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Troy McClure 3:37 Thu Mar 22
Adama Traore
If IF we stay up - And Boro dont come up - Should we be going all in, balls deep, tits out for this freakishly fast fruitcake?

The Troyster is in. PACE.

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Moncurs Putting Iron 3:48 Mon Oct 7
Re: Adama Traore
Had a good game.

No more or less can be taken from the weekend.

gph 1:26 Mon Oct 7
Re: Adama Traore
Bloody Troy let the cat out of the bag and Nuno Espirito Santo picked it up...

zebthecat 12:38 Mon Oct 7
Re: Adama Traore
He looks massive, 90's style sprinter.

Sven Roeder 8:35 Sun Oct 6
Re: Adama Traore
Yes it was

Huffers 8:32 Sun Oct 6
Re: Adama Traore
Think that was against us!

Sven Roeder 8:29 Sun Oct 6
Re: Adama Traore
Apparently he has only one other goal in 72 games.

Troy McClure 7:46 Sun Oct 6
Re: Adama Traore
How we all doing today?

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 12:00 Tue Sep 4
Re: Adama Traore
Sven Roeder 7:59 Mon Sep 3

Absolute nonsense. Post up the clip that shows that.

Cheezey Bell-End 11:17 Mon Sep 3
Re: Adama Traore
Before the goal I was thinking we were lucky that they were shit up front.

REALGSA 8:59 Mon Sep 3
Re: Adama Traore
When he came on the the commentator even said, this guy got legs for days, he will cause problems.

Ive seen him before, good runner.

And he bloody scored.
Wolves are not shit, they are more stable than us and after the draw with man city, i thought this is a draw at best

Alex Bunbury 8:51 Mon Sep 3
Re: Adama Traore
I do partially blame Cresswell, he gave up when Traore went past him when he should have sprinted back to at least put pressure on him or block him or bring him down.

Fivetide 3:36 Mon Sep 3
Re: Adama Traore
You don't *need* a speed demon to run through the centre of our midfield sadly.

Do like Traore though. Engine.

joey5000 3:35 Mon Sep 3
Re: Adama Traore
Alex V 2:45 Mon Sep 3
Re: Adama Traore

Yarmolenko..? Won quite a few of his aerial duels when he came on.

Sven Roeder 3:05 Mon Sep 3
Re: Adama Traore
If Wolves had retreated back into their own half then maybe you play it forward and advance on them.
But when they left players up that makes a ball into their box even more the right option in minute 92 of 94.

As soon as we conceded what did we do?
Launch balls into their box , presumably thinking that was (one minute later) the best scoring option. Go figure

Alex V 2:45 Mon Sep 3
Re: Adama Traore
El Scorchio 11:29 Mon Sep 3

I suppose the other question is who would you aim a punt upfield at? Given that Antonio had gone off by then. There was nobody remotely capable of winning an aerial ball in the opponent's half by that time.

Hermit Road 2:14 Mon Sep 3
Re: Adama Traore
There was nothing wrong with playing it out. The problem was Sanchez getting caught dwelling on it rather than laying off an easy ball. Bad error at a bad time that was punished, but I'm happier seeing us play it out rather than hoof it.

stepney hammer 2:00 Mon Sep 3
Re: Adama Traore
Criticism of Traore before was that he had pace and skill but absolutely no end product.

Oddly enough he improved that under Pulis last season in the Championship and now has his first ever PL goal.

Think he will turn out to be a good signing for Wolves, especially if he is now starting to develop an end product.

El Scorchio 11:29 Mon Sep 3
Re: Adama Traore
Alex V 11:22

There's a time and a place. I'd rather play 'old fashioned' for a few minutes to win a point rather than try and be 'progressive' and gift a goal to the opposition. It's just common sense. Just like Antonio's fucking stupidity against Palace last season.

Sometimes the best thing to do is play the percentage game. Almost ANY team in the world would have put it long there, in a tight game. Add this to the fact that the previous 92 minutes of play clearly indicated we DO NOT have the players to attempt a cute intricate passing and ball retention style of play.

Takashi Miike 11:25 Mon Sep 3
Re: Adama Traore
he's a quicker version of Antonio, im not convinced

boltkunt 11:23 Mon Sep 3
Re: Adama Traore
Aside from he's pace, he's bang average.

Alex V 11:22 Mon Sep 3
Re: Adama Traore
>>> Of course even a Sunday league team would have pushed up and got their keeper to launch the ball into the box. Basic football which was beyond our rabble

I don't disagree this might be a safer approach. But it's also very old-fashioned in football terms imo. There are many teams that I respect who would attempt to do exactly what we were doing there rather than reverting to the old-school punt.

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