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Rio or Anton or Les 7:58 Sun Apr 22
Get Rafa Benitez
I have had enough of this spineless crap , falling apart in the last 10 mins.

Get Benitez in no matter what he costs and let him buy the players.

I am so p**sed off!

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percyd 4:05 Fri Apr 27
Re: Get Rafa Benitez
Seems Sam is to stay on at Everton next season, thus completely stuffing my theory about Rafa heading there. Oh well.

Texas Iron 6:44 Wed Apr 25
Re: Get Rafa Benitez
Saw Toon's last game on TV...
Benitez was never slim or trim...but yesterday he looked completely unfit and a roly poly tub of lard...trying to camouflage it with a 3 piece suit...

terry-h 4:01 Wed Apr 25
Re: Get Rafa Benitez
Rumour last week that Leicester player power unhappy with Claude Puel.
He'd be a step up from the ginger Scottish prick.

REALGSA 3:47 Wed Apr 25
Re: Get Rafa Benitez
Avram - out of contract
Big Sam - out of contract
Bilic - out of contract
Moyes - out of contract

am I right?

percyd 2:28 Wed Apr 25
Re: Get Rafa Benitez
Dr Moose 2:03 Wed Apr 25

Ah, but if Wenger had led Arsenal to the CL maybe the gunners supporters would be more gracious when the clubs met? Right now Liverpool supporters love him.........but I agree rocking up at Goodison might try their good humour. Otherwise looks like a really good fit to me: Everton with new wealth, his home town, Sam about to be given his P45 by supporters acclamation, Ashley a flakey tightwad.

Mace66 2:17 Wed Apr 25
Re: Get Rafa Benitez
Son of Sam 7:19 Tue Apr 24

Dr Moose 2:03 Wed Apr 25
Re: Get Rafa Benitez

depends on whether he can handle the abuse from the red side of merseyside. Bit like Wenger pitching up at Spurs next season when Pochettino goes to Real Madrid in the Summer

claypole 1:56 Wed Apr 25
Re: Get Rafa Benitez
Rule out any Managers that would need compensation paying to their club. Out of contract all the way.

Darlo Debs 1:56 Wed Apr 25
Re: Get Rafa Benitez

Darlo Debs 1:54 Wed Apr 25
Re: Get Rafa Benitez
Sadly i cant see them.not keeping Moyes, assuming we dont go down. The cid eyed base defiler is just the puppet the spunk brothers want and a ready made scapegoat for when they scew up.

Swiss. 1:48 Wed Apr 25
Re: Get Rafa Benitez
Son of Sam

Yep I think you've hit the nail on the head.

Sparky anyone?

Private Dancer 7:26 Tue Apr 24
Re: Get Rafa Benitez
Talk of who might come in, who is available, who wouldn't want it etc etc, is endless on here, it's gone on for fucking years now with no end in sight.

We are a PL club based in London, so simply there will be a very long queue of suitors, but who knows how many of them would go down well on here, and they aint gonna employ Mark fucking Hughes.

Son of Sam 7:22 Tue Apr 24
Re: Get Rafa Benitez
That should read Villa if they dont get promoted

Son of Sam 7:19 Tue Apr 24
Re: Get Rafa Benitez
Hilarious thread, some of the names mentioned why on earth would they want to come to us, is the bloke at Fulham going to get sacked, he is working on a superb project at a happy club? Benitez will surely be heading to a higher profile club after the season hes had thats if he leaves at all. Eddie Howe played and managed all his life at Bournemouth, the only time he left was for a unsatisfactory spell at Burnley, hes going nowhere.

Here is the reality, if Moyes departs, we would be looking at most likely the likes of Mark Hughes serial failure with his experience bigged up by his new employers. Chris Coleman the man who took Sunderland to D3 but a wealth of International experience. The vile Steve Bruce who will surely be sacked if Villa dont make the play offs, their fans want shot of him, so suck it up, Benitez bwahahahahahahaha Steve Mc Claren anyone?

Private Dancer 6:13 Tue Apr 24
Re: Get Rafa Benitez
Interesting shout that, percy.

percyd 6:11 Tue Apr 24
Re: Get Rafa Benitez
Benitez will be the Everton manager come June.

Swiss. 6:22 Mon Apr 23
Re: Get Rafa Benitez
Jokanović for me but not sure he'll come if Fulham are promoted.

One McAvennieeeeee 5:58 Mon Apr 23
Re: Get Rafa Benitez
I agree the squad lacks certain quality.

I don't agree it's a 'mis match' though.

White Pony 5:48 Mon Apr 23
Re: Get Rafa Benitez
Anyone saying that Moyes has inherited a bad squad will probably be choking on those words next season once Moyes has had a chance to start building a squad in his image over the summer, sniffing out many more and more Jordan Hugills.

The Stoat 5:37 Mon Apr 23
Re: Get Rafa Benitez
Mauricio Pochettino sounds a little pissed off at Spurs

Worth a punt?

under the thumb 5:28 Mon Apr 23
Re: Get Rafa Benitez
Light in key areas; midfield hence Noble and Kouyate have been regulars when really both have been off key far to often.

Defensively relying on a 34 year old to play wing back. The team is lacking the pace it had in the final season at UP with Moses Sakho Valencia.

The squad lacks quality and depth. End of the season you could quite easily say Hart, Adrian, Evra, Collins, Obiang, Hugill, Mário, Byram, Fernandez, Carroll could alll be gone. That’s not including Hernandez who is likely to be going as well add the injury prone Antonio to the mix and we are struggling massively before a ball has been kicked in anger next season.

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