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DaveT 11:45 Fri Jun 22
Ernie Hunt
RIP Ernie.
One for us oldies. The Donkey kick free kick

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neilalex 3:03 Tue Jul 3
Re: Ernie Hunt
Still looks a great goal.


torino hammer 2:50 Tue Jul 3
Re: Ernie Hunt
I remember it very well.....afterwards it was one of those moments just like some from the 1970 world cup where we would go down the field and practice relentlessly......not like the Neymar rolling around I Hope these days

Ronald_antly 1:19 Sat Jun 23
Re: Ernie Hunt
I think the issue was that he was using two feet.

Not traveling forward or not going a full revolution are certainly not against the laws of the game.

4ever-blowin-bubbles 11:38 Fri Jun 22
Re: Ernie Hunt
think it got banned cos the ball didnt travel 1 revolution when the 2nd kick was connected but i could be wrong

hammerintheorient 5:16 Fri Jun 22
Re: Ernie Hunt
Saw one of those free kicks with Willie Carr.

DaveT 4:23 Fri Jun 22
Re: Ernie Hunt
Sven, Think they said ball wasn't played forward also player taking the free-kick touches it twice.
Can see the goal on YouTube

Far Cough 2:32 Fri Jun 22
Re: Ernie Hunt
Yeah, Ginger Willie Carr

zebthecat 2:31 Fri Jun 22
Re: Ernie Hunt
Carr flicked it up for Hunt to whack I think.

only1billybonds 2:27 Fri Jun 22
Re: Ernie Hunt

Thats about right.

Willie Carr belted it in from the flick if memory serves.

Sven Roeder 2:20 Fri Jun 22
Re: Ernie Hunt
They banned it didnt they?
Why was that exactly?
Or did they just say flicking the ball up wasn’t playing it so it wasn’t counted as a touch for an indirect free kick?
Have I answered my own question?

RIP Ernie Hunt

LeroysBoots 2:15 Fri Jun 22
Re: Ernie Hunt
Didn't he spend some time in the MSL ?

Gloucester Iron 1:01 Fri Jun 22
Re: Ernie Hunt
After his career ended Ernie lived in Gloucester for some time and was a well known window cleaner.

Liked the sauce did Ern, but did, as far as i was told, get a little bit fed up talking about "that" goal...

Sydney_Iron 12:28 Fri Jun 22
Re: Ernie Hunt
RIP Ernie,Met him once, he owned/was landlord of a Pub near Hereford, and that goal, has to go down as one of the most memorable EVER scored.

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