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westham13 1:36 Wed Apr 25
Safe Standing
Apologies if this has already been posted before but this only needs another 5k signatures to get some movement.


Give it a sign and we are closer to getting safe standing sections in the Championship and Premier League!

Come on lads, get signing

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Johnson 10:56 Wed May 2
Re: Safe Standing
Maybe West Ham fans will see it at away grounds then.

Westside 10:55 Wed May 2
Re: Safe Standing
Debate tabled in Parliament for the 25th June.

On The Ball 10:14 Thu Apr 26
Re: Safe Standing
I don't get why you'd prefer to go and see a team you don't support just so you can stand up.

WHU(Exeter) 10:12 Thu Apr 26
Re: Safe Standing
David Gold is looking into it.

No updates yet, but WATCH THIS SPACE.

cup of tea 2:06 Thu Apr 26
Re: Safe Standing
You mean like the majority of people that post on here?

One McAvennieeeeee 2:05 Thu Apr 26
Re: Safe Standing
For someone who never wants to go West Ham anymore, has no interest in West Ham anymore, Hates modern Football, has no interest in any subject they ever comment on, you don't half comment a lot?

cup of tea 2:02 Thu Apr 26
Re: Safe Standing
We can argue and debate this all we like but the simple fact of the matter is that as unfortunate as Hillsborough was the decision to move stadia to all seater was premature and a reaction to the disaster. What caused deaths and injury was fences and no clear route of exit from terraces as well as overcrowding.

Most of us stood on the North or South banks at the Boleyn and some games the terraces were obscenely packed with little room for movement - me? I loved it, loved the sway and going mental when we scored but yes sometimes terraces were too packed.

Simple solution would have been for implementation of safety measures to ensure terraces were not overcrowded and that there were the correct escape routes in operation. Once stadia became all seater and adding in the money from SKY the game was en route to being fucked for the normal fan - this has got worse season after season and I do not see any enjoyment in all seater stadia at all let alone at the shit hole we now (well I don't) call home.

Personally I would rather go to a non league or League 1 or 2 game where I can still stand and there are not many grounds left to do that at now either.

We WILL NOT get safe standing back and even if 'rails' were implemented it would be NOTHING like being on an an open terrace.

Face facts, the game, atmosphere and stadia are built for business now not 'support' - game is fucked and \\I no longer want to be part of it

Lily Hammer 1:55 Thu Apr 26
Re: Safe Standing

Why, indeed.

That's what this is about, to force them to have another look, as it seemed unfair how abruptly the idea was thrown out without any genuine discussion.

Russ of the BML 1:27 Thu Apr 26
Re: Safe Standing
Eggbert Nobacon 11:03 Thu Apr 26

Really? OK cheers for that, wasn't aware.

So why was WBA's recent submission denied?

Eggbert Nobacon 11:03 Thu Apr 26
Re: Safe Standing


It';s already in the UK (Celtic) so presumably already been backed by politicians?

Russ of the BML 11:02 Thu Apr 26
Re: Safe Standing
This won't happen.

I mean, who is going to be the first MP to back this? They haven't got the balls.... And I suppose rightly so.

Any MP that agrees this will basically be putting their balls on the block. Because if this goes through and there is another disaster who will the media and Liverpool fans go hunting?

Any MP looking at this will just be thinking "I am staying well clear of this".

ornchurch ammer 10:43 Thu Apr 26
Re: Safe Standing
If there is safe standing it will not be cheaper than standard seating admission.

It has already been said that they do not want supporters standing because it is the cheaper option but because it is a preference at the same price as seating.

Johnson 8:30 Thu Apr 26
Re: Safe Standing
Three things:

1. Despite making noises that they’d support any bid for safe standing, when a few PL clubs kicked off a bid a few years back our cunts declined to be involved. We were going for the OS at the time.

2. Brady is in record saying she doesn’t like standing at football.

3. We don’t own the OS and there is no business case for the landlords to make the changes seeing as most of their other events are seated ones. Our cunts would NEVER pay for such a conversion and push it through.

The best you lot can hope for is standing at some away ground cos you certainly won’t get it at the OS.

Sven Roeder 7:53 Thu Apr 26
Re: Safe Standing
Yes, but the dead hand of your MATES Liverpool is behind shutting down any sensible debate on this issue.
Areas for fans who want to stand (and teenage and young adult fans who want cheap tickets with their MATES) is a no brainer.
Of course Lady Brady cocked up moving people who did stand at UP to areas where everyone wanted to keep doing that.
Those who are unable or unwilling to stand or have small children are entitled to know they are in a seated area.

Northern Sold 1:54 Thu Apr 26
Re: Safe Standing
Hang on... why not just stand anyway... I never sat down in my life... my ST in the BML was with a massive bunch of us who stood the whole game... and mighty fun it was as well...

Mickey Rat 1:28 Thu Apr 26
Re: Safe Standing
I'd love it to happen but can't see any of our spineless politicians allowing it and every pitch invasion gives them the excuse they need

Sven Roeder 10:36 Wed Apr 25
Re: Safe Standing
Have always said that big gap with a running track on it could be filled with people standing.
Could probably get another 5,000 in the place

westham13 7:28 Wed Apr 25
Re: Safe Standing
Well with over 100k we will see where it takes us.

I agree with the below with it being allowed in lower leagues, Scotland and in Europe I cant find a fault with it.

Could possibly generate a better atmosphere over there. Would also bring down the constant pestering from stewards for people to sit in other parts of the ground? Who knows, only time will tell.

Also, could the possibility of a cheaper ST in this part of the ground be out of the question?

As far as I am concerned, every away section should have to be fitted with safe standing as standard.

side effect 7:25 Wed Apr 25
Re: Safe Standing
I need a corset as ive a bad back so im out but definitely in. Be nice if the players stood up also.

As already been said fans are not allowed to be happy.

Westside 6:53 Wed Apr 25
Re: Safe Standing

Past the 100k, sigatures mark now.

goose 6:18 Wed Apr 25
Re: Safe Standing
i've never been to the cesspit - its not for people like me.

however, safe standing might persuade me otherwise.

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