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Pub Bigot 8:39 Fri May 18
Metz Away
Before my time, but those who were there are always saying that it was great.

Any stories chaps? I feel like a feel good West Ham story

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joyo 3:02 Sun May 20
Re: Metz Away
Brilliant away trip one of the best, in a pub after the game and they had massive metz flag which my mate tried to burn so they took it down, now l expected us to be barred but no beered us up for the next three hours!

Fifth Column 11:32 Sat May 19
Re: Metz Away
Norm mate. It was a fat steward with a fire extinguisher. I suppose you could call that a small water cannon though.

MTC 11:37 Sat May 19
Re: Metz Away
Me and my mates arrived in Metz early afternoon the day before the game and ended up staying in the same hotel as the Metz team.Thought it was actually a nice place and never forget the night before some barmaid saying to us in broken english “if you lose please don’t break everything”.As said already the atmosphere after was a bit weird in the square.It was like everyone didn’t know what to do cos we’d actually won.

Johnson 5:30 Sat May 19
Re: Metz Away
Proper story Norm.

My old man has one of those types of stories from driving a VW camper for a couple of days to the 76 final.

Then after the match, him and his 4 mates thinking they were about to get run by Anderlecht only for them to want to swap scarves and shake hands whilst it’s booting off around them.

We had that lilac scarf for years till the old girl threw it away as “no one wore it”.

Beautiful scarf it was an’ all.

West Ham used to be proper. Not anymore.

Robwhu2 3:19 Sat May 19
Re: Metz Away
Great trip, coach from basildon at 2am the night before.. good piss up in that square...
Was sitting in the seats, remember our lot in the standing bit playing up, all the french came running down towards us, then went running back again, they didnt know where to go lol...
trip back was a long one tho, thank fuck we won

LeroysBoots 3:00 Sat May 19
Re: Metz Away
What I recall of the game was a lot of "faces" were there...drinking in the square before the game.

Nobody really expected us to do anything as we lost the first leg at home.

When we won it was surreal....I think the good folks of Metz were pleased as we would have wrecked their pretty town had we lost !

We all just sat and drank in the square after the game in a kind of muted celeb that we had actually won something !

I do recall some locals trying it on...but nothing really transpired...we were elated !

Crassus 12:56 Sat May 19
Re: Metz Away
Nice one Norm - happy days

Norman 12:23 Sat May 19
Re: Metz Away
And yes I think the ticket was £3 or £4 but West Ham charged us £6 I think. I think the coach was about £60 or £70

Norman 12:21 Sat May 19
Re: Metz Away
I was 16 just finished school. My cousin who was about 30 odd wanted to go and my Mum and Dad let me go with him and another friend of his. We drove up to UP from Harlow as we were going on one of the official coaches. We got to UP and our names wasn’t down for the coach but a steward quickly sorted it out and we even had a table for the 3 of us. Another lad from Custom House asked to sit with us as his mates were on another coach. I remember my cousins and mate having a few beers on the boat I had a coke oh how times have changed. We then drive through Belgium and Luxembourg. Not sure why but someone said it was cheaper due to the French tolls. Must have arrived in Metz a few hours before kick off and found a bar. We were drinking outside small cans of Kronenburg and had some BBQ Frankfurters. The weather at home was rubbish but over there it was Sunny and must of been 25c. After a few cans made our way to the ground and past security. Was lucky enough to be on the terrace and stood right at the back near the Metz fans. Was quite a few French and German Hammers there. I remember flags everywhere i hung mine at the back of the stands despite everyone pissing near it as the toilets were miles away. Was a great game and when they pulled back to 2-1 I’m thinking the worst. When Wanchope went past the keeper I was thinking just put it for god sakes. He did and we went mad again for the third time. We created a great atmosphere but the home ultras in the opposite end were very loud and had massive flags. Was about 19k but a great atmosphere. We had the Metz fans next to us then to our right was another sections of Our fans in the lower tier at the side or the pitch. In the second half a few of our fans started trying to rip down a wired fence and then the Authorities fired a small water cannon. The Metzs fan ran away and our fan ran straight towards it. It wasn’t major trouble just a few looking for trouble. Metz were a decent team and we were excellent on the night to win 3-1. The players came over at end and so did Harry. We then boarded the coaches back. I remember the Police wanting scarfs but no one gave them one i only had a flag and wasn’t giving it away. No phones then but I took a small disposable camera. Can’t really remember the journey back but must of got back to UP about 6am. My cousin went for a fry up but he dropped me off and I went to bed. I was meant to play a pre season friendly that night for my Sunday league team but I just slept for hours and didnt make it up. Was a full 24hrs trip. My cousin lives in Canada now but we still say that was our favourite ever game and I doubt hay will ever change. An amazing experience especially for a 16 year old boy

