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White Pony 2:07 Mon Mar 19
Relegation run-in
12th: Brighton, 34pts, Played 30, Goal Difference -12

Leicester City (H); Huddersfield (H); Crystal Palace (A); Tottenham (H); Burnley (A); Manchester United (H); Liverpool (A); Manchester City (A)

13th, Newcastle United, 32pts, P30, GD -10

Tottenham (A); Huddersfield (H); Leicester (A); Arsenal (H); Everton (A); West Brom (H); Watford (A); Chelsea (H)

14th, Swansea City, 31pts, P30, GD -17

Manchester United (A); West Brom (A); Everton (H); Manchester City (A); Chelsea (H); Bournemouth (A); Stoke City (H); Southampton (H)

15th, Huddersfield Town, 31pts, P31, GD -27

Newcastle (A); Brighton (A); Watford (H); Chelsea (A); Everton (H); Manchester City (A); Arsenal (H)

16th, Crystal Palace, 30pts, P31, GD -18

Liverpool (H); Bournemouth (A); Brighton (H); Watford (A); Leicester (H); Stoke (A); West Brom (H)

17th, West Ham United, 30pts, P30, GD -21

Southampton (H); Chelsea (A); Stoke (H); Arsenal (A); Manchester City (H); Leicester (A); Everton (H); Manchester United (H)

18th, Southampton, 28pts, P30, GD -15

West Ham (A); Arsenal (A); Chelsea (H); Leicester (A); Bournemouth (H); Everton (A); Manchester City (H); Swansea (A)

19th, Stoke City, 27pts, P31, GD -29

Arsenal (A); Tottenham (H); West Ham (A); Burnley (H); Liverpool (A); Crystal Palace (H); Swansea (A)

20th, West Bromwich Albion, 20pts, P31, GD -25

Bournemouth (A); Burnley (H); Swansea (H); Manchester United (A); Liverpool (H); Newcastle (A); Tottenham (H); Crystal Palace (A)

I think Brighton, Newcastle, Swansea and Palace will be fine. Huddersfield will just do enough. It's between us and Southampton.

Southampton have 5 away games, which will favour them as their recent home form has been shocking (no wins in their last 8 home games).

Looking at our respective fixtures, I can see us picking up 5 pts and Saints picking up 8, starting with 3 pts at our gaff up next.

This sends us down by one point.

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White Pony 9:09 Mon Apr 2
Re: Relegation run-in
Looking at Southampton's remaining games and at how utterly shit they were yesterday, we may be safer than I'd thought. However, the run-in has a way of throwing out weird results, so fucks knows. We still need another 4pts I reckon.

Nutsin 7:32 Wed Mar 21
Re: Relegation run-in

Relegation isn't all bad, at least we'll give it a go in the cup for a change. Sick and tired of playing each year simply to survive in the prem. Hate the mentality at our club.

Lovejoy 7:11 Wed Mar 21
Re: Relegation run-in
Moyes needs to give this speech before every game left now:


Razzle 4:48 Wed Mar 21
Re: Relegation run-in
Warm weather training will pull us through...... have an ice cream...

Chip Shop Charlie 3:00 Wed Mar 21
Re: Relegation run-in
Judging by our present form I'll say 3 more points and thats our lot.
Depressing but that's been the West Ham way for the past 60 years or so.

busheyhammer85 2:17 Wed Mar 21
Re: Relegation run-in
We'll lose against Southampton.

Yoshida will score.

boltkunt 2:14 Wed Mar 21
Re: Relegation run-in
Shut Up Texas you fucking mong

Texas Iron 2:13 Wed Mar 21
Re: Relegation run-in
Don't Go...
Don't Renew...
That's what I'd do if I was still in London...
Stadium...Soulless Athletics Stadium...
Owners...Con Merchants...
My first games were in 1957...left in 1973
Many great memories...under the main stand...!!!

White Pony 2:06 Wed Mar 21
Re: Relegation run-in

FMOB Doc, I thought I was being pessimistic.

DocMarten 11:45 Tue Mar 20
Re: Relegation run-in
31 Pts will be our lot.

Like many. Don’t care if we go down or not. Would rather see us top half of the Champs(no gtee I know) than bottom 6 of Prem, with 6 pointer after just 10 games.

Money has fucked football.

jim@chickenrun 11:09 Tue Mar 20
Re: Relegation run-in
If we beat Southampton and stoke at home,think we will stay up......but at the moment there's a bigger crisis than relegation.....the fact we've lost our identity,we need to get back playing in a proper stadium,until we do we are fucked.

Pub Bigot 10:38 Tue Mar 20
Re: Relegation run-in
PS, we're fucked

Pub Bigot 10:37 Tue Mar 20
Re: Relegation run-in
I know I'm not alone, but as West Ham exist, I don't care about the division.

I hear we could become the next Leeds. Again so what? We've won fuck all in 38 years, so what's the appeal of the Premier League? Watching the likes of City and Liverpool walk all over us?

Millwall, Cardiff, Leeds, Forest, Derby, Ipswich, Norwich and both Sheffield clubs. Not all bad.

dicksie3 10:29 Tue Mar 20
Re: Relegation run-in
Yeah, I've been saying the same shit as a few posters further below.

I honestly couldn't give a shit whether we stay-up or go down.

It's fucking terrible to think like that as a fan, especially considering that I go to all of the Home matches and half of the Away games, but that's what those fucking lying cheapskate idiot dickhead wankers and that nasty vile fat-titted bitch of theirs has done to me now.

On top of that, I'm sick of the sight of some of our players. There are a lot of gutless, spineless wankers who are paid good money but are simply not up for the fight and fail to perform. I'd be glad to see the back of a fair few of our players. I'd love to tell them what I think of some of them too.

If we do manage to survive; it's just going to be the same old shit again next year. Fat Tits has already defended the owners' level of spend so we can just expect another fucking abysmal transfer window where hardly any of our many issues are addressed. We'll have another net spend of £13m or something two bob as that.

So, survival or relegation? I'm easy either way. Every season is going to be a pile of shit with no hope in hell of winning anything until these fucking lying cheapskate idiot dickhead wankers sell-up to serious big-time businessmen. We may as well be in League Two.

, 10:14 Tue Mar 20
Re: Relegation run-in
Being pessimistic is Alf's stock in trade but he always debates and moves things forward. FWIW a draw with Southampton is a not a bad result if at the same time Stoke, Palace, Huddersfield and Swansea do badly.

jimbo2. 10:08 Tue Mar 20
Re: Relegation run-in
Sir Alf, your being very negative again!

Mex Martillo 9:11 Tue Mar 20
Re: Relegation run-in
I have also supported since the 70s. I was much less happy when Roader, Grant and BFS were in charge. Actually, in comparison, I could almost be described as happy. It is a pain this 3 week wait though...

lab 8:53 Tue Mar 20
Re: Relegation run-in
I've supported us since the 70s , there has been plenty of up and downs , but never have I felt so low about us as I do now. Sorry if this is the wrong thread to say this. Irons.

Vexed 8:47 Tue Mar 20
Re: Relegation run-in
I think we will draw with Southampton. Which isn't the disaster it looks on paper.

Lertie Button 8:24 Tue Mar 20
Re: Relegation run-in
Hopefully Southampton's Cup success will fuck their league chances, but we really have to beat them.
Are our brave boys still on holidays, can't believe any of those twats are in any national squads, so hopefully they will take a full fortnight and come back refreshed

Eddie B 10:09 Tue Mar 20
Re: Relegation run-in
Grumpster, I can safely say we're definitely not going to lose this weekend.

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