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JohnnyL 10:02 Sat Mar 31
Matchday experience
So with so much focus on improved matchday experience why were so many fans inconvenienced today with ..... being penned in not able to see other friends and family, lack of catering, little draft beer, no cider pints, no popcorn (!!!), no hot chocolate .... but paying more than others who had this !!!! so is this a permanent change or just a knee jerk reaction ?

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MikeHammer 8:56 Mon Apr 2
Re: Matchday experience
Yep that’s the issue ... and probably only relevant if you on the right of this barrier .... but sledge Hammer to crack a nut !

JohnnyL 6:00 Mon Apr 2
Re: Matchday experience

This might work ... worse for fans on the Board side of this who couldn’t get to Party Decks

lincslink 2:43 Mon Apr 2
Re: Matchday experience
They had some Murphy's stout at halftime which made a change from the cold flat ale we normally have and only £5 a pint!

kirok1 2:19 Mon Apr 2
Re: Matchday experience
Couldn’t find much on Twitter.
Are the barriers really as bad as has been claimed?

simon.s 2:07 Mon Apr 2
Re: Matchday experience
Party decks were serving all second half, which was good, as I’d already declared the game won.

iron 2:03 Mon Apr 2
Re: Matchday experience
In Blocks 112/113/114, they stopped serving beers half way through half time, just pulled all the shutters down.

Anyone know why, did it happen elsewhere in the ground ?

lincslink 10:55 Mon Apr 2
Re: Matchday experience
Pie & Mash in Maureen's, pre match pints in The Bow Bells on to the match to enjoy a pint at half time, post match beers in Bow Bells. Meet Cambridge Hammers for a drink at Kings Cross. Quick beer with Peterborough Hammers in The Great Northern Mrs picked me up at 9:00 to get home and watch the boxing sipping rum & ice, 3-0 win good day had by all.

Owners are tossers and still don't like the stadium.

MikeHammer 3:45 Sun Apr 1
Re: Matchday experience
Johnny : you are so right ... this was handled badly. I am in block 104 and couldnt move to areas which sell draught ... and pop corn ! Fans getting there early were expecting a pint (which they advertise as cheaper over an hour before) but couldnt or even watch Sky - odd way to treat fans in Band 3 and 2 ! Its notvas if the outside experience - in the rain - is worth it but many woukd have stayed outside if they knew. Will impact if they keep those barriers. ..... my kids even like to show friends (guests) their names on the Founders Wall ... couldnt even access that ! And why ? Just to stop some fans (who do have access to this!) from saying naughty words to the Board ... nothing to do with safety of fans

Leeshere 3:09 Sun Apr 1
Re: Matchday experience
Do all home fans get swiped by security before entering the stadium like their doing 10 years in Belmarsh or is it just West Ham?

Peterboroughiron 1:09 Sun Apr 1
Re: Matchday experience
Simple answer to op
Seg barriers were shut today to stop fans walking around the stadium and congregating near directors box not really a surprise

overbyyer 12:08 Sun Apr 1
Re: Matchday experience
They won't accept a drop in catering revenue if yesterday's barrier caused that. You are there to be rinsed.

Everything else is secondary.

JohnnyL 10:32 Sun Apr 1
Re: Matchday experience
Born ... totally agree. Ideally fan beer tents with screens to have a drink before and after game ... in the dry !

If people don’t understand what I am referring to - worth looking at on Twitter etc. Not sure where else in the ground but a barrier - like a wall - was put up on concourse between blocks 103 and 104. If this was one of those “measured to improve safety of our fans” it clearly was put there to stop fans from 103 around to East Stand via BM from getting access to Board. As a result fans in 104/105/106 had much reduced food and drink options. May not be the end of the world for one game but if that continues it is very poor.

Bom Stickle 10:22 Sun Apr 1
Re: Matchday experience
I’m not ashamed to say I thoroughly enjoyed yesterday. Thought it was going to be shit with the team and club pissing me off and no overhead trains yet again but got very pissed on my journey in and even more pissed after the game. The whole ‘experience’ is improved drastically if the team actually play well, after all the promise of a good team was the only point in moving.

If the club had any sense it would get an on site supporters club ASAP and absolutely rinse it by undercutting the disgusting £5 a pint prices in the stadium.

JohnnyL 10:02 Sun Apr 1
Re: Matchday experience
I absolutely thoroughly enjoyed the match. The point is that going to a match is also about meeting up with mates & having a beer etc. If they keep the barriers in place it will mean a significant change in that experience and this needs fixing

Dicko75 9:49 Sun Apr 1
Re: Matchday experience
Stop fucking moaning. If you couldn’t enjoy yesterday I suggest you take up another hobby.

Rio or Anton or Les 11:54 Sat Mar 31
Re: Matchday experience
We won 3-0 and played fantastic, that's my "matchday" experience!

Long Lost 11:43 Sat Mar 31
Re: Matchday experience
Got there early today to avoid the extra bridge security which was non-existent so got in the ground early. My 12 year old twins decided to walk around the ground in the seats to see how far they could get. They were stopped by a steward about half way who threatened them with ‘serious consequences ‘ if they didn’t return to their seats.

Lovely club.

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