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Q: 2020/2021 Where will we finish up this season?
a. Top Four, Champions League here we come
b. 5th-7th Europa League is well within our grasp
c. 8th to 14th anywhere in mid table is about right
d. We're in a dog fight before a ball has been kicked and we'll do well to finish 17th or just above
e. GSB have derailed our season before a ball has been kicked, the Championship beckons

AKA ERNIE 11:51 Fri Mar 16
Brady's sun column
Is on the sun's Twitter page.

Says sorry a few times for being shit

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JonWHUFC 10:50 Tue Mar 20
Re: Brady's sun column
I started reading this drivel on Saturday and when I got to the bit about investment in the squad I gave up, threw the paper aside and swore yet again for the umpteenth time at our pathetic apology for a board. I am sick of being lied too. This net spend shit is quite frankly a load of bullshit. They are fucking liars and incapable of running a football club. Look at the state we were in squad wise at the beginning of January. We sell four players, one a striker to a rival, bring in two and then get injuries and end up letting a CH go out of the window to boot. Whatever argument they put up is blown out of the water by yet another disastrous transfer window that looks like will seal our fate. We have no cover for CH now and have been crying out for a defensive midfielder since Adam took a bite out of that apple and our inept board have done fuck all. Print all the apologies you want, you are cunts, have always been cunts and will always be cunts. Fuck off out of our football club and give us a chance. Have a good day people.

scott_d 10:23 Tue Mar 20
Re: Brady's sun column
For me, she is the epitome of what is wrong at West Ham.

She is self serving and has an agenda outside of West Ham United.

It's never going to happen but we need an MD that is focused entirely on West Ham United and acts in the best interests of the club, not themselves.

Appointing a new MD would be a positive move for me.

WHU(Exeter) 1:27 Tue Mar 20
Re: Brady's sun column
25 years of the same repeated mistakes.

Yep, this 'sorry' will go a long way and bring the dawn of a whole new success filled era for fucking sure.

Put your football ground on it.

Swiss. 3:19 Mon Mar 19
Re: Brady's sun column

I assume those figures don't include wages? OK we lost Sakho and Ayew who I guess were on a bit

But Hernandez , Arnie and Hart are on big wages.

Eerie Descent 11:43 Mon Mar 19
Re: Brady's sun column
Infidel 12:01 Mon Mar 19

You'd think we'd be able to cope with injuries, given we've got a better squad than Arsenal and Liverpool.

Eddie B 10:47 Mon Mar 19
Re: Brady's sun column
People commenting that she should be embarrassed how bad this has been received. I bet she doesn't give a fuck.
She only did it cos it gave her something to fill out her column in the Sun with.

Infidel 12:01 Mon Mar 19
Re: Brady's sun column
Her column shows yet again what an extraordinarily arrogant trio we have in our Boardroom.

She still refuses to accept responsibility for the mistakes they have made, notably in managerial appointments.

Grant, Allardyce, Bilic and Moyes are not managers that can 'take the club to the next level'. That ought to be obvious even to a child.

I also wonder about our chronic injury problems, which have persisted for some time.

If we had been around the League average for injuries my guess is we would be 10 points better off right niow and safe from relegation. Instead we have been absolutely devastated by the loss of first team players. As I recall we started the season against Man Utd with 5 of our first XI missing, and this after the long summer break. How is that possible? It doesn't happen at any other club.

I have been told that a big part of the problem is that our training ground is sub par and lacks the indoor facilities other PL clubs have. If true that's another huge mistake by S&G.

happygilmore 11:37 Sun Mar 18
Re: Brady's sun column
Northern Sold 7:44 Sun Mar 18
Re: Brady's sun column

kirok1 10:16 Sun Mar 18
Re: Brady's sun column
It ain’t exactly a surprise why they delayed those figures though, is it?
As mentioned, £43m profit with a net £39m spend is gonna pale into insignificance with a £90m+ profit on a -£11m spend and a relegation.
Love to know how they’ll spin that one...

Iron2010 9:52 Sun Mar 18
Re: Brady's sun column
kirok1 9:12 Sun Mar 18

That stadium deal stinks. A broking companies only ever trade is a 20 million profit on our home. It was owned by Sully's associates and paid a 15 million dividend.