cambsiron 11:25 Fri May 18
Re: Metz Away
Not a recognised competition so I didn't bother. Watched it in a pub in Cambridge. Went ballistic.

The Ghost of Braderz 9:43 Fri May 18
Re: Metz Away
Enjoyed that, Fifth.

Pub Bigot 9:36 Fri May 18
Re: Metz Away
Cheers Fifth, that's exactly what I was after.

Cheezey Bell-End 9:36 Fri May 18
Re: Metz Away
I watched it in Browns in Shoreditch.

The home game sold out and I missed it.

eastend joker 9:10 Fri May 18
Re: Metz Away
i thought this was the thread for this years pre season !

Fifth Column 9:10 Fri May 18
Re: Metz Away
I was taking my Mrs to Paris the same time and then managed to get tickets to the match so when we were there (in Paris) I mentioned that my brother had got tickets so she'd have to make her own way home to London and I was off to Metz. That made me popular.

Stayed in the worst hotel of my life... the doors didn't lock, the bedsheets had burn marks, the corridors had wires from the ceiling (no lights) and the toilets were like the chemical ones at festivals. Awful.

Yes West Ham took over Metz town centre. At the match most people were well gone before even arriving, They still had fences around the pitch and so one or two of our fans climbed the fence, not to get over it, just because they were drunk and thought it would be a laugh,

A fat steward then got a fire extinguisher and started spraying them. They just laughed and treated it like a shower. Eventually the fat bloke got led away by the other stewards looking really upset.

It's the only time in 30 years I started a chant that everyone else joined in with,

"who ate all the snails"


"you're not spraying anymore" to fatty as he was being led away.

Also followed by our crowd singing "au revoir au revoir au revoir" to tune of cheerio... as if he'd been sent off. Who says the English can't speak foreign languages.

Oh and I was recovering from a broken collar bone and was in a sling to reduce weight on my collar bone and (it was still standing at that time)... whenever we scored the bloke behind me kept jumping on my shoulders... but it was worth it.

And one of the coppers had the best classic French moustache you've ever seen.

Got back home and the British press had reports of riots etc and tear gas used whereas it had just been a fat bloke with a fire exitinguisher.

The local French paper the next day had headline "Glorious bubbles of beer" to mark our visit. Typical the British papers call us hooligans and the French papers were lovely about us.

The one and only European match I've been to with West Ham. Maybe we'll get that again one day. COYI

Iron Duke 9:07 Fri May 18
Re: Metz Away
It would be nice to have a proper run in Europe again, we just have to avoid Romanian clubs

Takashi Miike 8:52 Fri May 18
Re: Metz Away
iron duke, was a cunt with a fire extinguisher and ive still got the ticket and you're right about the price, only 30FF

Iron Duke 8:48 Fri May 18
Re: Metz Away
Great day out.

We absolutely took over the pub on a boat in the town. They ran out of glasses but luckily I could push through to the front of the bar with my used glasses.

The wanky stewards started spraying fans with water. From where I was standing I don’t think there was any need for it.

The Metz fans applauded us at the end.

I think the ticket was about £3. West Ham charged more for the booking fee.

Takashi Miike 8:42 Fri May 18
Re: Metz Away
my favourite away game

Far Cough 8:42 Fri May 18
Re: Metz Away
Kicked off at one point if I remember rightly?

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