to be fair, I always thought that about Stanislas as well, so maybe they need to drop down in order to step up.

ChesterRd 11:51 Fri Apr 6
Re: Midfield prospects
Thanks for the update.

Is Lewis going to be physically big enough Gregan? We seem to end up with quite a few talented lads who are too small to make the step up.

I like Browne a lot and glad he's back to his best. He is a confident lad but at the same time I think he knows he's got to work hard to get where he wants to be. I know a few of the ex players on twitter like him a lot too.

daveyg 9:00 Fri Apr 6
Re: Midfield prospects
If Lanzini is out and can only run straight lines anyway why not bring in Browne or Holland against Chelsea We're not expected to get anything from this game but who knows something that Chelsea wouldn't of expected may be a big surprise to them. But you can expect the ultra conservative boring Moyes to name a 4 fullbacks....

yngwies Cat 6:40 Fri Apr 6
Re: Midfield prospects
That's A good read mate. Sounds promising.

Just so difficult to break through.

Hopefully One or two can make it.

gregan 5:39 Fri Apr 6
Re: Midfield prospects
Splend free kick from Marcus Browne was enough for the U23s to win 1-0 away at Man City who included Foden & Diaz in their starting midfield. https://twitter.com/westhamutd/status/981970862009192451?s=21

Good that Holland is back and Pask getting on the bench for first team. Young Xavi Lewis was on the bench in the U23s but surely won't be long before everyone will start to know who he is. You can't hide that talent for too long.

Takashi Miike 12:51 Thu Mar 22
Re: Midfield prospects
haha. he is a bit small but the times ive seen him he always gets in good positions and reads the game well. I agree about Browne, he looks ready for some first team football. not seen much of Lewis but have heard good reports, and you comparing him to a player like xavi is a big compliment

gregan 12:46 Thu Mar 22
Re: Midfield prospects
He's been injured. Another talented player for sure and a definite keeper. If Lewis is Xavi then Kemp is David Silva in style. I saw him at a recent U23 game and he was wearing jeans that looked like they had been left with a tiger beforehand. I'm not sure if that's something to be concerned about.

Takashi Miike 12:30 Thu Mar 22
Re: Midfield prospects
gregan, how's Kemp doing? he impressed me much more than Quina whenever I've seen the u23s

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