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pardsisalegend 7:17 Sat May 5
Board Out
What a fantastic result and a relief today!

And now we’re safe, we need to spend the next two home games letting the board know just what we think of them.


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AKA ERNIE 9:18 Sun May 6
Re: Board Out
only way to get them out is not to to last 2 home games

The White Horse 8:50 Sun May 6
Re: Board Out
This is a very appropriate posting.
I would think our fan base can be very influential in the manager nomination process by being vocal via the channels that are open to us.
Now we have a real opportunity to appoint someone who can really push us on to the required level. Watch them fuck it up by giving it to this dour Neanderthal.

RBshorty 8:33 Sun May 6
Re: Board Out
Don’t worry lads. They are selling up. To some Septic.!

But keep it under your hat. It’s all very Hush Hush.

terry-h 8:27 Sun May 6
Re: Board Out

I think we should sing this next Sunday. If the Arsenal fans can pay tribute to Wenger, we should let rip with an appropriate song
for our own wankers.

Side of Ham 8:27 Sun May 6
Re: Board Out
Business opportunity to double your brands value - Premier League.

Investment into making the football team worthy of ‘the brand’ - Championship.

Barty 8:21 Sun May 6
Re: Board Out
This thread hasn´t got enough posts!

Pin it!

Jose+ 9:20 Sun May 6
Re: Board Out
Mass non-attendance is really the only way to send a message.

Two pointless games left. Perfect for a boycott.

LeroysBoots 8:56 Sun May 6
Re: Board Out
This thread should be pinned

We should be ramping it up big time for Thursday

Abusing these cunts for bringing another season of shame

cartis 2:08 Sun May 6
Re: Board Out
lab 9:02 Sat May 5

It will be shite reat assured, these cunts have no intention on serious investment whatsoever.

It will be the absolute bare minimum spend as per usual.

Bullshit,bluff and bollocks righr up until the end of the window with fuck all actual spend.

4ever-blowin-bubbles 11:19 Sat May 5
Re: Board Out
yes great news we are safe now we want the board out ASAP

lab 9:02 Sat May 5
Re: Board Out
Well if the transfer window is shite then from the off they should get grief. But maybe you're right ,we know what the window holds , they have treated us like cunts , theyve lied, Give em shit next two games.

alfie romeo 9:00 Sat May 5
Re: Board Out
them going is key to the club ever progressing. There will be those that think that we're safe etc... and careful what you wish for but you can't carry on like this. having no ambition and doing the same old...

The answer for West Ham is to invest massively in coaches and the youth set up. We'll only get anywhere by producing out own talent and to that, we need to embraces the latest technology and ideas. And it needs to be across the club, not just in certain areas. Specialist coaches and classroom work, really working with them mentally too to make them the best they can be. That will never happen under these owners.

cartis 8:53 Sat May 5
Re: Board Out
Spot on Pards.
They should get it full fucking blast in the remaining home games.
Hateful old cunts.

Mart O 7:36 Sat May 5
Re: Board Out
Folk !

Leonard Hatred 7:31 Sat May 5
Re: Board Out
The board couldn't give a monkey's what folk think of them.

They'll only be arsed if/when CUSTOMERS stop buying tickets.

dicksie3 7:23 Sat May 5
Re: Board Out


master 7:21 Sat May 5
Re: Board Out
Players out x15.

Kite 7:19 Sat May 5
Re: Board Out

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