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Wilko Johnson 7:04 Sun Mar 11
Birmingham 1984

As there's a lot of talk of pitch incursions, they're shown on 35 minutes and 39 minutes.

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The Stoat 10:37 Sun Mar 11
Re: Birmingham 1984
I was there with a mate in the upper tier behind the goal, it was chaos and going off up there as well. We were about to fuck off anyway and get back to the car so on the way out the old bill were charging around on horses and one fell off his horse.

claypole 9:55 Sun Mar 11
Re: Birmingham 1984
Birch them was the response back then to curb pitch invasions.

cambsiron 8:43 Sun Mar 11
Re: Birmingham 1984
I was at the early 90's one. 1993. All kicked off after the game. I was in the escort back to the station which had virtually no 'hardcore' fans in. Bricking myself as we had railings one side and brummies collecting outside a pub the other side. Police horse pushed them back in the pub! Happy days! We were marched around the main roundabouts in the centre of brum. Bizarre.

SDKFZ 222 7:20 Sun Mar 11
Re: Birmingham 1984
I was at that match.

Birmingham, under Ron Saunders at that time, were the ‘Wimbledon’ of their day, playing a thuggish brand of football and having a group of very hard, dirty and uncompromising players within their ranks. This was also the era of the ICF and Birmingham’s Zulus, so what possibly could go wrong?

I remember that we went up there full of enthusiasm and confidence, expecting to get past them and into the quarter finals. Unfortunately, their players had other ideas and it was like lambs to the slaughter.

I remember the atmosphere being very toxic and it kicking off, culminating in the pitch invasions. Upon leaving the ground we also ran the gauntlet back to our coaches, which were some distance away from the ground, some, also of which, were bricked as they drove away and had their windows put in.

I remember similar also happening in the early 90’s (but without the pitch invasions) when we scored twice in the last couple of minutes, to win 2-1, after they had led for most of the match.

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