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ray winstone 3:01 Thu Mar 1
Leveson 2 Scrapped.

Culture Secretary Matt Hancock has said the government will not implement the second stage of the Leveson Inquiry.
The inquiry, set up by David Cameron after the phone hacking scandal, was due to examine relations between journalists and the police.

How very fucking convenient.

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David L 5:55 Fri Mar 2
Re: Leveson 2 Scrapped.
Just answer the Mosley / Watson question first Ray, then I'll come back to you on JRM. Deal?a

The Kronic 5:50 Fri Mar 2
Re: Leveson 2 Scrapped.
Still triggering the Tory muck on here Ray? Tut fucking tut.

After8 5:38 Fri Mar 2
Re: Leveson 2 Scrapped.
1. Darce and Cameron don't get on.

Darce hated Cameron for leverson and got his own back by supporting brexit. The Daily Mail went to town on Cameron since day 1 and never liked him.

2. The right wing media did May in during the election. One day the Mail was praising over over the manifesto with a headline saying "finally a politician not afraid to tell you the truth" and then served up stories each day of pensioners terrified they'd be losing their homes. The sun too did a massive volt face from complaining about the winter fuel allowance going to rich people and then bitching when May suggested means testing it

The idea thst Darce is collusion with May is bonkers. He's in it for himself.

Of course you can't help yourself. You think everything is a wicked tory conspiracy.

ray winstone 2:45 Fri Mar 2
Re: Leveson 2 Scrapped.
A8, you've got the cheek to call me a tedious cunt, there are posters on here who scan the right wing media for plausible anti Labour stories and can't wait to shove them on here, whether they have any credibility or not, and when they do you're all over it like a queer with 2 areseholes.

You know as well as I do the Leveson 2 has been cancelled so as to protect the right wing media who support your disgraceful party in smearing and printing lies about Corbyn and his cabinet. Dacre and Murdoch have May in their pockets and she'll do anything they say just to cling to power, just like that prick Cameron before her

If you're soooo precious about his being a 'football site' then why bother reading the political posts? Just ignore them, most people do, it's only silly fuckers like me that bite!

After8 7:46 Fri Mar 2
Re: Leveson 2 Scrapped.
Another day, another wicked Tories thread rebounding on our very own White Walker Momentum Fan Ray.

Ray you really are a tidieous cunt. I've been seeing you spam up a football website since 2009 with your anti Tory agenda and every time you start a thread it rebounds on you.

I bet you don't even know what Leveson 2 was about. You just sit there waiting for something anti conservative to happen and once you've finished wanking yourself silly you come onto a football site to try and start a row.

You really are a sad little man.

ray winstone 9:11 Thu Mar 1
Re: Leveson 2 Scrapped.
Cheers joe, your input is treasured as always.

joe royal 8:41 Thu Mar 1
Re: Leveson 2 Scrapped.
Have a day off.

ray winstone 8:12 Thu Mar 1
Re: Leveson 2 Scrapped.
Any comment on JRM telling lies about Corbyn on TV and refusing to apologise David L?

Passerby66 7:51 Thu Mar 1
Re: Leveson 2 Scrapped.
How on earth is it a Tory manifesto lie when they explicitly promised in their manifesto not to implement Leverson 2 and to repeal section 40?


David L 7:44 Thu Mar 1
Re: Leveson 2 Scrapped.
Any comment on Tom Watson and the lovely MaxMosley ray?

ray winstone 7:31 Thu Mar 1
Re: Leveson 2 Scrapped.
David L, or is it that you Tories don’t like the fact that your party is a shambles and when it’s pointed out you fucking hate it?
Their collusion with the right wing media is sickening, you carry on lapping it up like a good little working class Tory.

David L 6:31 Thu Mar 1
Re: Leveson 2 Scrapped.
Give it up ray, yeah? You're getting fucking boring now.

ray winstone 6:23 Thu Mar 1
Re: Leveson 2 Scrapped.
Willtell, another Tory manifesto lie, that is all.

Nurse Ratched 6:00 Thu Mar 1
Re: Leveson 2 Scrapped.
Everything the papers did with the phone tapping, etc, was already illegal. Just use the existing law to go after them. No need for addition codes and censorship. I can see why misbehaving celebs are so keen for it, though.

Willtell 5:35 Thu Mar 1
Re: Leveson 2 Scrapped.
Sorry ray winstone but what are you saying?

That rich Tory voters are scrapping an enquiry into the free press who no longer commit outrageous illegal acts?

Do you mean that Labour prefer to have the enquiry lumber on and end up with government control of the press? Yes how very left wing....

terry-h 5:19 Thu Mar 1
Re: Leveson 2 Scrapped.
Does this mean Corbyn's spying activities will now be exposed?

Passerby66 5:19 Thu Mar 1
Re: Leveson 2 Scrapped.

Yes I meant Max Mosley...

Not a massive fan of Max Hastings personally but he is certainly not a fucking Nazi!

Eddie B 5:05 Thu Mar 1
Re: Leveson 2 Scrapped.
Apple doesn't fall too far from the tree

Lord Brampton 4:46 Thu Mar 1
Re: Leveson 2 Scrapped.
Bit unfair on Max Hastings. Mosely, on the other hand ....

Passerby66 4:36 Thu Mar 1
Re: Leveson 2 Scrapped.
Fucking brilliant. A load of really rich cunts wanting to scrap any independence of the press and bring it all under the scrutiny of the govt - because that works really well doesn't it - just ask Erdogan or Putin.

That uber-cunt Max Hastings got exactly what he deserved as well. Trying to use data protection laws to re-write his Nazi history and to prevent anyone mentioning that he is funding Impress.

Tom Watson can stick it up his fat sweaty arsehole as well. Even Corbyn hates him.

Viva a free press!

Side of Ham 3:18 Thu Mar 1
Re: Leveson 2 Scrapped.
Once you've had blackski you never go backski comrade.

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