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Northern Sold 6:15 Sun Mar 11
Sir Trev Speaks

East End royalty Sir Trevor Brooking has warned West Ham will go DOWN if the “aggressive” climate persists at home games.

The Hammers legend stayed in his seat, while the directors' box was evacuated in the face of hundreds of militant fans hurling insults and missiles at the board, near the end of Saturday's catastrophic 3-0 defeat by Burnley.

But Sir Trevor was shocked by the ferocity of the protests and, speaking to BBC Radio 5 Live, he warned: “There is no way the team is going to play, and get the points to stay up, under that sort of atmosphere. It is impossible.

“That atmosphere must never come back in the remaining home games – otherwise the club is in serious trouble and the players won't be able to deliver.

“Before this game they had six home games out of nine, which to a certain extent looked an advantage.

“But when you've lost 3-0, had people coming on to the pitch and a lot of people venting their frustration to the directors, that means the next five games at home look pretty bleak.

“Just don't come to the games at the moment – until you try to allow the players to get the points to stay up.”

Brooking, who confirmed Hammers co-chairman David Sullivan was struck on his glasses by a coin, said the scenes were a throwback to the “bad old days”.

Headded: “The level of aggression was something I couldn't believe West Ham fans would get involved in. I saw some families leaving because youngsters were frightened.”

BBC commentator John Motson, who was a guest in the directors' box, said: “It was the most scary moment I've had at a football ground – I'd even go back to that riot Luton and Millwall had back in 1985.”

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deanfergi 12:02 Mon Mar 12
Re: Sir Trev Speaks
No alcohol at the last home games...
PDC as new manager next season whatever the outcome of this, with carte blanche... whether any fucker likes his politics or not...
More livery inside the stadium - those pitch side flags hanging around the rafters..
first 2 cup games included in season ticket, carries over if unused...
We will never currently get the capacity increased so concentrate on those inside the ground already...
buy the ground within 10 years with a view to redevelopment (this may be the current long term plan anyway, but not one you could go on about without undermining your position regarding it...)
Access via Westfield so as not to treat the fans as some kind of wild animal best kept at arms length (whatever the truth of the nature of some) though this is somewhat understandable from Westfields perspective, but one that can be tempered via a better partnership with the club...

Mike Oxsaw 11:59 Mon Mar 12
Re: Sir Trev Speaks
The difficulty is obviously trying to find a way that is both pro-team and anti-board - especially as the board will bask in the reflected glory of anything positive stated about the team, and the team will feel any negative sentiments about the board as anti-them by association.

Something that goes along the lines of "Love the squad, hate the sod", but with some typical east end gallows humour.

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 11:33 Mon Mar 12
Re: Sir Trev Speaks
Anyone who has ever spoken to Sir Trev will know that in spite of knighthood, high positions in football and sport in general, he has never forgotten where he came from or that he is a West Ham fan. You can disagree with him if you want, but you can never doubt his integrity or best intentions.

Him not leaving his seat speaks volumes, by the way.

, 11:29 Mon Mar 12
Re: Sir Trev Speaks
Just imagine a scenario in our next home game where we are playing a fellow relegation contender and despite what happened on Saturday several fans of ours carry out pitch incursions during play.

Are posters going to say well done to those fans?

Brooking is right in my view to urge us fans to get behind the team, not the owners at all, and try to motivate them.

ooooh Morley Morley 10:49 Mon Mar 12
Re: Sir Trev Speaks
West Ham Fan 1 - "What happened on Saturday was a disgrace, we should never stoop to that level".

West Ham Fan 2 - "Fack off out of my club you snowflake cant".

Sri Trev - "If you want to behave like that don't come back"

West Ham Fan 2 - "Sorry Trev".

HairyHammer 10:28 Mon Mar 12
Re: Sir Trev Speaks

Wow you are a very lucky man to have witnessed that final live, we should put you in a jar there can't be that many of you left..

I love the fact that an eight year old finds the pitch invasion funny, though that could be a sign that he will follow in his 14 year old grand dads footsteps one day, ha.

