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Barty 3:36 Tue Jun 19
Felipe Anderson - Signed

West Ham United complete Club record Felipe Anderson transfer

West Ham United are delighted to confirm the Club record signing of Lazio attacking midfielder Felipe Anderson.

Anderson joins Manuel Pellegrini’s side on a four-year contract, having completed five hugely-successful seasons in Italy with Lazio.

The Brazilian, who has been capped at senior level by his country, scored eight goals and assisted ten more in his 32 appearances for the Rome club last term.

Anderson’s undoubted creative ability was a key factor in the Club moving for the 25-year-old – the Hammers’ seventh signing of the summer so far after the arrivals of Ryan Fredericks, Lukasz Fabianski, Issa Diop, Jack Wilshere, Andriy Yarmolenko and Fabian Balbuena.

The man, himself, cannot wait to test himself in the Premier League.

"I feel really happy and fulfilled to join West Ham United," Anderson told whufc.com. "West Ham is a club with a lot of tradition, lots of great players have played here, like Bobby Moore, Carlos Tevez and Di Canio.

"They were great players and idols here, and I’m aiming big, who knows, maybe I could hit their heights and be a legend here too. I'm really happy to be here. It's a dream come true.

"I want to thank the owner, David Sullivan, because he made a big effort to bring me here. I know how difficult it was, so I have to thank him a lot, and I hope I can repay his faith in me on the pitch with goals and winning games."

Director of Football Mario Husillos is delighted to have welcomed the winger to London Stadium and believes Anderson's signing shows the Club's intent for the coming campaign.

"We are very happy and pleased to welcome Felipe to West Ham United," Husillos said.

“We believe that we have signed one of the most exciting talents in European football. Felipe has shown a fantastic level of performance at Lazio in recent seasons and we believe that he will now bring that quality to the Premier League. He is also a player very suited to the style of Manuel Pellegrini.

“For West Ham United this is a very big statement, a club record, so we must thank the owners for their support and work in making this transfer possible.

“It is a negotiation that has taken some time but it is a very good sign that Felipe was determined to become a West Ham player, and we feel very confident that he will become a big success at London Stadium.”

Joint-Chairman David Sullivan said: “Felipe was a main target of the manager so we are delighted we’ve been able to bring him to the Club.

“We’re very pleased with the business we’ve done so far and I hope the supporters are just as excited as we are about the squad we are building here at West Ham.

“The deal sees us significantly break our transfer record and we feel it’s a real statement of intent.”

Born in Santa Maria, Brazil, Anderson made his way in football with Sao Paolo side Santos, making his senior debut in October 2010, when he was just 17.

The following year he helped Santos win the Copa Libertadores – South America’s equivalent of the Champions League – before heading to Europe to link up with Lazio in the summer of 2013.

He wasted little time in making his mark in Italy, scoring eleven goals in the 2014/15 campaign and playing a major role as Lazio reached the final of that season’s Coppa Italia.

In total he scored 34 goals in 177 Lazio appearances, lifting the 2017 Supercoppa Italiana along the way, and last term led the league in terms of dribbles, with an average of 5.4 per game.

He has also enjoyed success on the international stage, winning an Olympic Gold Medal at the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Games, and making his senior Selecao debut in a friendly against Mexico in 2015.

Everyone at West Ham United would like to welcome Felipe and his family to the Club and wish him every success in his career with the Hammers.

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Russ of the BML 12:26 Wed Nov 13
Re: Felipe Anderson - Signed
Jasnik 11:51 Tue Nov 12

I would agree with that. Anderson is a player that needs a very solid structured side with all players pulling the same direction and doing their jobs. This will then give him the space, freedom and platform to do his thing.

He is superbly talented and when he is purring he is a wonderful player to watch. Always one or two steps ahead of everyone else. Knows what he is going to do before he gets the ball. His touch and movement are exceptional.

But, as it stands, our side is fragmented and devoid of any game-plan or approach. This is leaving him stranded out wide and when he gets the ball he has the midfielder and full back to beat so he inevitably goes inside or backwards.

