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Rio or Anton or Les 9:05 Sat Mar 3
Winston Reid
Got injured today, stretchered off.

No one has started a thread and no one seems to care!

He is one of us!

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Sir Alf 11:46 Mon Mar 5
Re: Winston Reid
Like a few others living off the reputation and belief that if you are paid one of the best wages in the club you must be a very good player regardless of your form on the pitch.

The dream is players like Reid, Cresswell, Kouyate become the ressies who step in only when needed. That will be a sign of progress but as many say, recent transfer business suggests we would replace with cheap punts or freebies who may actually be worse and even older.

We are cash strapped and our squad shows it.

Keep dreaming 11:29 Mon Mar 5
Re: Winston Reid
No wonder his knees are fucked. He stands like a new born calf

Sven Roeder 10:49 Mon Mar 5
Re: Winston Reid
Isnt it called Myanmar now?

AKA ERNIE 10:45 Mon Mar 5
Re: Winston Reid
Reid and Burma both out for the season after scans

Lertie Button 9:45 Sun Mar 4
Re: Winston Reid
Did the splits then pretended to be knocked out, saw Ayew was up for it and didn't fancy his chances.
The reason Noble and Collins matter so much to us is that despite their limitations as players and their age is that they care

Sven Roeder 6:50 Sun Mar 4
Re: Winston Reid
To be honest he was injured more than you'd like for a centre half before that
In the previous 4 seasons plus this one we have had 181 PL games and he has started 117.
You want your keepers and centre halves to be starting 90+ % of games not around 65%

pulhampete 6:30 Sun Mar 4
Re: Winston Reid
Another player we're stuck with due to wages, length of contract and age.

At least we're not a circus anymore.

Texas Iron 6:29 Sun Mar 4
Re: Winston Reid
Not been the same since he got his contract renewed with a big wage...
Not a leader...
Sadly now often injured...

geoffpikey 6:13 Sun Mar 4
Re: Winston Reid
Him and Carroll should be starring in an Injury Lawyers advert.

"Have you had an accident at work that wasn't your fault? Cos it's never your fault is it? You blancmange muscled nightclub cnuts."

terry-h 3:40 Sun Mar 4
Re: Winston Reid
Not really a leader of men is he? Very poor in the last year or two now he's become a Sicknote like his mate Carroll. Both should be binned in the summer.
Collins and Noble are the only players I can see up for a relegation battle and they're both on their last legs.
The future is not good.

Vexed 3:42 Sun Mar 4
Re: Winston Reid
He's been responsible for some of the worst defending ever seen this season, absolutely appalling at times. Does anyone on here give half a shit if any of our lot are injured anymore? They're fucking useless to a man and are taking us down, the disgusting cunts. Fuck off Reid, I don't care you liability.

gph 3:18 Sun Mar 4
Re: Winston Reid
Good player.

Not a great one (not that we've got any of those). And very fragile.

Could be replaced, but under the present regime would be replaced by worse.

Private Dancer 3:16 Sun Mar 4
Re: Winston Reid
Quite simply, Reid is a waste of space.

Takashi Miike 3:13 Sun Mar 4
Re: Winston Reid
hopefully him and carroll are back before the 2020 season

kirok1 11:12 Sat Mar 3
Re: Winston Reid
I thought he was caught on the jaw by a flying elbow. It didn’t look intentional but it may explain the way he folded.
That said, he does appear to be made of glass.
Nice to know he has a nice long contract...

CrowleyHammer 10:46 Sat Mar 3
Re: Winston Reid

Mike Oxsaw 10:45 Sat Mar 3
Re: Winston Reid
Guess he's doubtful for the march next week then.

Far Cough 10:32 Sat Mar 3
Re: Winston Reid
Hope he was unconscious long enough not to see the rest of that shower of steaming shit

claret on my shirt 9:21 Sat Mar 3
Re: Winston Reid
He was unconscious on the pitch for about a minute, the way his knee bent as well looked pretty nasty

JayeMPee 9:17 Sat Mar 3
Re: Winston Reid
A sky pundit said he had a head injury and had gone for an xray. Apparently he also has a knee injury.

gph 9:11 Sat Mar 3
Re: Winston Reid
I obviously didn't see what happened properly.

What I saw looked far too innocuous for an injury which caused him to be stretchered off - just his knee bending quickly without any twisting and his foot getting caught under his backside.

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