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Q: 2019/20 With seven games to go will West Ham stay up
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Leonard Hatred 7:29 Fri Mar 9
Furnish me with suggestions for a "good" bottle of rum.

My mate is charging me a bottle per month rent for parking my campervan on his land.

Wasn't happy with Captain Morgan.

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Your mum 11:11 Mon Mar 12
Re: Rum
Diplimatico Anivaserio

lincslink 9:53 Mon Mar 12
Re: Rum
I like Appletons Estate, Woods and for a nice swilling rum with crushed ice try Sainsbury's Superior Dark Rum.

arsene york-hunt 7:54 Mon Mar 12
Re: Rum
madeeasy 6:43 Mon Mar 12

I was give a bottle of Sunset from a St Vincent lady just returning from holiday it was very, very strong.

Mr Anon 7:48 Mon Mar 12
Re: Rum
Chairman's reserve rum is amazing, often wins polls for best spiced rum.

gph 7:01 Mon Mar 12
Re: Rum
All these rums from sunshiney places... what about English rum from a stone throw away from Scotland?

I give you Alnwick rum.

I can't say I've tasted it, though.

flyingV 6:59 Mon Mar 12
Re: Rum

Nurse Ratched 6:51 Mon Mar 12
Re: Rum
Another shout for Appleton's Dark.

madeeasy 6:48 Mon Mar 12
Re: Rum
A friend gave me a bottle of Mount Gilboa. it is a special anniversary edition of rum that Mount Gay produced.

He was given 3 bottles by the grand daughter of the guy who started Mount Gay. He had one and flew the other 2 over to the UK and gave one to me and the other to Young JP Macmanus who is a friend of his.

I still have it wrapped in tissue paper and haven't opened it.

They made something like 150 bottles from the first VAT and mine is one of those. Hasn't got any labels on, just a sealed cap.

madeeasy 6:43 Mon Mar 12
Re: Rum
Has anyone mentioned Sunset?

It's like rocket fuel

Gavros 6:23 Mon Mar 12
Re: Rum

Gavros 6:23 Mon Mar 12
Re: Rum
I'm fucking into some fucking lovely local rum over here in Mauritius. I would bring some back for you Len but I've no doubt do the lot before I got near to handing it over.

LittleZee 7:36 Sat Mar 10
Re: Rum
Rumbullion. A lovely drop.

Swiss. 6:42 Sat Mar 10
Re: Rum
Far East

yes that's El Dorado. it's the best

Far East Hammer 6:21 Sat Mar 10
Re: Rum
Mount Gay

Or I;m told Guyanan rum, from Demerera is even better

mattyolmes 5:56 Sat Mar 10
Re: Rum
My Dad is ex RN. Introduced to Pussers. Hard to accept anything else after that. Proper.

Swiss. 5:17 Sat Mar 10
Re: Rum
Fucking love my rum. More More than whiskey

Morgans, Lambs, Barcardi is shit

Try El Dorado, Diplimatico, Plantation or on the cheap Havana club 7 years

JayeMPee 12:18 Sat Mar 10
Re: Rum
Pussers rum excellent, about as close as you will get to real Navy rum. Was given a bottle of Havana Club Seleccion for a special birthday, really good but I think it sells for c£50 a bottle if you can find it!

sand iron 12:05 Sat Mar 10
Re: Rum
Kracken is about the best affordable spiced rum out there imho, a real moorish drink.. Brugal 151 is a decent rum but not sure you'll see it in a super market..

Go for a bottle of Kracken & thank me later..

jfk 1:10 Sat Mar 10
Re: Rum
Appleton dark Jamaican special a decent drop for about a score a bottle.i think sainsburys do it.
Mrs jfk got a couple of bottles in over Christmas as her brother loves a drop.Didnt fuck about getting it online.

arsene york-hunt 12:54 Sat Mar 10
Re: Rum
Royal Oak is another very good Trinidad rum

JAC 12:52 Sat Mar 10
Re: Rum
Not a massive rum fan but was in Number 1 Canada Square,Canary Wharf earlier and my blick mate said "try this"...I think he said it was from Bahamas or something....3 shots,not even doubles...I thought 30 quid maybe....nah £48 ....I Felt violated.

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