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Q: Manuel Pellegrini
a. A great signing for the Club and maybe the change of direction we all need
b. It will only be a great signing if the Board back him with decent funds
c. This is West Ham so it will only end in farce
d. I'm not sure about this one, I'll wait until SKY is back to hear what Gary Neville thinks, then I'll voice my opinion

Gavros 11:28 Mon Jul 9
Talking Turkey
President Erdogans new job as dictator for life started today.

He just gave the crucial finance minister job to his son in law.

Goodbye, modern Turkey.

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Swiss. 5:13 Thu Jul 12
Re: Talking Turkey

err a job maybe. What's your grandfather being Irish to do with anything you stupid old fool.

Side of Ham 4:53 Thu Jul 12
Re: Talking Turkey
Is this one of them subjects when you find out every race has been a cunt to it's own people or other people it's invaded, whether it be a country or a tribal village.

Mass slaughter is a cunt however it's done and it's been done by ALL races through history.

Willtell 4:52 Thu Jul 12
Re: Talking Turkey
Racist! Jesus Swiss my father was Irish you idiot.

If the Indians and Irish were so badly treated I wonder why they queued up in their hundreds of thousands if not millions to join the British army and fight for Britain...

It depends on your agenda I suppose but I can see why a Pakistani might think everyone is racist growing up in a different civilisation to his ethicity...

Swiss. 4:41 Thu Jul 12
Re: Talking Turkey
You mean the Armenians who were Turkish subjects/citizens who while 15 year olds were being sent to war against the British and Russians took advantage of this to turn traitor and ally themselves with the Russians.

And Willtell what's the difference in marching people across terrain without food and not feeding you own people, as Ireland was part of the union?

And how about the native Americans when the English arrived?

Full of shit as usual from the racist pack.

BubblesCyprus 7:09 Wed Jul 11
Re: Talking Turkey
have not watched Midnight Express for years.

That is all.

13 Brentford Rd 2:25 Wed Jul 11
Re: Talking Turkey
Literally was Turkey voting for Christmas.
Fucking suckers.

Cunt's got the front to have pop at Israel too.

medwayhammer1 2:08 Wed Jul 11
Re: Talking Turkey
The thing is will people stop going on holiday there? I say this cos got clued up mates who know whats going on politcaly etc and are pretty right on, but wouldnt stop em having the coupla weeks in a luxury hotel there.

lab 6:18 Tue Jul 10
Re: Talking Turkey
Talking Turkey ,

Darby_ 5:37 Tue Jul 10
Re: Talking Turkey
It's the same as what happened with Russia. If you and your cronies control the media and you have a fairly gullible populace, then you can turn a democracy into a dictatorship fairly easily.

It's just a shame that the Kemalist military coup failed. They knew the writing was on the wall for Turkey.

gph 4:29 Tue Jul 10
Re: Talking Turkey
Ironically, the ancestor of the chicken has a range that includes India.

But not Turkey

Son of Sam 9:56 Tue Jul 10
Re: Talking Turkey
Well FMOB IOC I never knew that , cheers, and I speak french fluently I never thought about dinde, made me laugh out loud,.......... of course!!!!! Bloody hell they were really at 6s and 7s with names for the Meleagris gallopavo, India, Turkey etc lucky no one mooted Uzbekistan, a nice roast uzbekistan at christmas time doesnt have the same ring to it

ironsofcanada 9:47 Tue Jul 10
Re: Talking Turkey
Son of Sam 9:40 Tue Jul 10

"How did those tasty fowl ever end up with the same name"

Same way "Indian" just got used on here for people native to North America. People were ignorant back in the day.

It was a foreign bird and somebody thought it came from Turkey, called it a Turkey hen first. In French, it came from India - d[']inde.

BRANDED 9:46 Tue Jul 10
Re: Talking Turkey
I think faux dictatorships and nepotism's the new democracy.

Son of Sam 9:40 Tue Jul 10
Re: Talking Turkey
One of the worst Asian countries Ive had the misfortune to visit, dont like the place, or the people and on top of all that they killed Max's cat, the fuckers

On the subject of films I did however enjoy Free birds with my daughter recently, no spoilers I hope but about two time travelling turkeys.

How did those tasty fowl ever end up with the same name as that foul s##thole. Apologies if this offends or infringes anyones human rights

Oh dear 9:28 Tue Jul 10
Re: Talking Turkey
Oliver Cromwell had a pretty good go Will.

Not the Oliver Cromwell who posts on here obviously.

ironsofcanada 9:24 Tue Jul 10
Re: Talking Turkey
Willtell 9:14 Tue Jul 10

Agree generally but their were massacres in India and on smaller scale in Ireland that went beyond incompetence or indifference.

Same as in the States, with the Natives.

But as you say, there was no overarching concerted effort.

But I tried arguing this with Hairy before as well other otherwise liberal Turkish people and facts seem not to enter into it.

Willtell 9:14 Tue Jul 10
Re: Talking Turkey
Except Britain never committed genocide to Indians or Irish.

Both countries endured famines that Britain did little to help correct but genocide "is the deliberate killing of a large group of people, especially those of a particular nation or ethnic group."

That never happened. Incompetent? Maybe. Couldn't care less? Maybe but not genocide Hairy.

HairyHammer 2:39 Tue Jul 10
Re: Talking Turkey

When the Americans admit Genocide of the Native Indians

When the British admit Genocide of Indians and the Irish

When the French admit Genocide of the Algerians

Then I will admit Genocide of the Armenians by the ottoman Turks.
And the Brits Americans and French were not being attacked on all sides mercilessly in a first world war like the Turks were either.

Texas Iron 2:32 Tue Jul 10
Re: Talking Turkey
Recipe for massive corruption...and Billions for President's family...

Westham67 1:41 Tue Jul 10
Re: Talking Turkey
He'll be finished by Christmas

gph 1:22 Tue Jul 10
Re: Talking Turkey
All Erdogan has to do is kill a few million Armenians and you'll be right behind him, Hairy

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