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Q: 2020/2021 Where will we finish up this season?
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e. GSB have derailed our season before a ball has been kicked, the Championship beckons

yngwies Cat 7:58 Wed Jun 27
Shit Birds, make a right racket. I hate them.

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Mike Oxsaw 3:14 Sat Jun 30
Re: Magpies
Tufty! What are YOU doing here???

pdbis 1:25 Sat Jun 30
Re: Magpies
Blue Peters

Spandex Sidney 1:16 Sat Jun 30
Re: Magpies
I live on the Isle of Wight, only got red squirrels here. Tiny little things, beautiful to see them.

jack flash 12:30 Sat Jun 30
Re: Magpies
I don't mind magpies & they're nowhere near as raucus as jays. As has been said they are incredibly intelligent & easily tamed

While it is true that they are opportunistic & will raid other birds nests (as do many other birds including jays & woodpeckers) they feed mainly on carrion

The damage they cause to other birds nests (& trees for that matter) pales into insignificance compared to the damage caused by grey squirrels

Sadly, grey squirrels seem to be widely accepted by many misguided people in this country who are blissfully unaware of the problems they cause

I live in area where endangered red squirrels are under serious threat because of the diseases that 80% of greys carry (& are immune to but cause a slow & painful death to reds)

One disease is similar to parvo virus in dogs, another is ssimilar to myxomatosis in rabbits. Horrible to seen reds suffing from these diseases

The government should call for an urgent cull on grey squirrels rather than giving wealthy farmers a 50 bounty on badgers

gph 12:06 Sat Jun 30
Re: Magpies
I like magpies.

Especially as they make apparently rational people go into superstition overdrive.

Cheezey Bell-End 11:53 Sat Jun 30
Re: Magpies
Attacking https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_A7Gw217EJ4

Warbling https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HZDIyvYqEC8

The warbling of magpies along with the laughing call of a family of kookaburras is the regular wake up call of many people in eastern Australia.

Ronald_antly 7:55 Sat Jun 30
Re: Magpies
The Australian Magpies have a very pleasant warble, and most of the year I enjoy their presence.

However, during the breeding season (August to December) some males turn into right fucking bastards.
Their main targets are cyclists and motorcyle posties. They will either attempt to peck at your ears, sometimes with success as my wife can attest, or they will go for a full contact 'body slam' to the back of your head.
It is surprising they don't injure themselves given the degree of impact that sometimes occurs.
The real psychopaths will go for your eyes.

I used to cycle 28km to work, and that took me through a few different 'hotspots'. It can be VERY unnerving.

lowermarshhammer 7:55 Thu Jun 28
Re: Magpies
Normally you see magpies in ones and twos.

Every once in a while all the local magpies will meet up and have a team meeting. 15 or 20 of them. They will then bugger off and keep themselves to themselves.

Clever as fuck they are. Very adept at not getting splatted by vehicles traveling at speed as they eat carrion.

Mr Anon 7:00 Thu Jun 28
Re: Magpies
You have to say " Aye Aye Captain" to a single Magpie!

yngwies Cat 6:51 Thu Jun 28
Re: Magpies
So seeing one is bad luck. You have to whistle at it and say 'Helo my Magpie, how's the wife and kids. If you see two it's good luck.

If you see a single one, then a bit later another single one does that have a cumalitive effect thus, negating the bad luck?

Nurse Ratched 5:53 Thu Jun 28
Re: Magpies
They're following you, JAC.

JAC 4:56 Thu Jun 28
Re: Magpies
I am a bit paranoid when it come to magpies.

Nurse Ratched 4:46 Thu Jun 28
Re: Magpies
A few...?

Mr Anon 4:24 Thu Jun 28
Re: Magpies

JAC 10:41 Wed Jun 27
Re: Magpies

Wow, you sound like you have a few issues mate

Swiss. 3:22 Thu Jun 28
Re: Magpies
Johnson you are a really boring cunt aren't you?

yngwies Cat 3:22 Thu Jun 28
Re: Magpies
Jenny Hanley she was in a hammer house horror movie back before making the jump to kids TV.

Bit of a sort

lowermarshhammer 3:18 Thu Jun 28
Re: Magpies
Magpies are a beautiful bird, catch them in the right light and see an iridescent plumage that is perhaps second only to the kingfisher's in terms of it's prominence for UK native species.

If "pica pica" came from the tropics people would rave about them as if they were a bird of paradise. Of course they are a corvid and so will happily smash up nests and fledglings but as I have stated before on WHO ornithology threads it is abhorrent to impose human values onto the natural world. Magpies are just doing their shit and should really be left to do it.

By far and away the bigger problem for songbirds is lack of habitat and changes in farming practices and the almost total annihilation of insects at the base of the food chain in the countryside compared to when I was a kid.

But hey if bumping off a few magpies makes you feel better because they eat the fluffy lickle fledglings my thoughts aren't going to change yours.

Hammer and Pickle 2:44 Thu Jun 28
Re: Magpies
Turn it in Johnzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzon.

Johnson 1:51 Thu Jun 28
Re: Magpies
You could but no one would believe you.

Swiss. 1:45 Thu Jun 28
Re: Magpies
I could tell you a few "Blue" Peter stories.

Claret Badger 12:17 Thu Jun 28
Re: Magpies

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