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madeeasy 1:59 Tue Mar 20
Not in the After 8 way.

The current Mrs Madeeasy has tried to get me to go along at various times but I have managed to book a work trip. However she has been slippery and booked it when I have my kids knowing I then have to go.

It sounds like my idea of hell.

Furnish me with tips to make it through these 4 days of living in the cold like a hobo.

We are going with 3 other couples and their boys, so at least the kids can play football.


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Dicko75 11:35 Tue Mar 20
Re: Camping
It’s shit. My misses always drags me to a local site with the kids once a year. I have made a habit of waking early, driving home on the pretence of feeding the dog so I can and spend a few hours on the sofa chilling. Hot shower, some breakfast and then return to the shithole campsite mid morning. Just about makes it bearable.

monto 6:36 Tue Mar 20
Re: Camping
Horrific experience, pissed down for 2 days solid, cold, wet and miserable.

Never again.

boltkunt 6:20 Tue Mar 20
Re: Camping
Gavros 5:51 Tue Mar 20

Why on earth would you want to go there, it's a fucking shit hole.

Nurse Ratched 6:13 Tue Mar 20
Re: Camping


arsegrapes 6:11 Tue Mar 20
Re: Camping
3 other couples in one tent, that will be a tight squeeze ehh, isn't this sort of palaver best left to swingers, blokes named Roger and the like, sounds a right old caper....

Northern Sold 5:56 Tue Mar 20
Re: Camping
, 5:03 Tue Mar 20
Re: Camping
Can’t wait to hea hear Sold’s anecdote about Ranger Smith and Yogi Bear.

That's JELLYSTONE you sap....

Gavros 5:51 Tue Mar 20
Re: Camping
Nothing like rocking up at debden for a night on the back fields with loads of booze and other stuff.

JAC 5:35 Tue Mar 20
Re: Camping
Camping is for..

1.poor people


3.anyone who has a head torch/wetwipes/compass/hand warmer in tyheir pile of crap in the garage.

4.Anyone who collects The Sun holiday tokens.

5.Anyone who deep down hates their kids/wife.

Life is too short to spend your time under canvas...although a night in a tent in your garden when your kids are under 5 for the fun of it is kind of acceptable.

, 5:03 Tue Mar 20
Re: Camping
Can’t wait to hea hear Sold’s anecdote about Ranger Smith and Yogi Bear.

Leonard Hatred 5:00 Tue Mar 20
Re: Camping

Northern Sold 4:58 Tue Mar 20
Re: Camping
Done it in Yosemite national park... fuck doing it in this country

Eggbert Nobacon 4:47 Tue Mar 20
Re: Camping
Me and a load of mates and wives kids etc try to do a weekend every year, is a bloody brilliant laugh usually

Side of Ham 4:46 Tue Mar 20
Re: Camping
Kids love camping if the weather is good it's fucking shit for everyone if it's not.

COOL HAND LUKE 4:15 Tue Mar 20
Re: Camping
We have 4/5 weeks in France every Summer; if you have the right gear, it's brilliant.

Huge modern Outwell Airbeam, sets up in 20 minutes, proper fridge, decent beds with 4cm air pads and quality sleeping bags, campingaz party grill 600 / kitchen stove, carpeted floors, table, chairs and sun chairs, etc etc. Can't beat it, you can feel the difference in yourself within the first few days.

Overnight ferry out of Portsmouth... drive on, find your cabin, get your head down, arrive 7am fully rested and ready to rock. Down to the Alma Centre at Rennes for lunch, then down to the site and set up and chilling by mid afternoon. 300yds to the beach, plenty of beaches, bars and restaurants, Plage des Dames on Noirmoutier Island, Jean de Monts, Sable d'Olonne, La Rochelle... or just do nothing in the hot sun, swim, eat, drink, chat and s-l-o-w down. Ace.

Millions of people fly over France every year to other destinations, and that's fine by me.

Grumpster 4:04 Tue Mar 20
Re: Camping
Kids absolutely love camping.

Basically they can fuck off and do whatever they want, as most sites are secluded and safe and so they make the most of it.

Side of Ham 3:55 Tue Mar 20
Re: Camping
It'll be a good way of making the kids not want to stay with you anymore, clever but bang out of order by her.


JustAFatKevinDavies 3:42 Tue Mar 20
Re: Camping
aint it annoying when someone catches you out by being slippery

lowermarshhammer 3:39 Tue Mar 20
Re: Camping
I go with the kid a couple of times a year for up to three nights.

We go to the woods. Dig a hole in the ground for shitting in, there is a cold water tap close by but that is about the only mod con.

Build a fire, use a camping stove, walks to the pub, it's all good.

It is uncomfortable as fuck in the tent even with a sleeping mat under the sleeping bag but that's all part of the fun.

Alcohol is your friend.

Mrs LMH doesn't come camping, fucking spa break tart that she is.

Capitol Man 3:20 Tue Mar 20
Re: Camping
Surprise her with a stay at a luxury spa hotel instead. She can go get all the treatments the women love, you can eat and drink all day. Wi-Fi for the kids.

Actually I love a bit of camping, but more putting on a rucksack and heading off into the wilderness.

Good sleeping pad/mat, warm sleeping bag, pillows from home. Get a place where you can have a fire if you can.

boltkunt 3:19 Tue Mar 20
Re: Camping
Glamping is the way forwards.

Creley park down near Exeter is ideal if you have kids, as has an amusement park next door.

AKA ERNIE 3:10 Tue Mar 20
Re: Camping
spent 2 weeks driving round and camping in iceland was a great laugh just take shit loads of booze

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