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Mr Kenzo 10:18 Tue May 1
Summer rectruitment
I think we will just about stay up, more to do with having 3 worse teams than us. Our squad needs a massive overhaul but this summer could be a nightmare in getting players what with the world cup and with possible targets performing and values going through the roof, therefore pushing price tags up further. Our owners in my opinion wont pay the money based on history. So where is our market? and how do you think we will improve to have a far better squad next season?

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AVOR 10:03 Tue Jun 12
Re: Summer rectruitment
So who wants to claim some glory from this thread....

Fredricks was perhaps an obvious one....so who is next in line!! :P

Sven Roeder 12:36 Sun May 6
Re: Summer rectruitment
Fredericks the right back would be a decent free pick up. Quick and can get up and down.
Is about 10yrs younger than Zabaleta

wrighty 12:31 Sun May 6
Re: Summer rectruitment
We need Fulham to miss out on promotion

Sven Roeder 12:28 Sun May 6
Re: Summer rectruitment
We need pace, energy and the ability to keep a bloody football
All the things we were told we needed last season and didnt get.

As most have said we need 2 top quality midfielders, a right back and a keeper for starters
Need to sort out our strikers with Carroll, Pea and Hugill not being used. If that’s how we want to play get them out and get in some who we can use.
Also need to sort out our central defence. We need solidity there not the revolving door of ins and outs.

stepney hammer 12:13 Sun May 6
Re: Summer rectruitment
Eleven Jordan HUGILLS please

southwoodford 11:48 Sun May 6
Re: Summer rectruitment
It will take more than one summer to fix our squad - more likely two or three, and that's based on an assumption that the owners fix all the other dysfunctional elements preventing the club moving forward. That requires strategic thinking and long term planning. So keep dreaming ....

zico 11:47 Sun May 6
Re: Summer rectruitment
kirok1 11:23 Sun May 6

I agree sadly. The last few transfer windows have shown that they either haven't a clue on how to strengthen a team or just can't be arsed. We could end up with a worse side because I doubt Lanzini will be here next year, a big Club will probably throw money at Rice to sit on the bench for two years and offers will definitely come in for Arnie. So I suspect we replacing those will end up with Metersaker on a free, Crouch and Joe Allen!!!!!

zebthecat 11:44 Sun May 6
Re: Summer rectruitment
"We hardly have any strikers either though?"

I beg to differ - we have Jordan HUGILL.
Next level...

kirok1 11:23 Sun May 6
Re: Summer rectruitment
Why speculate?
They’ll promise the earth, as usual, then deliver sweet fuck all.
Until they’re gone, we are relegation strugglers. No pleasure. No entertainment. Just a whole season of shit results and Moyes’ fucked up formation.
Sorry, can’t be positive about the bastard trio we have in charge, despite the happy clapper brigade saying well done.

goose 11:04 Sun May 6
Re: Summer rectruitment
Arnie has to start through the middle now. AC off the bench + Hernandez. If he goes then we have to replace him.

dicksie3 11:00 Sun May 6
Re: Summer rectruitment
We hardly have any strikers either though? Hernandez won't be staying around, that's for sure.

I think that we look awful in most positions. There are players who are either not up to it or simply don't care anymore and are nowhere near the level that they used to be at. We literally need a new side. I know that this won't happen under the lying cheapskate idiot dickhead wanker owners though, I'm very much aware of that.

goose 10:20 Sun May 6
Re: Summer rectruitment
Top end of the pitch shouldn’t need much investment - arnie, lanzini, Antonio and Masuaku are all a threat. Depends on what happens with Hernandez I guess.

Money needs to go on defence and central midfield. Oh and a keeper.

Pagey 10:16 Sun May 6
Re: Summer rectruitment
Whether we spend a lot of money in the summer or not, the signing of Hugill has to be seriously looked at. What was the point of it and who was behind it?

He’s barely featured this season which speaks volumes and, if he does feature next season, that will mean that he’s either improved ridiculously as a player (which won’t happen) or the squad is poor yet again.

Therefore he looks like being yet another signing that has been an incredible waste of money. Add his fee to that wasted on Fonte and Snodgrass among others and there’s a Carvalho that could and should have been signed. We need proven quality. Every transfer is a gamble but some are more calculated and educated than others. Hugill certainly wasn’t.

Eerie Descent 9:48 Sun May 6
Re: Summer rectruitment
We'll go into next season with a similar starting 11 to what finishes this season, Kouyate and Noble starting in central midfield, with the same manager.


DocMarten 9:32 Sat May 5
Re: Summer rectruitment
We need 5/6 new first team players.

Like that’s gonna happen...

lab 9:24 Sat May 5
Re: Summer rectruitment
Shaquiri ,excuse spelling .

, 8:00 Sat May 5
Re: Summer rectruitment
Up to now our owners have not walked the talk. What they have reportedly said has not matched what they have achieved in terms of player acquisition. So on to the close season and to date they have kept quiet. Perhaps we need to wait and see what they do compared to what they say and up to now they have kept shtumm.

The owners have a stark choice and that is shell out or get relegated.

selecta 6:49 Sat May 5
Re: Summer rectruitment
I have no intention of being slightly interested in who we will sign as it will be the same old same old. With ‘old’ being the significant word!

Barty 4:30 Sat May 5
Re: Summer rectruitment
Based on last nights performance vs Man U Anthony Knockaert of Brighton would be a good signing.

But I know you cant judge a player after one game but he is certainly one for our scouts to watch

Barty 4:19 Sat May 5
Re: Summer rectruitment

El Scorchio 4:14 Sat May 5

Agreed, including a manager

Alex V 4:15 Sat May 5
Re: Summer rectruitment
>>> You said a few months ago that Kouyate was a more than good enough Premier League midfield player. Do you stand by that?

I rate him higher than others on here, that's for sure. Don't want to derail the discussion further with that. I've said before that the worse you play, the more you need physical players like Kouyate to battle. I bet he's one of Moyes favourite players in the squad.

I personally think too much blame is put on our midfielders. As I've said on another thread today, our central midfield is going to struggle in the systems they're asked to play in, because they're also outnumbered in midfield by teams that pack the centre. Until we match that, we will be taking a chance there.

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