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Northern Sold 4:28 Wed Mar 7
Pretty much nails it
Had stuck it on a couple of threads but deserves one of it's own... hopefully the author does not mind?




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Northern Sold 6:01 Thu Mar 8
Re: Pretty much nails it
`but it's still West Ham`


Dudley Moore 4:36 Thu Mar 8
Re: Pretty much nails it
It's all a bit melodramatic really for me. Yeah we're in a bit of a state on and off the pitch at the minute, but would this lead me to consider jacking it all in? Would it fuck.

I'm still looking forward to the match on Saturday, meeting mates, having a pint or two and mulling it all over on the walk back.

The ground might be different, but it's still West Ham and I'll always love it.

Do I begrudge lining the pockets of the of the owners with my ST money? Yeah, of course it grinds my gears, but it won't stop me going.

Getting all emotional over some e-threats from a small group of ex-hooligans who are now close to drawing their pensions really isn't the way to go.

I was never enamoured with all that ICF bollocks and that won't ever change.

Hermit Road 4:06 Thu Mar 8
Re: Pretty much nails it

You tell them that it’s the greatest team and that Father Christmas supports them and that if they support anyone else they might not get Christmas presents. Anything else is bad parenting.

Worst Case Ontario 3:33 Thu Mar 8
Re: Pretty much nails it
I've had similar feelings as this chap too, even before reading (as I think we all have had). It has been rather depressing 'round West Ham these days.

My son - he's five - knows my team is "West Ham," or as he puts it, the "purple team with the hammers." And, bless him, he says that's his team because it's my team.

So the other night we were talking about "soccer," as this is going to be his first season playing. He asked if he is going to play for the "purple team" too. I said no, that's another team, that's just the team we cheer for, and that he will be playing with some other kids, probably in a different colour for now.

I then said, You'll probably want a different team to cheer for anyway pal.

He asked, Why?

I told him that the people that own the team and run the team aren't being very nice at all to the people who go to cheer for the team, and it has upset a lot of people who really love going there to cheer the team, so the people that used to cheer don't want to go there anymore, and it's all because some people thought too much about themselves were too greedy.

He paused for a minute, and, no word of a lie, looked up at me, straight in the eye, and said, "You need to go there to tell them who's boss."

Out of the mouths of babes, eh?

MancIron 2:41 Thu Mar 8
Re: Pretty much nails it
Spot on that. These are fucking sad days indeed.

Northern Sold 2:10 Thu Mar 8
Re: Pretty much nails it

goes straight in for me...



hammerforever 2:03 Thu Mar 8
Re: Pretty much nails it
Have c/p this link half a dozen times and it keeps taking me to this page on google. Also tried typing it in with no luck. Can anyone c/ p on here please?

Takashi Miike 1:28 Thu Mar 8
Re: Pretty much nails it
summed it up perfectly

Swiss. 1:16 Thu Mar 8
Re: Pretty much nails it
Great article that. I remember that Ipswich game well. First time I've been in the away end of the South Bank..well officially.

Clubfoot 5:19 Wed Mar 7
Re: Pretty much nails it
Very good article NS

Bostick Pockets 5:19 Wed Mar 7
Re: Pretty much nails it
Brilliant article, thanks for sharing NS.

arsegrapes 4:38 Wed Mar 7
Re: Pretty much nails it
Couldn't this have gone on one of the other threads..ohh...

Goat Boy 4:34 Wed Mar 7
Re: Pretty much nails it
Best (sadly, least amusing) one yet.

Fantastic piece of writing, should be shared and read by anyone that still remotely cares about this pox ridden mess of a club.

Shame on the (R)WHFAG, fucking shame on you.

Sarge 4:30 Wed Mar 7
Re: Pretty much nails it
Certainly does NS

Excellent article

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