The Kronic 9:50 Mon Mar 12
Re: Sir Trev Speaks
As I said, there is a time & a place to protest!


Been there, tried that. Stop sobbing.

Sydney_Iron 5:22 Mon Mar 12
Re: Sir Trev Speaks
Never mind Sir Trev, hes an FA man so will tow the line, but what about Russel Brand???

Surely the mop headed one will gives us his thoughts.....

Hes been very quiet on this issue which is unlike him???

jimbo2. 3:10 Mon Mar 12
Re: Sir Trev Speaks
BTW, if I'm a fist, then by your definition so is Sir Trev & Motty, so I'm in good company!

jimbo2. 3:08 Mon Mar 12
Re: Sir Trev Speaks
Well some of our supporters certainly didn't help yesterday! It all went horribly wrong from the point where the first idiot ran on the pitch & I think that Noble would back that up too. I'm not a fan of the owners & they have made many mistakes but we should be supporting the team and their performance, not destroy them. As I said, there is a time & a place to protest!

normannomates 2:46 Mon Mar 12
Re: Sir Trev Speaks
Relegation won't be the fault of us you fist

jimbo2. 2:39 Mon Mar 12
Re: Sir Trev Speaks
One Mc, that is a dumb comment mate! Sir Trev's comments are absolutely right. A continuation of that toxic atmosphere will help send us down. Is that really what you want?

normannomates 1:08 Mon Mar 12
Re: Sir Trev Speaks
I am glad some had the bollocks to humiliate the cunts in the directors box..shitcunts and slags each and every one.

Keep going till they fuck off

easthammer 1:05 Mon Mar 12
Re: Sir Trev Speaks
I, fortunately, was at the European Cup Winners final

The one we won!

easthammer 12:54 Mon Mar 12
Re: Sir Trev Speaks
I, fortunately, was at the European Cup Winners final
I rate this amongst the best West Ham performances I have witnessed.

I fear my grandson might be waiting for some time before he sees the like. I have tried to warn him against the expectation of immediate success. He has had to be a quick learner in that supporting West Ham is a roller coaster ride. So far the height has been the last game at the Boleyn and the depth probably Saturday. Although worryingly he did find the pitch invasions amusing. And perhaps I shouldn't have fessed up to him that as a fourteen-year-old I had run onto the pitch to celebrate a goal against the Arsenal. I made the point that my actions were in joy and not anger. And that two days latter I did get a clip around the ear when my Dad found out from his mates that were at the game.

normannomates 12:47 Mon Mar 12
Re: Sir Trev Speaks
*we deserve more

normannomates 12:46 Mon Mar 12
Re: Sir Trev Speaks
Soldo 8.10

I dunno mate..this Club is always in turmoil..we always derv more..maybe one day eh

normannomates 12:41 Mon Mar 12
Re: Sir Trev Speaks
One of our greatest ever players...but he is pro this board and the move ..he sold out yrs ago..
Still a gent though..would never cut him off

HairyHammer 12:19 Mon Mar 12
Re: Sir Trev Speaks
Sorry was not born for the European cup win, the final where they lost to anderlecht I was a small boy.

HairyHammer 12:15 Mon Mar 12
Re: Sir Trev Speaks

I am surprised he was not that far up on your list of West ham footballers for me he was Number one though your right he was not a very physical player I would describe him as a gliding eagle, my brother reminded me that he could have gone to Liverpool at some point in the early to mid 70's at one point but said West ham is my club,thank God he stayed.
I am not surprised he is such a wonderful gentleman and was there for your family at such a terrible time.
Great to see you are taking your Grand son to the games I hope he gets to see some great stuff in the future a better future than I have seen and I have seen 2 FA cup final wins and a European cup winners cup too. Although I was a nipper for two of them.

Robson 12:11 Mon Mar 12
Re: Sir Trev Speaks
I agree with most of what Sir Trev says, except “Just don't come to the games at the moment" should be directed at the board. That would help improve the toxic atmosphere and might give us a chance!

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