He is left having to do a lot of tracking back which is such a waste. In our current 4-5-1 our full backs sit deep and so it invites opponents onto you and he reacts to this by coming deeper and deeper to help the full back. And then when he does get the ball it is midway in our own half, the opponents have pushed onto him and so his options are limited. Because with the 1 up top he has no out ball and so again inevitably goes inside or backwards. This then creates more pressure on our side.

Anderson needs a team that play a high line and push up onto their opponent so he can capitalise on mistakes by the opponent and getting the ball higher up the field with some space in front of him.

But I do not remove any blame from him. There have been games where I have seen him trying to do the same things over and over again that don't work. He needs to adapt more and be more positive when we are under the cosh. As someone else said, his main move is to get the ball and then cut inside. He rarely goes past a player to the by-line but he shouldn't have to be coached to do this. He should just do it.

He needs to be more responsible. He is one our key players and it seems when we are under the cosh or losing he seems to have an attitude that it snot his job to get us out of it. But, then again, a lot of players lately seem to have that.

Football is a complex game at times and sometimes a player plays badly but not through any fault of their own and certainly not for a lack of trying. I think he is a bit of that but he also has to take some of the responsibility.

I'd like to see MP play a 3-5-2 with him playing more central and the full back overlapping him and doing the up and down stuff. I think he would be more suited and dangerous more central.

But, of course, only my humble opinions.

Jasnik 11:51 Tue Nov 12
Re: Felipe Anderson - Signed
I think he is actually trying, it just the complete disconnect of our team to me that is the problem.

It feels like we don't even train, its like watching a group of Sunday league players turning up to have a kick around and trying to get tactics sorted out 5 mins before kick off.

simon.s 11:36 Tue Nov 12
Re: Felipe Anderson - Signed
Anderson, and more so Yarmalenko are impact players, who would be on the bench for a big team.

I think the gaffer thinks he has to justify starting
Anderson, due to his price tag, same as Haller, but if they ain’t doing it, bench them.

master 10:45 Tue Nov 12
Re: Felipe Anderson - Signed
Players like this need to be coached and constantly told what to do. I guarantee he's never been told to hit the by line by taking on the fullback once in his time here. He won't have been told to stop cutting inside or playing that backflick to find a teammate that is so predictable. Hell he's not even been told to stop rolling a 1 yard freekick before taking it.

It's the coaching.

northbankboy68 7:38 Tue Nov 12
Re: Felipe Anderson - Signed
He's become a completely peripheral player these days. Never involved in any constructive moves on the pitch, often just Peter's out or gives the ball away. Something has gone drastically wrong with him. It makes no difference who is playing behind him on the left or inside him up front the result is exactly the same. Get rid.

Takashi Miike 10:07 Mon Nov 11
Re: Felipe Anderson - Signed
has brilliant ability but his attitude in many games is wrong, and most of the time he looks like he's just going through the motions

Rossal 9:55 Mon Nov 11
Re: Felipe Anderson - Signed
His been fucking shit for about 10 games now. Doesnt ever run at full backs or run in behind.

I genuinly mean this, i wouldnt even have him on the bench against Spurs. Start Holland.......and 100% bring Diagana back in jan.

If this bloke was a free transfer theres no way he would be playing, he has been no better than Fegouli or Ayew or Valencia etc this season

zico 7:21 Sun Nov 10
Re: Felipe Anderson - Signed
Full Claret Jacket 2:26 Sun Nov 10

Yeah I know what you are saying but why a gamble all the time, especially with four or five signings? Why not a punt or two and make the rest decent, honest pro's like some at say Bournemouth for instance. There are plenty of hard working pro's out there who wouldn't shirk a shift but may be lacking in the technical talent side but those type sprinkled with a bit of flair next to them is the way to go.

Any Old Iron 3:42 Sun Nov 10
Re: Felipe Anderson - Signed
He don't like it up 'im.

