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Q: 2021/22 What competition should we prioritise this season?
a. The league is our bread & butter, so this year let's have a club sandwich
b. We're owed an FA Cup after Gerrard nicked our last one in 06, our name's on it in 22
c. A bye to the League Cup 3rd round gives us a good start, let's make it count
d. The Europa is our best ticket to the Champions League, this is the one
e. What's wrong with you, let's do the lot, has the quadruple ever been done

Pee Wee 3:33 Thu May 3
London - As a Tourist
Whenever I have friends from abroad come over, I always recommend the open top bus tours. They give a good overview and for 24hrs you can hop on and off depending on what caches your eye.

The British Museum is another suggestion as is the tour of the Tower of London as even if they aren't hugely interested in History, most love looking around a Castle.

My question to you good people, is apart from the big tourist attractions what hidden or maybe not so hidden gems would you suggest to a tourist visiting?

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eusebiovic 3:40 Sun May 6
Re: London - As a Tourist
mashed in maryland 8:54 Fri May 4

Brixton Market
Brockwell Park
Dulwich Picture Gallery
Horniman Museum
Crystal Palace Park/Upper Norwood

An alternative South London day out...full of everything that you may need...

Texas Iron 3:19 Sun May 6
Re: London - As a Tourist

Massive restoration...worth a visit...

thecockneyboy 2:56 Sun May 6
Re: London - As a Tourist
Megabus have just stated doing tours, cheap as fuck compared to other tour companies.

Flea 4:32 Sun May 6
Re: London - As a Tourist
Send them to the British Museum, remind them why these artifacts are not returned to country of origin. Pick them up 10 days later & they'll only be 1/2 way through.

If they're religious, send them to the Art Gallery, after a million "Mother & Child" portraits of Mary & Sweet Baby Jesus by the Masters, they'll be ready to turn the crucifix upside down.

Nurse Ratched 11:47 Sat May 5
Re: London - As a Tourist

Just as long as you don't have your pilot's license...

Fifth Column 11:13 Sat May 5
Re: London - As a Tourist
Durka Durka jihad nursey

mashed in maryland 10:43 Sat May 5
Re: London - As a Touristock
Dolittle 8:52 Sat May 5

One tree hill just up the road is fantastic as well. On a summers evening the view of London is special. No idea what its like now but was always a few decent pubs round that way as well. If you're a tourist and going "off the beaten track" that's the sort of area of any city its worth visiting, if that makes sense

Nurse Ratched 10:24 Sat May 5
Re: London - As a Tourist
Fiff, were you casing the joint? ;-)

Fifth Column 10:22 Sat May 5
Re: London - As a Tourist
Someone slagged Skygarden on here but personally I think it's excellent. Tourists love it and kids too. And it's free.

Dolittle 8:52 Sat May 5
Re: London - As a Touristock
some really great views of the City from the Horniman Museum gardens, proper weird victoriana collection of oddities in the museum too, plus a fascinating building to boot

jfk 7:06 Sat May 5
Re: London - As a Touristock
Nice one,excellent stuff.

jfk 6:15 Sat May 5
Re: London - As a Tourist
As a few others have mentioned The National Gallery is a must apparently the best gallery as far as famous paintings go in The World.well worth a mooch about at opening time.
Canaletto and The Turner paintings are fucking mind blowing.
The Thames clipper is also a good call and not a rip off yet.
The Royal Parks are the bollocks if you have kids take a picknick and a bottle splosh.
Londons the best city in the world easily.

percyd 2:03 Sat May 5
Re: London - As a Tourist
Gavros 4:24 Fri May 4

Agreed. The Rising Sun (in Cloth Fair) well worth a visit along with a walk around Smithfield. My nephew ran the Rising Sun for a few years - it's a Sam Smith's pub so good beer and cheap too. He now runs The Cittie Of Yorke in High Holborn, another Sam's pub worth a visit and nearby Lincoln's Inn Fields, a London oasis.

Advertorial over.

aldgate 12:43 Sat May 5
Re: London - As a Tourist
Postman's Park off Aldersgate Street is a lovely little green spot with some very interesting bits of local history.
Despite my name i moved to Greenwich a couple of years ago and the park/naval college setting on a sunny day like today takes some beating

Briano 9:45 Fri May 4
Re: London - As a Tourist
Gavros 4.24


One of the Wedding venues for ' Four Weddings'

mashed in maryland 8:54 Fri May 4
Re: London - As a Tourist
Not that far from the tunnels....

Blackheath (again on a nice day) would be a fantastic way to spend a few hours as a tourist in London.

Crystal Palace park ditto.

There's actually quite a lot to do and see south of the river.

Weird thing about growing up and living in London with all the stuff mentioned on this thread on your doorstep is you never really fully appreciate them. Once you move out and meet people who ain't from there, in a weird way its like you see the place from a different angle.

Really is a fantastic city in a lot of ways.

Alwaysaniron 8:52 Fri May 4
Re: London - As a Tourist
Charterhouse Square is fabulous and steeped in history.

London museum at the Barbican too. A real gem of a museum that's missed by many.

Nurse Ratched 8:44 Fri May 4
Re: London - As a Tourist
You'll see.

J.Riddle 8:32 Fri May 4
Re: London - As a Tourist
Oh dear...yikes not electric shock treatment!!!

Nurse Ratched 6:38 Fri May 4
Re: London - As a Tourist
I'm going to track down and murder J.Riddle. Slowly. Plenty of torture.

There. My summer project is sorted.

J.Riddle 6:17 Fri May 4
Re: London - As a Tourist
Ahh the joys of the Rotherhithe tunnel, Blackwall tunnel on the way back if no ones looking, takes deep breathe mmm I can almost smell the air.

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