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Q: 2020/2021 Where will we finish up this season?
a. Top Four, Champions League here we come
b. 5th-7th Europa League is well within our grasp
c. 8th to 14th anywhere in mid table is about right
d. We're in a dog fight before a ball has been kicked and we'll do well to finish 17th or just above
e. GSB have derailed our season before a ball has been kicked, the Championship beckons

rochesterjohn 11:41 Fri Feb 16
Tottenham Fans
Had the misfortune of doing an evening with Ossie Ardiles and Micky Hazard, Ossie to be fair nice guy with great Tevez stories, Hazard thinks he’s Bob fuckin Monkhouse .
Anyway we do an auction 2 Harry Kane items and a Pat Jennings signed testimonial programme. The giraffe tongue ones items sold well, the Pat Jennings item did not receive a single bid despite a paltry £35 reserve, tried geeing them up but it became apparent they had no iffinity with their tradition past or history, it meant nothing to them! The difference between us and them as fans is unfortunately as wide as the gulf between us as teams! I’ve done loads of these and without a shadow West Ham fans are truly unique, we get our club more than any set of supporters I’ve ever met!
Ps have a very funny Ossie story if anyone is interested Pm me.

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pdcwhu 11:47 Mon Feb 19
Re: Tottenham Fans
Agree with all Sentiments here,Cheating Diving Cunts,nearly got in Trouble Yesterday, few lads backed spurs at evens a goal down,when Rochdale equalised,I cheered they were not very happy with me.

jack flash 11:24 Mon Feb 19
Re: Tottenham Fans
I barely watch football on the BBC. Can't stick that big-eared spud & his ridiculously biased team

Alli's dive was probably the most blatent that you're likely to see all season

Alli was 3 foot off the ground long before he clipped the Rochdale defenders leg

I'm sick of the cheating cnut diving Alli getting away with diving week i & week out
I thought the FA were supposed to be trying to cut it out

Eddie B 11:08 Mon Feb 19
Re: Tottenham Fans
Ali and Kane dive and continiously get away with it. Lanzini does it once and is banned.

Dr Moose 10:50 Mon Feb 19
Re: Tottenham Fans
rochesterjohn 11:41 Fri Feb 16

Thats because they can't remember anything before 1991 when they won the cup, that year they cam crawling out of the woodwork in there early to mid eighties shirts as that was the last time they bought one.

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 10:36 Mon Feb 19
Re: Tottenham Fans
I bow to no man in my dislike of Tottenham, and Arsenal for that matter. But, having seen him play on many occassions and having met him once or twice, I can say with some certainly that Pat Jennings is one of the greatest footballers and nicest, most modest of men that you could ever have the good fortune to meet.

Biggie Biggs 10:31 Mon Feb 19
Re: Tottenham Fans
Ali and Kane continue to dive every game and nothing is ever done, can't ban the golden boys can they

Sven Roeder 8:01 Mon Feb 19
Re: Tottenham Fans
I think that’s a fair argument
Like in rugby where players get penalised for not getting out of the way he DOES at first fall on the ball but the obligation should be to get his hands away from it. He uses his arms to shield the ball. Deliberately

I am in favour of VAR but it has to include a law clarification about initiating contact and realistic reaction to contact.
Any time Alli or Kane get in the area they are looking for a leg to kick before flying through the air like Superman
At the moment I am exasperated by some of the analysis as I am worrying that my eyesight is failing. Some have made their minds up and parrot cliches to support ‘their’ player.

cholo 7:48 Mon Feb 19
Re: Tottenham Fans
White Pony

I thought exactly the same about the Alderweireld (I think) incident in the first half.

Yes he accidentally fell on the ball and his arm came down onto it so initially no penalty perhaps, he then went on to cradle the ball to his chest using his right arm and the ball hit his arm at least two times more, if you're going to illegally obstruct the ball with your arm in the area and it hits that arm then you are seriously in danger of giving away a penalty and in my opinion that's exactly what Maddely should've done.

White Pony 1:24 Mon Feb 19
Re: Tottenham Fans
You know what, today was the first time I've been absolutely speechless about football punditry, and the standard is fucking low here. As soon as I saw that Dele Alli decision in real time I thought stonewall DIVE and I saw a starstruck referee desperate to give a pen. Upon subsequent slow-mo replays my opinion was only reinforced.

We're not talking about a meaningless decision taken when Spurs were a few goals ahead here. The score was 1-1. I'm astounded at the blase way his dive was not just glazed over but completely ignored.

Rochdale were the victims of blatant cheating but then get patronised by Murphy Jenas and Lineker because they've got their big day out at Wembley.

Modern football is full of 100% bonafide cunts.

Pedro 9:06 Sun Feb 18
Re: Tottenham Fans
Was a dive.

He created the contact. Rochdale player planted his leg and Ali feel into it.

Hermit Road 8:53 Sun Feb 18
Re: Tottenham Fans
What this should read,

"As my Spurs fan stepson says...please don't make me sleep in the shed again"

Tadlad 8:31 Sun Feb 18
Re: Tottenham Fans
Bobby Madeley and Deli Alli. The perfect combination!

Chigwell 8:08 Sun Feb 18
Re: Tottenham Fans
As my Spurs fan stepson says "I've seen Alli dive so many times I don't think any of them are genuine now".

Takashi Miike 7:51 Sun Feb 18
Re: Tottenham Fans
Jenas should never pundit a yids game, the cunt is so fucking biased

Sven Roeder 7:50 Sun Feb 18
Re: Tottenham Fans
Must say Rochdale were outstanding
Good to see a team try and get the ball down and play and give it a go
A win wouldn't have flattered them

Sven Roeder 7:48 Sun Feb 18
Re: Tottenham Fans
Maybe its because I hate Alli but I see that as a deeply suspicious dive
Not sure what these commentators are looking at.
Minimal if any contact and he throws himself over

Any Old Iron 7:47 Sun Feb 18
Re: Tottenham Fans
Alli DID initiate the contact then flew up in the air as if he's stood on an IED. The bloke is a despicable cheat and I hope the cunt gets a leg breaker some time soon.

Mr. Burns 7:43 Sun Feb 18
Re: Tottenham Fans
What a fucking horrible cheat that Alli really is.

cholo 7:40 Sun Feb 18
Re: Tottenham Fans
Everyone in the BBC camp appear to think it was a stonewall penalty but I'm still not convinced Alli didn't initiate contact with the outside of his right ankle.

happygilmore 7:38 Sun Feb 18
Re: Tottenham Fans
BBC..Linekar,,,,fawning.... time to switch off

Lily Hammer 7:37 Sun Feb 18
Re: Tottenham Fans
Absolutely smashing cup tie. Rochdale were excellent, all considered. Busy bodies and they played proper football, just lacked that bit of pace and talent to have killed Tottenham off.

Well earned day out at Wembley.

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