He's a fucking nancy who only plays ok when the suns on his back. Hates the cold and the rain so there was no chance he'd perform at Turf Moor.
The main problem is that this feeble OAP prick manager has failed dismally to get a tune out of a fairly skillful player.

claypole 3:08 Sun Nov 10
Re: Felipe Anderson - Signed
Got no bottle. And i dont mean steaming into 50/50 tackles. He should take more responsibility for driving the team forward. I am convinced his best spell came because Diagana was taking players on and showing him up last season.

Keep dreaming 2:57 Sun Nov 10
Re: Felipe Anderson - Signed
He reminds me of Willian at Chel***

Both skillfull and technical players, and both having a problem with the attitude. If things go well, they are good. But if things go badly, they disappear.
Just like the rest of our team really

Full Claret Jacket 2:26 Sun Nov 10
Re: Felipe Anderson - Signed
zico 1:10 Sun Nov 10

Thats where we are though. Taking players who are on the periphery or damaged goods and hoping they come good or more consistent. We can't offer European football and are not a well known English team outside of England. At least we are looking more to younger talent. Young players need strong leadership which is lacking.

zico 1:10 Sun Nov 10
Re: Felipe Anderson - Signed
That pose above is the most aggressive thing he has done since he got here!! I don't know why so many are surprised. Before he played I'd checked out his history online and it all pointed to an inconsistent show pony who has about one good game in 20!! That's one thing that pisses me off about the Club now and that's the apparent lack of scouting and consideration that goes into a signing. In fact Payet "could" have been a disaster himself considering his inconsistent and moody past, we were just lucky he had his one good season before reverting to type! Same with Yarmolenko, it was suggested before he had even played that he was a good player but with massive injury issues, and you didn't ned to be a football scout to work out Jack Wilshire's history!! Gambles the lot of them and very few come off.

Mad Dog 12:29 Sun Nov 10
Re: Felipe Anderson - Signed
10x the skill of Antonio. But Antonio will take players on, he'll cross it, he is useful to the team. (Cant shoot for shit).

I know which one I'd rather have in the team and cant wait for him to be back. No doubt theyll rush it and hell get injured again

Mad Dog 12:27 Sun Nov 10
Re: Felipe Anderson - Signed
Rarely takes players on. Rarely plays a forward or dangerous pass.

Not exactly what you want from a winger

Full Claret Jacket 12:17 Sun Nov 10
Re: Felipe Anderson - Signed
He was really poor yesterday but I think his game is influenced by those around him and how poor our setup is. There have been spells when Lanzini plays in the same side where he is effective and perhaps with a more effective midfield he would get more space instead of having to beat two or three players every time.

Personally my biggest disappointment is we don't test the opposition keeper enough. It's like we overplay or want to walk it in. This guy should be scoring more goals. I have noticed he does track back more which he was criticised for.

For me he can still be a gamechanger but he's not the player for a physical battle.

Nick QQQ 11:59 Sun Nov 10
Re: Felipe Anderson - Signed
100% show pony
That fucking face he pulls every time he fucks up, the kind of almost smirk, looks a bit lost, might cry and shrug the shoulders thing. Fucking lightweight prick.
We cannot afford these luxury players in our team. This geezer will not work in this league.

simon.s 11:58 Sun Nov 10
Re: Felipe Anderson - Signed
He’s probably still the most skillful player we have. That’s the real fucking worry.

He sees a lot of the ball during most games, but is becoming less and less effective.

Alex Bunbury 11:51 Sun Nov 10
Re: Felipe Anderson - Signed
He is poor for the majority of the time and that includes last season. I have never seen a so called top quality player give the ball away with sloppy passes or miss control the ball.

Pagey 11:30 Sun Nov 10
Re: Felipe Anderson - Signed
He’s the best worst player in the Premier League.

He pretty much does fuck all worthwhile but throws in the occasional nutmeg or fancy flick and MOTD will rave about it.

Then fans of other teams will say, “That Anderson looks a right player, doesn’t he?”

To which we reply, “No, he’s fucking dog shit.”

Hammer and Pickle 11:04 Sun Nov 10
Re: Felipe Anderson - Signed
It looks like he’s been told to analyse the game, with woeful consequences for everyone concerned, especially when in possession in the opposition’s area he stops dead and stands on the ball. Fucking cringe is not the word.

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