The pay day loan taken out to repay ten million in interest to G&S, the ninth highest profit figure in premier league history and Brady earning a smidge under a million a year also rankle !

kirok1 9:12 Sun Mar 18
Re: Brady's sun column
Texas Iron.

Bearing in mind how rapidly they devalued the stadium and grounds in the accounts, One does have to wonder how many other tricks have been played...

Northern Sold 7:44 Sun Mar 18
Re: Brady's sun column

Absolute piss take

Noah 7:16 Sun Mar 18
Re: Brady's sun column
Not going to encourage a fucking siege mentality is it Sold0?

Northern Sold 7:09 Sun Mar 18
Re: Brady's sun column
Noah.... yeah not exactly backing up Nobles statement that the lads are working really hard.... Sun, Beer, chicken wings and birds... like a 18-30 hol to Palma Nova... bunch of cunts the lot of em

Noah 7:05 Sun Mar 18
Re: Brady's sun column
I’m sure she’s not enjoying the sun on Sunday pieces today which talk about our landlords reducing the number of stewards- previously at least.

What’s worse is the coverage of the Miami training beano and Joe Hart apparently noncing on some birds arse.

Let’s face it. We’re fucked. Especially when Karren’s organ of choice turns against her.

Texas Iron 7:01 Sun Mar 18
Re: Brady's sun column
Well presented Kirok1...
Constructive ...Financial Engineering...
Wonder if it passes ICAEW scrutiny...

kirok1 2:16 Sun Mar 18
Re: Brady's sun column
Her figures show what she is, a politician. It's always gross spend on outgoings and net spend on incomings.
Yes, we spent nearly £80m but we also accrued around £41m. So, net spend of £39M + additional Sky money saw us, with all other areas factored in, make a profit of around £43M for THAT year.
The next set of accounts will be even more difficult to explain, though figures can, no doubt, be twisted to cover this.
A net spend of £39M plus sundries created a situation that allowed for a £43M profit. With that in mind, and allowing for additional wage bills and other sundry costs to no longer be in play, this financial year could be interesting. After all, we've net spent -£11m.(https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/west-ham-united/transfers/verein/379/saison_id/2017)
So, assuming only inflation for the other costs and ball park figuring - yes, I know it's not precise but neither are the amounts they state for ins and outs - that, factored against the same running costs, deals etc, before wages factor in, comes to quite a tidy sum.
If net spend was £39m and we profited to the tune of £43m. Now net spend is -£11m, that factors up to a potential profit of around £93M!

Yes, I know it's basic and I know it can easily be argued against but they didn't spend any of the new money. They sold off higher earners, recouped money on others and only spent out on loan, which they seem to include a payment for, whilst our loans out never do.

The stadium, we're stuck with, unless outside factors change. To be honest, I don't find it all that tragic and remember plenty of games at the Boleyn which were shite and had no fucking atmosphere whatsoever. I also go back to a first game in 1983, so that's a long enough memory for such a pitiful return on my love for the club, like hundreds of thousands of others.

But make enough fuss and these penny pinching, profiteering wankers might find it uncomfortable enough to piss off.
If rumours are true and her majesty IS going to stand as Mayoress, she may piss off all the sooner. After all, there is a serious conflict of interest in her being chief exec of the opposition negotiating team when Khan's hoped for talks being.

Irrespective of all that, she's a lying tart and her bosses disingenuous dickheads. I wouldn't trust them to lie straight in their coffins.

Mex Martillo 12:56 Sun Mar 18
Re: Brady's sun column
I would like to see that Sven, it could be good halftime entertainment

I don’t know, but she did also say sorry for OS, transfer policy and crap relegation fight.

Noah 12:43 Sun Mar 18
Re: Brady's sun column
So much truth on this thread.

I hope she reads it.

Sven Roeder 11:13 Sun Mar 18
Re: Brady's sun column
Which is why I’d like her to try and sell it to fans and have it pointed out forcefully what a load of bollocks it is.
Every time she opens her mouth she makes it worse
Her goals and ours are diametrically opposed and there is no middle ground.

13 Brentford Rd 11:08 Sun Mar 18
Re: Brady's sun column
She hasn't said sorry.
She apologised to those fans who were at the Burnley game and didn't protest.
She does admit our league position is down to them, but that is true, who else's fault could it be. They have been unbelievably idiotic in their running of the club for years and have all but killed it, so some belated half arsed apology in her column that she is paid to write is not going to cut it.

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