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violator 12:13 Thu May 24
Out there this weekend for a MATE'S wedding, anyone been? Thinking of the city walls walk, Mrs V is more interested in game of thrones nerd shite (no link), any decent bars where I can quench my thirst while she gets off on dragons and magic spells?

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Chigwell 8:27 Fri May 25
Re: Dubrovnik
Avoid the city when a cruise ship is in port: thousands of overweight and underclothed (not a good combination) day trippers pour into the streets and make a hell of a noise.

Blunders 2:01 Fri May 25
Re: Dubrovnik
big fan of Croatia, lovely place.

OccupyGreenStreet 2:42 Thu May 24
Re: Dubrovnik
Went Cavtat/Dubrovnik/Brac last year, great trip. Gonna be based in Brac for summer hols again this year.

Dubrovnik is rammed, gets very hot, but still worth a visit. Cavtat is nice for food/drink and an easy boat trip away.

Your mum 2:23 Thu May 24
Re: Dubrovnik
I went to Kolocep last year, beautiful!

Aalborg Hammer 2:03 Thu May 24
Re: Dubrovnik
Was there on Monday...it was packed..if you enter by the main west gate (near the water fountain) go to the far end of the Stradun to the Palce and go up the wall from there..it costs 150 Kuna (about 8 to the pound)to walk the wall (well worth it) and there's a very good bar overlooking the sea and the south end (beer a fiver a pint)
Lots of bars but steer clear of the ones on the main drag as they're expensive...branch off and go up any of the passages to the city wall where there are plenty of lovely bars and restaurants.There's a good shady spot on the wall where the painter is to have your lunch!

violator 1:13 Thu May 24
Re: Dubrovnik

My mate is getting married on Kolocep island, looks the sort of thing you mention, no cars on there. I went to Brac years ago when it was all still Yugoslavia, hydrofoil from Split.

Gavros 1:12 Thu May 24
Re: Dubrovnik
Was always busy but the GOT thing has sent it off the scale.

Not that your going to make it there but Kotor in Montenegro a better bet these days.

El Scorchio 1:11 Thu May 24
Re: Dubrovnik
It's lovely.

There's a 'secret' bar (the Buza bar) which is on rocks facing the sea through the city wall. Try and head there. It's not really a secret any more but it is a lovely place to drink.


ludo21 1:10 Thu May 24
Re: Dubrovnik
Last went there in 1975 when I was 7 so I'm not too up to date.... been meaning to go back but I expect it is a bit busier now!

Out of interest, which are the best Croatian islands to go to (for a bit of culture, nice restaurants etc.. rather than nightlife!)

MancIron 1:10 Thu May 24
Re: Dubrovnik
Was there last year, expensive compared to the rest of Croatia.

Some of the more posey bars are £6 or £7 a pint.

A place called the Beer Factory was the cheapest place we found around £3 a pop. It had a beer garden too even though it's tucked down one of the alleyways.

The Walls are a great walk if you're a GoT fan, the ticket also lets you get in the Castle on the other side of the cove the next day too.

oioi 12:53 Thu May 24
Re: Dubrovnik
If you prefer cheap & cheerful holiday bars just walk down the path with the sea on your right. When you get to the end there is a 'strip' of bars etc.

Dubrovnik itself is ok but was packed in mid summer.

oioi 12:44 Thu May 24
Re: Dubrovnik
There's a footpath along the coastline that goes past all the hotels and a couple of bars & restaurants. You can't miss it.

violator 12:39 Thu May 24
Re: Dubrovnik
oioi 12:26 Thu May 24

Yeah we're staying not too far from there mate, on the Baban Kuk peninsular, looks a decent little bar.

oioi 12:26 Thu May 24
Re: Dubrovnik
Depends where you're staying. This place was ok but out of town.


Son of Sam 12:22 Thu May 24
Re: Dubrovnik
Mrs V gets off on dragons..bring the mother in law as well

Your mum 12:15 Thu May 24
Re: Dubrovnik
The old town gets mega-banged out & is hot as fuck in the day.

Lots of bars down alleys to slink off too, or take a boat trip to one of the local islands for a quieter time.

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