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chav_corner 11:17 Sat Apr 7
Transfer Kitty.
Am I unreasonable in thinking a club of our size should be spending around 55 million a year.That as we made a profit of 20 million last year we should have 75 million to carry forward plus next years 55 makes around 130 million to spend.Sullivan will say the Board will make significant funds available to the manager next transfer window but I fear his idea of significant funds will be this years 55 conveniently forgetting last years profit.

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eusebiovic 2:28 Sun Apr 8
Re: Transfer Kitty.
Whenever I see Sullivan, I am always reminded of a quote by the late, great Peter Cook...

"He is a piece of slimy refuse, a loathsome spotted reptile"

We all know that his directors of football are agents from further down the food chain

ATHammer 11:55 Sun Apr 8
Re: Transfer Kitty.
We should have the world class director of football in place for this transfer window to make it the most exciting window in recent years. I am sure that Sullivan is working tirelessly, day and night, to make the cheapest, sorry, right appointment. When this turns into dust (shortly after season ticket renewal deadline I suspect) no doubt Sullivan will selflessly jump into the breach and work tirelessly on spending the square root of jack shit.

. . 3:23 Sun Apr 8
Re: Transfer Kitty.
Where do you Start, We have a side full of positions that need Strengthening. Get to many players in and we end up doing an Everton (Spend a Fortune and under perform) Antonio has been carrying an injury all year, Byram, Reid and of Course Carroll seem to be always injured this year. How many others have been carrying an injury? We need to sort the Manager situation out. If it's Moyes then get Players in that match his style of play.

eusebiovic 2:18 Sun Apr 8
Re: Transfer Kitty.
Our defence needs pace...and some youth too...Ryan Fredericks at Fulham is lightning quick so I can see where that particular link came from...Burke and Rice might save us some money but we still need to sign another centre back. Collins and Zabaleta are far too slow and long in the tooth.

There are holes everywhere though... defensive midfield needs a signing and we need a creative midfielder with a bit of tenacity as well...J Mario might be that player but the price tag looks far too hefty for the spotted reptile upstairs...

Shropshire iron 12:49 Sun Apr 8
Re: Transfer Kitty.
Shaqiri and Palaces captain for me

Mart O 11:56 Sat Apr 7
Re: Transfer Kitty.
daveyg 11:37 Sat Apr 7

By that token then you wouldn't take Zaha if Palace got relegated ? WBA's defence is there of thereabouts for the bottom half of the table, they just don't know where the goal is.

stepney hammer 11:41 Sat Apr 7
Re: Transfer Kitty.
According to that drunken old soak, C&H, were interested in Salomon Rondon. Mainly because he might have a relegation release clause so could be obtained on the CHEAP.

Even the transfer rumours are fucking shit nowadays.

daveyg 11:37 Sat Apr 7
Re: Transfer Kitty.
Mart O
Evans would of only been 4th or 5th choice for any of the top 4.
Why buy a player who got his club relegated

only1billybonds 10:48 Sat Apr 7
Re: Transfer Kitty.
Any kind of speculation about our future us pointless as ling as these 3 cunts are running the circus. If they were going to spend serious money to take ys forward they would have done so by now. We will stumble along year by year and every time we avoid they drop (if we do) the 3 of them will breath out and count their money. I have many feelings and emotions invested in our club but sadly,hope and optimism arn't among them.

Bernie 10:05 Sat Apr 7
Re: Transfer Kitty.
Fulham 2 points off auto now, we can wave goodbye to any of their mob if they come up.

I'd really like to see us make a real go of trying to get Maddison, although we may have missed the boat and will probably end up elsewhere now.

, 10:03 Sat Apr 7
Re: Transfer Kitty.
I hope that the manager uses the Arnautovic money wisely.

monto 10:01 Sat Apr 7
Re: Transfer Kitty.
Prepare to be underwhelmed.

VirginiaHam 7:24 Sat Apr 7
Re: Transfer Kitty.
The dwarf needs to hand over a decent transfer budget and then go back to that cunty mansion of his and ponder as to why he's charging the club interest on his loans instead of investing that cash in the club.

Sven Roeder 6:53 Sat Apr 7
Re: Transfer Kitty.
Fulham are a good chance to be promoted and am a bit underwhelmed by 27yo Cairney. As said they’d want more than he is worth.
Presume the interest in the 25yo right back Ryan Fredericks is partly to do with him being out of contract on June 30.
James Maddison at 21 from Norwich is a more interesting option to me. Am sure he will be looking to be at a Prem club next season and won’t be doing that with them.

Mart O 6:48 Sat Apr 7
Re: Transfer Kitty.
Evans ? The same Johnny Evans that's been linked with Man Utd, Spurs and Arsenal ? Righto.

stepney hammer 6:47 Sat Apr 7
Re: Transfer Kitty.
Also on Cairney, I'd wait until Wilshere's contract situation is more clear before shelling out 20 mil on someone who's unproven at this level.

Why does Moyes like all these underwhelming players? I'm sure the Harry Arter link will start rearing its head again soon.

stepney hammer 6:44 Sat Apr 7
Re: Transfer Kitty.
Don't know about Evans, would rather we went for Mawson. Expect our owners wouldn't shell out the cash needed for that one though.

Same as they will probably go for Foster or Forster over Butland because either of those will be considerably CHEAPER options.

Animal 5:55 Sat Apr 7
Re: Transfer Kitty.
No to cairney. Too old and would be going for far too much money.

Yes to the full back.

Madison had more goals then cairney, is younger, isn't at his best yet, and could be a very good player.

VirginiaHam 5:36 Sat Apr 7
Re: Transfer Kitty.
Willtell 4:18 Sat Apr 7

Lots of rumours about a deal nearly done for the two Fulham players. They are both the right age (and English) but unproven at PL level. Good move? Johnny Evans, definitely, but what players should we be buying?

VirginiaHam 5:30 Sat Apr 7
Re: Transfer Kitty.
Bernie 4:40 Sat Apr 7

He's fucking expensive considering he's played 2 proper games.

VirginiaHam 5:29 Sat Apr 7
Re: Transfer Kitty.
I think it needs to be GBP100m.

That uses last year's 43m profit and adds 57m, which in reality is only an outlay of 8m if you consider the dildos might have planned another 43m in profit in 2018-9 until we all got angry with them.

Add sales and freed up wages and the real outlay is minimal.

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