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Q: 2019/20 With seven games to go will West Ham stay up
a. Our demise was sealed when the idiots on the Board appointed Moyes, we're down
b. Despite the efforts of Moyes and the players, we will stay up by the smallest of margins
c. I'm beyond caring & couldn't give two hoots either way

swindon hammer 8:24 Fri Jul 6
Dimitri Payet
So there are rumours going round that we have been offered a former player back for a slightly bigger fee that we received for them.

The strongest rumours seem to be pointing to Payet.

Would you take him back?

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Hammer and Pickle 7:24 Sat Jul 7
Re: Dimitri Payet
goose 7:22 Sat Jul 7

goose 7:22 Sat Jul 7
Re: Dimitri Payet
He’s a better player than Felipe Anderson, you can have that for free.

Unlike Felipe £40m Anderson.

pdbis 7:13 Sat Jul 7
Re: Dimitri Payet
Non merci.

Hammer and Pickle 7:08 Sat Jul 7
Re: Dimitri Payet
You've never seen a cunt, Gentile.

Gentile 7:05 Sat Jul 7
Re: Dimitri Payet
Don't want to see that cunt ever again.

DutchCourage 3:02 Sat Jul 7
Re: Dimitri Payet
No thanks. Once a cunt always a cunt.

El Scorchio 2:20 Sat Jul 7
Re: Dimitri Payet
I’d take him back if he offered a fucking humble apology and explanation to us and gave his all for the club to make amends for the atrocious way he behaved when he left.

He’d still be a huge asset, and we could really do wit him now Lanzini is out.

Arnie, Payet and Wilshere? YES FUCKING PLEASE!

E12Hammer 2:12 Sat Jul 7
Re: Dimitri Payet
Even if the club did a poll of all registered supporters, and it came out 100% in favour of re-signing him, the club would still not sign him.

He fucked the club about big time, and there is no way in the world DS would even consider signing him again.

BubblesCyprus 2:07 Sat Jul 7
Re: Dimitri Payet
Good memories but no new chapter.

cornish 2:02 Sat Jul 7
Re: Dimitri Payet
Sorry but it ain't going to happen.

Norflundon 1:55 Sat Jul 7
Re: Dimitri Payet
Personally I don’t believe this and think this is a smokescreen from the club to try and tip Lazio into caving on Anderson
But if it was true there’s not a single shred of pride left in this club so I don’t really see the problem in signing a player that is miles better than anything else we’re likely to sign. He’s got a good year or two at the top and what does 25mill get you these day...???a top championship player??

Spandex Sidney 11:55 Sat Jul 7
Re: Dimitri Payet
Can't see ANY benefit or reason to sign Dimitri Payet whatsoever.

Yesterdays man.

ironsofcanada 11:48 Sat Jul 7
Re: Dimitri Payet
Can't see him coming back for any reason but money, I thought when he first came he loved being the big fish in small pond. But the Euros change that if it ever was.

This window has been decent so far for building the future, let's go that way instead.

Banjo 11:14 Sat Jul 7
Re: Dimitri Payet
Not for me thanks, too old and too expensive. Next.

Lato 10:25 Sat Jul 7
Re: Dimitri Payet
How could I forget him......the third stint was definitely one to forget tho!

fraser 10:18 Sat Jul 7
Re: Dimitri Payet
Julian Dicks of course

Lato 10:13 Sat Jul 7
Re: Dimitri Payet
They say never go back just ask Frank Macavennie, Tony Cottee, Joe Cole and Iain Dowie. because it's never as good the second time around.

The only one's I can remember to buck that trend are Bryan Pop Robson and Ginger Pele. Anyone else?

Willtell 9:53 Sat Jul 7
Re: Dimitri Payet
According to Ex the deal is off. Payet wanted a big raise in salary and OM want a bigger fee. Neither of which Sullivan will agree to.

I suspect he's quite right about it and payet only wants a big pay day or two before he retires. I personally would love Payet back in a WH shirt but he is obviously a massive fist of a mardy French cunt and I know how bad they can be...

geoffpikey 9:46 Sat Jul 7
Re: Dimitri Payet
Injury? He'll recover.
Can't afford? Well, OM reportedly ready to make Balotelli their highest-ever paid player. 600k pw rumour (I know). So doesn't look like they're cutting back, even if Balo is a free.

With Payet's STATS odd that they would decide he "doesn't fit" (especially after all that chasing, too).

One conclusion, of course, is he remains an utter fist and is simply not worth the trouble of employing. Even Balotelli is a more sane bet. INtriguing.

Sven Roeder 9:17 Sat Jul 7
Re: Dimitri Payet
He pulled a hamstring just before the WC in the Europa final so missed out. Am sure he is fine now.
Imagine Marseille are skint again and can’t afford him any more.

Can’t see it happening but wouldn’t be surprised to see him somewhere in the Premier league.

FatboyChelseaScum 9:11 Sat Jul 7
Re: Dimitri Payet
I think deep down, every single fan wants Payet back.

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