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Alfs 3:15 Sun Jul 1
What a frighteningly brilliant talent. He makes Messi look like Graham Paddon, and he's only 19.

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ironsofcanada 10:08 Thu Jul 12
Re: Mbappe
Sven Roeder 8:45 Thu Jul 12

To be fair, I think it is easier when you have other leaders around you.

Sven Roeder 8:45 Thu Jul 12
Re: Mbappe
Has anyone told the kid he is too inexperienced to win the World Cup?

Maybe he isn't interested in Spursy type excuses.

DagenhamDave 7:35 Thu Jul 12
Re: Mbappe
Yes, but for all intensive purposes he’s right.

Mr Anon 5:36 Wed Jul 11
Re: Mbappe

Fivetide 5:34 Wed Jul 11
Re: Mbappe

RBshorty 5:27 Wed Jul 11
Re: Mbappe
Rio has been the only damp squid of this tournament. His insistence on crowbaring ManU into ever conversation has really gotten on my tits.!

scott_d 3:37 Wed Jul 11
Re: Mbappe
Is it worth a cheaky 181m Euro bid?

Swiss. 12:04 Wed Jul 11
Re: Mbappe
Yeah they were wanking over him. If we get to the final will need to kick him in the shins.

Northern Sold 12:01 Wed Jul 11
Re: Mbappe
Maybe it was me but I thought he was ok'ish.... you know a 8/10 performance pushing it... Rio and Murphy were gonna start rubbing baby oil on their chests for one minute I thought... then again Rio was doing teh same over Messi the big buck toothed plug looking freak...

Russ of the BML 10:48 Wed Jul 11
Re: Mbappe
Madrid have plenty of money to spend now so I could see Mbappe or Hazard going there.

El Scorchio 10:27 Wed Jul 11
Re: Mbappe
Thought Danny Murphy was actually going to climax while talking about him and some of the other French players last night.

Sven Roeder 10:16 Wed Jul 11
Re: Mbappe
He is very talented and a bit more than just someone who is very quick.
As said on commentary last night he makes the right decisions and played some nice passes.
Can imagine Real wanting to take him off PSG

costahammer 10:11 Wed Jul 11
Re: Mbappe
Long long way to go before he can be ever compared to either Messi & Ronaldo and that goes for the real Ronaldo as well!!

Sydney_Iron 9:45 Wed Jul 11
Re: Mbappe
Great game against the Argies, but im not sure Messi or Ronaldo will be too worried.

Bit like Neymar, a very good player, top drawer in fact but being hyped a little bit too much, think its down to agents and those with vested interests who build these guys up.

Bale is better than both IMO, only Messi and Ronaldo ahead of him.

BRANDED 9:28 Wed Jul 11
Re: Mbappe

mattyolmes 1:23 Wed Jul 11
Re: Mbappe
Enoch Nutter 3:41 Mon Jul 2
Re: Mbappe 
Great song by Hanson, shame they did not do more :/

Bravo.. bravo

, 1:10 Wed Jul 11
Re: Mbappe
At least no Belgium feigned injury thus getting a French player to miss the final.

Let’s hope too that tomorrow the Croats play in a honourable way such that none of our players, if we are fortunate enough to win, get to miss the final.

Cheezey Bell-End 1:06 Wed Jul 11
Re: Mbappe
Would have laughed if that stupid yellow cost him a place in he final.

Takashi Miike 12:30 Wed Jul 11
Re: Mbappe
you don't use the M 😂😂

White Pony 12:29 Wed Jul 11
Re: Mbappe
I'm afraid the Granary Mbappe "joke" was never funny.

lowlife 12:27 Wed Jul 11
Re: Mbappe
I was warming to him a bit and then he goes and acts like a twat. I was fuming when he didn’t give the ball back towards the end of the game, school playground stuff.

Agree with Mike that he’ll be targeted. Either that or he’ll get some sort of Owen like injury and lose his pace. Or both of course.

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