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Gavros 11:28 Mon Jul 9
Talking Turkey
President Erdogans new job as dictator for life started today.

He just gave the crucial finance minister job to his son in law.

Goodbye, modern Turkey.

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Eddie B 4:35 Tue Aug 14
Re: Talking Turkey
Erdogan said that all Turks should boycott US electronic goods. Yeah, that'll bring them to their knees.

Darby_ 2:18 Mon Aug 13
Re: Talking Turkey
Stop spamming the thread up with your retarded conspiracy theories, Hairy.

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 2:14 Mon Aug 13
Re: Talking Turkey
So, not Trump, then.

HairyHammer 1:56 Mon Aug 13
Re: Talking Turkey
Guess who was cherry picked by America to run this brand spanking new Turkish Islamic Conservative party in 2001 ???.
Would it surprise you?

I have heard this many times and from a top Turkish journalists mouth Americans telephoned me and asked to speak to one of the top men in the Islamic party so I said who Abdullah Gul as he spoke English very well, they said no not him we want the other one and there was only one other left it was Erdogan so the meeting was set and before AK Party was created Erdogan went to America and had several meetings with Government officials , books have even been written about this one called AKP an American project.
No conspiracy this all happened.

HairyHammer 1:37 Mon Aug 13
Re: Talking Turkey

He has been having a go at America for their support and arming of Kurds in Syria for months now add to that Fetulah Gulen the cleric who Erdogan claims masterminded the coup in 2015 and lives in Pensilvania, Erdogan has asked America to send him to Turkey but they won't why??? is he an American Turkish spy??? many claim he definitely is.
So many Turks especially the opposition tell Erdogan instead of shooting your gob off go on close the American bases but he never has, maybe it's time now because the desperation is definitely getting to him.
America can be selfish and evil that is the Gods honest truth they have controlled Turkey and it's politics since they joined Nato and the 1980 coup was definitely USA led

After the 1980 coup, the CIA’s former Turkey chief Paul Henze remarked to the then US president, Jimmy Carter: “Our boys did it!”

When America want something they just take it and they have actually created a country in Turkey that is very dubious of the left, it rarely gets over 25% these days, and over 90% hate communism not that the majority even understand it but American propaganda is very strong, though no one even knows that it is from there.
It is frightening that Nationalistic groups can sprout as if from nowhere, violent crazed ones many have said that American Turkish spies infiltrate them and help to form different ways of thinking.

BRANDED 1:24 Mon Aug 13
Re: Talking Turkey
Yeah? What's he going to do then?

Swiss. 12:57 Mon Aug 13
Re: Talking Turkey
The US has two major military strategic bases in Turkey. If Erdogan wants to play hard ball he can. Losing those will fuck up the US whole operation in the middle east

BRANDED 12:34 Mon Aug 13
Re: Talking Turkey
Amazing how big money can bring a country to its knees quickly.

HairyHammer 12:03 Mon Aug 13
Re: Talking Turkey

Money spent on rebuilding the country and stupid mega things like new bridges and Airports that are not needed where he can fill his boots with his building mates.
Erdogan is all about show there is absolutely no substance to the man at all, very similar to trump lots of hot air and bluster not much else.

Eddie B 12:02 Mon Aug 13
Re: Talking Turkey
Was on holiday in Fethiye in June/July this year, and going back to Dalaman airport, i noticed that all the main roads had lush green central reservations with inbuilt water sprinklers. For a country like Turkey, WTF is the point of doing that??

violator 11:35 Mon Aug 13
Re: Talking Turkey
They have the shiny new SIX runway airport opening later this year too.

Toe Rag 11:30 Mon Aug 13
Re: Talking Turkey
Does this mean we’ll end up with tens of thousands more of the mono browed heroin smuggling Arsenal supporters rocking up in the UK?

There’s only so many charcoal grill kebab houses that one country can sustain.

HairyHammer 11:04 Mon Aug 13
Re: Talking Turkey
To create more billions for the rich??? he is neck deep in corruption he has robbed his country blind he would go to prison for a thousand years if Turkey had a half decent legal system which he and his goons have dismantled.

I know very little about how the economy works but I know when you should shut up, when you are in the shit and Turkey is right in it so why is Erdogan not keeping quiet?
There are serious discussions about Turkey telling the west to fuck off and becoming or acting like a communist country it is ridiculous but the people feel fucked because Turkey is tied in every way to the West and is buying in a hell of a lot more than it sells, sadly the money is gone and Turkey and Erdogan are in deep doo doo..

Eddie B 10:45 Mon Aug 13
Re: Talking Turkey
Why would Erdogan be purposely acting the fool?

HairyHammer 10:32 Mon Aug 13
Re: Talking Turkey
Erdogan keeps on talking and every time he opens his gob the Turkish Lira crashes even more and Turkish Economists are going nuts praying that he will get through a day without slagging off America and the west, but he can't.

I would not be very surprised if all this is a scripted situation America are of course the script writers, it sounds ridiculous even to me but there are very rich people who are making a killing right now with dollars and Erdogan looks like he is purposely acting the fool.

RBshorty 9:50 Mon Aug 13
Re: Talking Turkey
Spain’s banks are on the hook in a big way. Lending to Turkey. Might be another bailout on the horizon.?

Eddie B 9:11 Mon Aug 13
Re: Talking Turkey
Turkish Lira has fallen another 9% this morning.

Vexed 9:27 Sat Aug 11
Re: Talking Turkey
Probably better for their country than Brexit will be for ours.

Who cares anyway? They all stink over there.

wurzel 8:11 Sat Aug 11
Re: Talking Turkey

You back my statement up entirely. Tit for tat doormat.

Willtell 5:16 Sat Aug 11
Re: Talking Turkey
Should I give a shit because I don't?

RM10 5:10 Sat Aug 11
Re: Talking Turkey
You are one of the pathetic?

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