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Q: 2020/2021 Where will we finish up this season?
a. Top Four, Champions League here we come
b. 5th-7th Europa League is well within our grasp
c. 8th to 14th anywhere in mid table is about right
d. We're in a dog fight before a ball has been kicked and we'll do well to finish 17th or just above
e. GSB have derailed our season before a ball has been kicked, the Championship beckons

Sydney_Iron 12:06 Thu Jun 28
Don’t see what all the hype is with this bloke, in fact all I can see is he has a very good marketing team building the brand!

Keeps getting mentioned as one of the top 3, but Messi and Ronaldo are in a different class IMO, even at Barca, Suarez was streets better than him, and PSG fans won’t be shedding tears if he leaves.

Moans a lot, dives a lot and all that crying the other day and then telling everyone how tough life had been for him just about sums him up.

Most overrated player ever

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pdcwhu 4:24 Sat Jul 7
Re: Neymar
Come on Sweden

VirginiaHam 4:17 Sat Jul 7
Re: Neymar
Willtell 10:49 Sat Jul 7

Hilarious. They've all go the scream off perfectly.


VirginiaHam 4:16 Sat Jul 7
Re: Neymar
Best thing that ever happened to Brazil was losing 7-1 at home in their own WC. It took them down a peg or two. Early exit this year too, and Neymar's got a mega cunting off to boot.

Serves the divey cunts right.

LeroysBoots 3:50 Sat Jul 7
Re: Neymar
Oh how I cheered those Belgium goals last night

I HATE Brazil

They think they are the purveyors of fine football when all they are are 11 players all thinking they are number 10s and better than the opposing team.]

They are light years behind a decent European country as they never have any defenders who want to defend, leaving themselves widely exposed

Neymar is a cunt of the highest order, give me De Bruyne any day of the week over that weasel

Sven Roeder 3:41 Sat Jul 7
Re: Neymar
He has the talent but is obviously a prize cunt and when Brazil needed him he was outclassed by Hazard & DeBruyne.
Fuck him. He was an embarrassment in this World Cup and should be charged for bringing the game into disrepute for endless cheating.

Said when he left Barcelona that that was the best thing they could have done. £200m didn’t hurt either.

cornish 3:33 Sat Jul 7
Re: Neymar
If he'd channel all his energy into playing the game with his undoubted skill Brazil might be still in the world cup.

DutchCourage 3:04 Sat Jul 7
Re: Neymar
Can you imagine the pain he must have been in when he had those tattoos done?

Willtell 10:49 Sat Jul 7
Re: Neymar
There's a fantastic Twitter clip of a football coach training a load of small kids. I remember doing the same back in the 90's when we showed them dribbling skills and taught them to do a "Cruyf" turn.

Anyway this coach has them run and dribble the ball then when he shouts "Neymar" they all collapse and roll around holding their legs as though they had been pole-axed! Made me laugh anyway.

Son of Sam 8:37 Sat Jul 7
Re: Neymar

Son of Sam 8:19 Sat Jun 30

Even though I say it myself that was pretty much spot on, the icing on the cake would be a post match discovery of a serious career threatening injury but we can only live in hope.

To be fair Coffee there wasnt much space left on the yellow shirt for sullying after the hilarious events in Rio unfolded almost four years to the day.

Coffee 8:07 Sat Jul 7
Re: Neymar
Sorry, it was just a reflex reaction.

Ronald_antly 8:03 Sat Jul 7
Re: Neymar
Snot the response I was expecting.

Coffee 7:36 Sat Jul 7
Re: Neymar

Ronald_antly 7:33 Sat Jul 7
Re: Neymar
Coffee 7:31 Sat Jul 7

Did he sneeze on it?

Coffee 7:31 Sat Jul 7
Re: Neymar
Nutsin 5:53 Sat Jul 7

Agreed. He's sullied the yellow shirt.

Valley Hammer 7:18 Sat Jul 7
Re: Neymar
I know he's the world's most expensive, but he must also be the world's most overrated and over hyped player.

Nutsin 5:53 Sat Jul 7
Re: Neymar
Glad he’s gone home. Won’t be missed.

normannomates 2:33 Sat Jul 7
Re: Neymar
total cock

jfk 2:27 Sat Jul 7
Re: Neymar
happygilmore 12:42 Sat Jul 7
Spot on.Even that petulant tosser knew he'd fucked himself.
He's embarrassed himself this World Cup,should have got a penalty but karma and all that.
He might have to reconsider he's statuesque being. The fucking tosspot.

RBshorty 1:12 Sat Jul 7
Re: Neymar
In know rhyme and reason don’t equate into Madrid’s thinking when it come to transfers. But selling Ronnie and buying Neymar will most unlikely bring them another Champions League trophy next season.

Crassus 1:02 Sat Jul 7
Re: Neymar

They dont, they took him because they have a thing with Barca, made worse after the entitled cunts pursuit of Verrati

Just a case of their proving kittens can't fuck cats, and to ice the cake, the intention is to bin him off to Madrid and then take Kante and show a book profit on the deals

Fair play to them too

RBshorty 12:47 Sat Jul 7
Re: Neymar
£200 million show pony. It’s little wonder the Arabs in Paris love him.

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