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Q: 2019/20 With seven games to go will West Ham stay up
a. Our demise was sealed when the idiots on the Board appointed Moyes, we're down
b. Despite the efforts of Moyes and the players, we will stay up by the smallest of margins
c. I'm beyond caring & couldn't give two hoots either way

RMFWHU 2:54 Wed Mar 28
Possibly going to be in Dublin for the Arsenal away game. Any West Ham pubs that will be showing this game at all? Any info will be appreciated.

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normannomates 1:18 Fri Mar 30
Re: Dublin
Dublin is sound tbf..

swindon hammer 11:10 Thu Mar 29
Re: Dublin
Never been to Ireland but I have distant family (surname Kerrigan) from near Cork I think.

Dublin just strikes me as any other big city with some decent people and some twats.

I have heard Dublin & Cork have a bit of a rivalry though. So I am team Cork!

Swiss. 7:49 Thu Mar 29
Re: Dublin

Take your point on the people but must be said the same of all capital cities.

On The Ball 6:57 Thu Mar 29
Re: Dublin
Spent three hours there earlier, that was more than enough. It was only the airport, but still.

boltkunt 6:23 Thu Mar 29
Re: Dublin
ED - That did make me CHORTLE, I must admit.

Eerie Descent 6:18 Thu Mar 29
Re: Dublin
All the amazing places in London to visit, all the interesting things to do, all the history, all the architecture, yet you base your judgement on it as a city on spending some time in Edmonton.


White Pony 6:14 Thu Mar 29
Re: Dublin
If you do go Swiss, I can give you some recommendations. I'll be back there myself over the summer.

boltkunt 6:08 Thu Mar 29
Re: Dublin
Swiss, I just prefer the people, less self important arrogant cunts.

You can go to the majority of the pubs in Dublin and strike a conversation with someone without being looked at like some sort of cunt.

Tourist Wise London is probably one of the best cities in the world.

Swiss. 6:00 Thu Mar 29
Re: Dublin
White Pony

Got a lot of mates from Cork. They all hate Dublin. They actually refer to it as a British city. The Jackeens and all.

Cork's on my visit list this year.

Boltkunt - Dublin better than London. What you on these days?

Far Cough 5:37 Thu Mar 29
Re: Dublin
Swiss, no

White Pony 5:16 Thu Mar 29
Re: Dublin
Love Ireland as most of my family is there I find Dublin just a bit dull and I've done all the "off the beaten track" stuff. Much prefer Cork and Belfast.

boltkunt 4:16 Thu Mar 29
Re: Dublin
I love Dublin, whilst London has a lot more "touristy" places, Dublin pisses all over London for me.

Swiss. 4:11 Thu Mar 29
Re: Dublin
Far Clough you not Slav Chav?

Swiss. 4:10 Thu Mar 29
Re: Dublin
used to drink in the Salisbury many a time. Before games as well but this was back in the mid 80s.

And The Orange Tree.

Far Cough 3:34 Thu Mar 29
Re: Dublin
Swiss, we used to go in the Salisbury, it was a great pub then

Northern Sold 1:58 Thu Mar 29
Re: Dublin
Dublin Hammers used to drink in the Wakefield (when they came over)... great bunch of lads

Swiss. 1:57 Thu Mar 29
Re: Dublin
Far Clough

Spent eons of my youth in Winchmore Hill.

Norman 11:16 Wed Mar 28
Re: Dublin
The Dart to Howth going North and Bray heading South both have amazing coastal views. Well worth the trip out either way. Population of 1.5M bit than a provincial City isn’t it? Dublin has its fair share of crime and Gangland feuds but still way behind London. Let’s face it unless you have millions it’s hard to live in a decent area of London. It’s going down hill fast.

Bamber 10:59 Wed Mar 28
Re: Dublin
Dublin Hammers meet in Brannigans a pub in Cathedral St off O'Connell St for matches. I've never been in to join them.

As for the negative comments below, Dublin's a great city if you know your way around. Very few Dubs would go out in Temple Bar unless they were on a stag weekend.

Mart O 9:05 Wed Mar 28
Re: Dublin
It is indeed generally a bit of a shithole, but there are some lovely parts to it. Fuck all that Temple Bar bollocks but you can have a great night out and eat really well too. If I were forced to live there, there are some beautiful coastal suburbs within fairly easy striking distance of the city centre. There is also an unusual proportion of abso cracking birds anywhere half decent.

Tomsdad 8:24 Wed Mar 28
Re: Dublin
Didn't really go much on Dublin. All very touristy!

We caught the train to Howth and had a days drinking there!

Oh and Johnny foxes was a good night!

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