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Q: 2023/24 Hopes & aspirations for this season
a. As Champions of Europe there's no reason we shouldn't be pushing for a top 7 spot & a run in the Cups
b. Last season was a trophy winning one and there's only one way to go after that, I expect a dull mid table bore fest of a season
c. Buy some f***ing players or we're in a battle to stay up & that's as good as it gets
d. Moyes out
e. New season you say, woohoo time to get the new kit and wear it it to the pub for all the big games, the wags down there call me Mr West Ham

Troy McClure 9:09 Sat Feb 24
25 Years Ago Today We lost a Real Hero
Never forgotten.

Do him proud today boys ⚒

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Aalborg Hammer 5:01 Thu Mar 8
Re: 25 Years AGi Today
Norman - I remember two Wolves lads came out of the South Bank (away end) with a claret and blue wreath ,they laid it in the centre circle and then applauded us as they walked all the way back to their places - Quality

the_bigot 1:59 Thu Mar 8
Re: 25 Years AGi Today
Sullivan gave BM a job on the Daily Sport newspaper, maybe this is to what you referring

Mart O 10:54 Sun Feb 25
Re: 25 Years AGi Today
Oh and Bobby did of course work with Pearce covering matches for Capital Radio. Pearce has done loads of stuff about his relationship with him. He used to get 150 quid per match, so it wasn't any great money spinner.

Mart O 10:52 Sun Feb 25
Re: 25 Years AGi Today
Leonard Hatred 10:54 Sat Feb 24

Although he was a recovering alcoholic, Dean Moore died from complications relating to his diabetes.

Crassus 10:51 Sun Feb 25
Re: 25 Years AGi Today
Was not on TS or Talk Radio its predecessor
Capital Gold was his gig with Pearcey when he was in his more TS mode, ahead of his time as it were

Hammer and Pickle 10:26 Sun Feb 25
Re: 25 Years AGi Today

smartypants 10:20 Sun Feb 25
Re: 25 Years AGi Today
Slightly off topic.. I remember the amount of scarfs on the gates at up, but also remember in the papers the story about two lads that turned up in a taxi to pay there respects and then murdered the driver after, what a messed up thing to do

Northern Sold 8:52 Sun Feb 25
Re: 25 Years AGi Today
Leonard Hatred 10:54 Sat Feb 24
Re: 25 Years AGi Today
I remember some vague story about his death being drink related

Not 100% sure.... he was a massive drinker when I knew him so being in the pub trade was probably not the best job for him...

Mooro deffo worked for capital radio with JP... they done the 1990 world cup together... Talk Sport was not going then IIRC...

wd40 9:32 Sun Feb 25
Re: 25 Years AGi Today
As kid in the south bank after lining up for 6 hours to get behind the net got level with the post, its 5 minutes in and they get a corner he comes walking over to the post and places his hand on it .
I can see it now as it was yesterday god he looks great I'm just two yards away from the great man ..then shock Lampard shouts at him ''Moore get out and fucking mark '' which really took me back on hearing it as a kid some one swearing at Bobby Moore! my world had changed for ever.

Did he move did he fuck.

normannomates 6:21 Sun Feb 25
Re: 25 Years AGi Today
Could've have been talk sport. .my memory is shot to shit.

T ..Sullivan was using him for the earner..the crafty little shit that he is..
It's all he knows...using people for his own ends and pocket.

It stops now

normannomates 6:15 Sun Feb 25
Re: 25 Years AGi Today

Capital Radio with Jonathan Pearce?

normannomates 6:11 Sun Feb 25
Re: 25 Years AGi Today
Always had a soft spot for the mackems and wolves

Cold day up Sunderland..and wolves support were quality on our first home game..never forget

Ahh..makes your heart ache

Private Dancer 6:04 Sun Feb 25
Re: 25 Years AGi Today
He did work for Talksport.

I recall Sullivan saying years back that he gave Mooro a gig at his paper when no-one else would give him a job, and said he paid him ott at 50k a year. Not gonna get involved if it was (morally) a good thing or not, but that's what he said and obviously in Sulllivan's mind he did him a big favour that he didn't need to do.

normannomates 6:00 Sun Feb 25
Re: 25 Years AGi Today


Scratching around for a living he was..and that's a fact..of which we all should be ashamed.

The shirts today at the scourers? ...nah..fuck that. .hypocrisy at its best.

These current owners sponge off his good name...and have made a lot of money.

Now if Sullivan thinks giving Bobby a column in his wank rag is doing right right by him..I counter that with taking the piss out of a legend of WHU and football as a whole.

Bobby Moore was my hero..one and only hero.

We all have to accept we didn't do right by him in his later yrs..different times I accept..but even so...we should have done more.

The money making from his name is embarrassing. .all going to the fund my arse

Crassus 12:32 Sun Feb 25
Re: 25 Years AGi Today
The real reason to weep is that the maestro was reduced to such indignities as fucking Butlins and The Daily Sport

Absolute disgrace and shame upon the FA and mostly - our club's ownership

swindon hammer 12:23 Sun Feb 25
Re: 25 Years AGi Today
One of my biggest regrets was when I was 8 years old in the mid eighties and we were on holiday at Butlins and Bobby Moore was there doing a Soccer school.

I knew he had played for West Ham back in he day but at that age I didn't truly understand the significance of the man and what he meant to West Ham and England so when my mum asked whether I wanted to go to the soccer camp I declined as I didn't want to go without my brother who wanted to go swimming instead.

To think I could've learnt some football skills from the great man makes me weep!

RIP 25 years on.

Crassus 12:18 Sun Feb 25
Re: 25 Years AGi Today
Thanks mate, lovely words there from JP of a bloke we can both recognise in his prose
I don't know, shit world sometimes isn't it....

Northern Sold 12:01 Sun Feb 25
Re: 25 Years AGi Today

Crassus 11:30 Sat Feb 24
Re: 25 Years AGi Today
As a real youngun, in that area no one carried such respect, with the possible exception of Winston.

Met/spoke/saw him many times - every Thursday in the school holidays we were up the ground as they came out with their wages with our autograph books

I had that autograph so many times, did not want it again, just wanted to stand in front and say a couple of words and hear him speak to me, knowingly and in recognition of the scrawny fucker with doe eyes back again - and there were literally hundreds of us, yet he made us all feel special

Others were mobbed, The Man, would not have that, he insisted upon a line, would not sign a single thing until the line was formed, then walked along it like a RSM, then would not leave, long after mere mortals and cunt players had, until everyone had their autograph - pure class the man

I was driving through Missenden, can see it now, when I heard that he had passed, rang Dad and was apparently of unnatural wobbly voice - dont do celebrity grief shit

At the gates the next day there were blokes, and I mean proper blokes, openly weeping, the florists opposite bless them, the old dears were just in tears as lad after lad came in barely able to speak

You just had to be there to feel the sense of total loss, of the finest player, and man ever to have and who ever will, wear that shirt - he was our champion, our Bobby, our pride

arsene york-hunt 11:02 Sat Feb 24
Re: 25 Years AGi Today

arsene york-hunt 11:00 Sat Feb 24
Re: 25 Years AGi Today
He was the only man I ever hero worshiped.

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