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happygilmore 10:55 Sat Jun 9
Ireland change it up a bit, makes Aussie's fav for first test.

England have chance to get back to winning ways against the Jaffas.

AB v France 8-11 approaching HT. Even enough so far but AB will probably pile in on last 15 mins.

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East Auckland Hammer 10:11 Sun Jun 24
Re: Internationals
I don't think she'd ever heard the NZ anthem before and completely winged it.

She was still the best Kiwi performer in Denver though.

medwayhammer1 3:36 Sun Jun 24
Re: Internationals
Missed the anthems, but heard they wernet that impressive :-)

Cheezey Bell-End 3:15 Sun Jun 24
Re: Internationals
The rendition of the the NZ anthem was one of the funniest things I have seen at a sporting event. I think she had never heard the song before.

medwayhammer1 3:12 Sun Jun 24
Re: Internationals
Well that was an enjoyable game...for a bunch of inbred Northern monkeys eh!!

DocMarten 10:13 Sat Jun 23
Re: Internationals
Better from England today..

Penalty count was def less than 10 for the whole game. Thats a huge +ve.

Cipriani was steady and didn't try to do anything flash to over impress. The icing on his cake will have been the look up to JM in space, or JM shouting for the kick, and executing perfectly the kick. +ve

MB - another good game. His attack seems better than over the last 8-12 months and he's test match warrior. But where do you play him, when you consider who's left out?

-ve today was Slade. He slips off too many tackles to be an international centre. Back to being a squad player for me.

Nathan Hughes - is he really an international 8? Not sure. He goes into contact way too upright and the ball under one arm in conditions like today is asking to knock it on. That said, his stats may prove me horribly wrong.

Still, it was a win and stops the immediate rot. Not turned a corner though. NZ in the Autumn looks scary right now. As do Ireland(fantastic result for them.Well done) and France.

Ben Kay made an interesting observation, which is perhaps accurate. England are a good team who aren't playing well.

Mad Dog 9:29 Sat Jun 23
Re: Internationals
That was more like it

Far Cough 8:46 Sat Jun 23
Re: Internationals
I like the touch back instead of a fucking scrum, which normally collapses

Cheezey Bell-End 8:38 Sat Jun 23
Re: Internationals
It's northern monkey in this country, but then so are a lot of the top football teams. There is amateur league in every county of England and over 10,000 players, so it's not entirely northern.

I see union as an anachronism. It's just drudgery with arcane rules and a snobbish culture.

Northern Sold 7:31 Sat Jun 23
Re: Internationals
Well I enjoyed that... proper old fashioned arm wrestle with one moment of genius ...

I'm with Mart on this.... league is pwopa Northern Monkey...

medwayhammer1 7:24 Sat Jun 23
Re: Internationals
Funnily enough, the inbred northern monkey game(im neither by the way) looks like it is gonna outsell the majority, or possibly all the Union games that have been played in the States.

medwayhammer1 7:22 Sat Jun 23
Re: Internationals
Certainly was.

Northern Sold 7:21 Sat Jun 23
Re: Internationals
Genius from Cipriani

stewie griffin 7:19 Sat Jun 23
Re: Internationals
Absolutely superb from Cips

Mart O 7:10 Sat Jun 23
Re: Internationals
League is shite game for inbred northern monkeys, but it couldn't be much worse than this.

medwayhammer1 6:54 Sat Jun 23
Re: Internationals
Safe to say, this isnt as exciting as the last 2 tests so far! Still England v Kiwis in Denver tonight in the superior code(league to you)...live on bbc 2 if anyones interested.

Mart O 6:02 Sat Jun 23
Re: Internationals
Is there a worse first choice international scrum half in the Northern Hemisphere than Ben Youngs ?

And he's been picked ahead of others because of his kicking? You've got to be joking.

East Auckland Hammer 2:57 Sat Jun 23
Re: Internationals
Steady on, they've just squeaked a series win over Australia.

swindon hammer 2:55 Sat Jun 23
Re: Internationals
Ireland will be expected to make the World Cup semi finals at the very least next year. Possibly even win it.

happygilmore 2:54 Sat Jun 23
Re: Internationals
AB looked a flaky in defence. See u in November

East Auckland Hammer 2:50 Sat Jun 23
Re: Internationals
France have actually been pretty decent this series. Shown a bit more than I expected on attack and had a bit of grunt up front at times.
Obviously NH teams still find it difficult to stick with the ABs once they get some momentum.

They just seem to have this uncanny knack of going bang-bang-bang, and suddenly they're 20 points ahead.

happygilmore 2:47 Sat Jun 23
Re: Internationals
Proper Test series that Aussies v Ireland. Great win for Ireland using 31 players throughout the series.

Don't understand ABs playing a series against a woeful French team, they might as well have had Italy as opponents.

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