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Justin P 6:41 Sat Mar 31
Declan Rice
Breeze in the park for him today.

Looks good on the right hand side of Ogbonna, keep him there now

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Lertie Button 6:17 Mon Apr 2
Re: Declan Rice
Ah Jesus there was me all hopeful and it turns out that he's Terry's mate.
Mark my words no good will come of it

ironsofcanada 5:05 Mon Apr 2
Re: Declan Rice
Oxford was starting at right back (three games) before getting injured, will have to see what happens there.

When he got injured their chairman seemed upset at us for recalling him (which seems strange since it was a month after he returned.)

Eerie Descent 4:14 Mon Apr 2
Re: Declan Rice
Forgot to put Oxford in there as well...

Eerie Descent 4:13 Mon Apr 2
Re: Declan Rice
He'll definitely get offered a contract, and there is no sign whatsoever that he is the sort of character to be a contract rebel, imo. Giving him a good contract will also save us a fortune in transfer fees to replace him.

Terry, with Burke to come back, we would only need to sign 1 centre half in the summer? It's a hard one with Reid, can he be counted as a squad player now he has become so injury prone? If there was any chance of getting shot I'd bite hands off, unfortunately with his contract the only hope of that is China, so probably won't happen.

I'm hearing good things about a lad at Ipswich, Adam Webster, big centre back who's good on the ball, 23 years old, you look at how Dunk, Mawson, Tarkowski have stepped up that's the sort of player we should be going after.

Going into next season:

Ogbonna - Webster - Rice - Reid - Burke/Ginge?

eusebiovic 4:04 Mon Apr 2
Re: Declan Rice
terry-h 3:32 Mon Apr 2

I think that it is asking a bit much for all 3 to come through but I think Burke and Rice have a good chance.

I'm not too sure what the deal with Oxford - that mercurial debut when he was 16 was a blessing and it also seems like a curse too.

He hasn't been picked much...wherever he has been on loan

Alex V 3:37 Mon Apr 2
Re: Declan Rice
>>> What is the contract situation with Declan at the moment??

His contract is up in 2019. The sportal site suggests he's currently on 1k per week, which I think is low even for a u-21.

Hopefully he signs a new deal in the Summer which will surely be offered. The only issue would be that if he becomes a contract rebel I think the club would feel obliged to cash in now.

terry-h 3:32 Mon Apr 2
Re: Declan Rice
If Oxford can get his head together and decides he WANTS to play for West Ham, we could have two very good young CBs in partnership in the very near future.
Having seen Burke at Bolton recently,I also have high hopes for him too.

pdbis 2:40 Mon Apr 2
Re: Declan Rice
Would be good if we could hang onto him,but can't see it when the big money offers come knocking.

ironsofcanada 2:24 Mon Apr 2
Re: Declan Rice
Did really well.

Brings up a point whatever you think of Cresswell he does have more pace that some of our centre back that are out. Having at least decent pace across that back line was important, I think.

I also think it was good for Ogbonna to be the senior centre half in there and be forced to take some of a leadership role. He has been playing with big personalities since he went to Juve and I think it lets him turn off a bit (the thing he needs to work on most).

So if he and Rice can help each other that way, we might have two very good centre backs out this mess of a season.

Justin P 1:37 Mon Apr 2
Re: Declan Rice
What is the contract situation with Declan at the moment??

Wham1966 12:14 Mon Apr 2
Re: Declan Rice
JTeasy's mate.

Rice told the Sun Newspaper “Me and John Terry are really good friends. When I got released from Chelsea, he gave me a call, we spoke for about 45 minutes. I told him I was going to West Ham. He’d been there and he was my idol growing up. To ask him a load of questions, and for him to answer them, I’ll always remember the stuff he said.

“We live locally to each other. He’s at Villa but when he’s back down, we meet up. We met the other week and we had a catch-up. It was good. To have him there, he’s always going to help me and pass on his experiences.”

Outstandingly mature performance on Saturday. Could be our next captain.

geoffpikey 11:27 Mon Apr 2
Re: Declan Rice
Jamie Redknapp reckons Rice is a good shout for PFA Young Player Of The Year. In the Daily MAIL.* "The next John Terry". Was doing ok up to that point.

* Arnie and Arfur also in his team of the weekend. Media witch-hunt, that's what it is.

longford 11:16 Sun Apr 1
Re: Declan Rice
ex chelsea i learnt yesterday .....

dicksie3 6:04 Sun Apr 1
Re: Declan Rice
I think that he'll make the grade. Possibly the only one to do so from our current batch of youngsters.

Iron2010 2:35 Sun Apr 1
Re: Declan Rice
Dicko75 1:56 Sun Apr 1

We don't have much in front of him looking to pick the ball up quickly. It was one of the best features of Payet's play and is one of Lanzini's biggest positives.

Dicko75 1:56 Sun Apr 1
Re: Declan Rice
Thought he played well yesterday...little slow moving the ball at times but he is becoming a very capable player

Hammer and Pickle 1:53 Sun Apr 1
Re: Declan Rice
Anyway, he started yesterday and I’ll be very pleased to see him start at Stanford Bridge next week together with Fernandes, yesterday’s other young player showing potential as a prospect.

Johnson 1:30 Sun Apr 1
Re: Declan Rice
By saying exactly the same thing about him as you have?

Hammer and Pickle 1:08 Sun Apr 1
Re: Declan Rice

Zero is at best stating the absolute bleeding obvious, which means he’s wasting pixel space, or more likely he is motivated to suck any optimism out of this board wherever it appears, in this case in the form of celebrating a fine academy prospect.

Either way, a blithering idiot is what he is. And so are you.

Johnson 12:23 Sun Apr 1
Re: Declan Rice
Thickle, you’ve had a go at Surface for correctly referring to Rice as a squad player and in doing so have called him a squad player yourself.


Hammer and Pickle 11:09 Sun Apr 1
Re: Declan Rice
No, you’re a blithering idiot and YOU Fuck off!

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