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Q: 2022 Summer Transfer Window - How many 1st team players will we sign before August 6th
a. None as Sullivan will wait until the last week before he gets his scattergun out the cupboard
b. A couple of freebies paraded as superstars, usual hype to follow
c. I'm more optimistic as surely they know we need to strengthen, 3-4 with decent money spent.
d. Who gives a toss as we have a great squad already, I've already ordered the new replica kit, socks and all and can't wait to wear it at our first game, down the pub of course, I bleed claret & blue

beppe 3:25 Mon Mar 12
Better The Devil You Know
If people get what they want, Gold/Sullivan are hounded out and sell the club who do you think is going to buy it?

I'll tell you who, a foreigner who might well have lots of money but knows nothing of our history or the football we like to watch and cares even less!

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Mike Oxsaw 5:51 Tue Mar 13
Re: Better The Devil You Know
But what about the plan to turn the Olympic stadium into flats and apartments for the well heeled?

That's how to realise the full potential of a football club, is it not?

Swiss. 5:11 Tue Mar 13
Re: Better The Devil You Know

To add to that they hire 'yes' managers happy to work on a shoe string budget.

Agreed selling the soul for many was the deal. They ain't delivered.

Johnson 4:38 Tue Mar 13
Re: Better The Devil You Know
All of the fans who championed the move did so BECAUSE they wanted us to become the next Man City or Chelsea so it is a bit late to be worrying about selling our soul.

White Pony 3:43 Tue Mar 13
Re: Better The Devil You Know
This whole careful what you wish for bollocks is such a lazy comment. Always peddled by thick, scared pansies who clearly never try do do anything exciting in life because you have to be fucking CAREFUL. And Ian Fucking Dale.

BRANDED 2:59 Tue Mar 13
Re: Better The Devil You Know
These three are excellent business people. They know exactly how to make shit loads of money and have done it really well all their lives.
Their abilities and expectations dont match the supporter's. That's fairly normal in football but unlike players and management who get moved on, owners who also under perform are happy to stay in place.
If they love the club they shoild seek people who will do the job better.

Roy Race 2:52 Tue Mar 13
Re: Better The Devil You Know
These 3 aren't top business people, making money out of sex has been the easiest thing for centuries.

Brady has had everything handed to her on a plate. There is no track record of successfully running a football club.

The next lot don't have to "be West Ham". If they have
the smart financial moves, we will benefit on and off the pitch.
Keep us financially steady, keep out the media, let the manager do his job.
They are out there.

Problem is now we don't own a stadium, we aren't as attractive to buyers and the owners know it.

gph 2:13 Tue Mar 13
Re: Better The Devil You Know
Grumpster's right.

Trump should suggest a job swap to Kim.

I'm sure the North Koreans would be delighted to have the GSB triumvirate in charge - at first, anyway

Russ of the BML 12:01 Tue Mar 13
Re: Better The Devil You Know
One McAvennieeeeee 10:30 Tue Mar 13

Agreed. Talking out of their arses who say that.

Do you think Man City fans pine for the nights in the Championship against Shrewsbury?

Doubt it.

Mad Dog 11:57 Tue Mar 13
Re: Better The Devil You Know
Beppe = Karen brady

Bostick Pockets 11:11 Tue Mar 13
Re: Better The Devil You Know
Sounds like all the "Be Careful what you wish for" cunts are back again

Beyond Reason 11:10 Tue Mar 13
Re: Better The Devil You Know
Even their ‘victory’ in the stadium negotiations with the imcompetent Johnson was pyrrhic - Mayor accepts to pay for and manage the stewarding and policing but is then not capable of delivering those effectively - but club is in fact held responsible for these activities by Premier League. Just doesn’t make sense.

WHU(Exeter) 10:40 Tue Mar 13
Re: Better The Devil You Know
A stitch in time saves nine

England would've been nailed on World Cup winners, if they'd given Dean Windass a starring role.

A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush

Phil the power Taylor, would've achieved more sporting success, if he'd have taken up downhill skiing.

Vexed 10:39 Tue Mar 13
Re: Better The Devil You Know
You're an idiot beppe. I'm sure you'd know that already if you weren't such a FUCKING IDIOT.

Grumpster 10:38 Tue Mar 13
Re: Better The Devil You Know
You'd struggle to find one single moment when it has looked like the current owners have a clue about our history, so you might as well get any old cunt in so long as they actually have ambition and pots of cash.

Kim Jong Un is probably a better option than these berks.

only1billybonds 10:36 Tue Mar 13
Re: Better The Devil You Know

Could you please let me know what remainng 'remnants' of our club are left to be sold?

Let me help you out.
There fucking are none,this club has been stripped of its identity and it will stay this way until there are people running it who actually give a fuck about more than pound notes and their own ego's.

jack flash 10:34 Tue Mar 13
Re: Better The Devil You Know
Given the choice I'd rather be in Man City or Chelsea's position than ours, after very little consideration!

Private Dancer 10:32 Tue Mar 13
Re: Better The Devil You Know
The old 'I'd hate to become a Chelsea or a Man City really is old hat now and needs putting to bed. Fucking cringey shit,

boltkunt 10:32 Tue Mar 13
Re: Better The Devil You Know
Becoming an Chelsea or Man City is the real only way to succeed in the "modern day" Premier League.

defjam 10:31 Tue Mar 13
Re: Better The Devil You Know
A good post by a Brum fan in the comments section of one of our articles.

'As a Birmingham fan I can confirm. When we got relegated the last time under them, there were pitch invasions and an angry mob baying for them outside the directors box. This is not new for them. This is what they do. The stadium move is a big part of the ire - and its funny because they were obsessed with moving us out of St Andrews into a big 60,000 seat stadium, they proposed sharing it with Warwickshire cricket club, so again, all old hat. But the stadium is just part of a collection of lies the West Ham fans have been fed. Gold, Sullivan and Brady constantly lied to Birmingham fans about signings, direction of the club, promises they would never deliver and they have done the same here. They said West Ham would be playing champions league football off the back of the stadium move and yet theyve a net spend of 29m since they left Upton Park. Classic behaviour. How Brady gets lorded as this business guru when her incompetence in this area is so transparent is beyond me.'


One McAvennieeeeee 10:30 Tue Mar 13
Re: Better The Devil You Know
"I rue the day we become another Chelsea or City, as that will be the day we finally sold the last remnants of our soul"

I don't get this. Fucking hell, we are the laughing stock of the Premier league and more at the moment with what our 'supporter' owners have done to us.

jack flash 10:28 Tue Mar 13
Re: Better The Devil You Know
These particular worms are never going to turn

We didn't know the current board when they took over, other than what the Birmingham supporters had to say about them (which was all bad)

Sadly, many people, like myself, got taken in!

They were after all lifelong Hammers, who were going to "save the club" & move us on to better things

We'd never have to sell any of our bright young stars again, we'd move to a new state-of-the-art stadium where we'd become the biggest club in London, playing in Europe every season with a world class playing squad

No we know it was all bullshit & lies

Yes we know them alright now & that's exactly why we want them out

Impossible to do worse, anything would be an improvement!

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