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scott_d 4:05 Wed Jul 11
West Ham Midfield
With the exception of Wilshere who is not going anywhere having only just joined, who in our midfield is it worth keeping hold of?

If we sign Anderson then our forward line will be as high quality as it's ever been with Arnautovic, Yarmalenko, Hernandez and possibly Carroll and Antonio if they aren't moved on.

Some of our midfielders however are probably not at the right level and it could hinder the forward players ability to do their job if the service is below par.

For me, not shown enough quality for the last 18-24 months except for when he wears a bandage. He has to be going if we can get good money for him.

Showed glimpses of quality and has been no more inconsistent than anyone else. He could be handy in a team playing well and with confidence.

He does inject a bit of urgency and passion but I suspect Wilshere might take his place. I can't see us selling him but I think his best days are behind him.

Young enough to improve and adapt to Pellegrini's style of play. Not worth dumping him at 22 if Pellers sees some promise in him, unless a silly offer comes in.

For me, we have been crying out for a top class midfielder for years now and it's debatable whether Wilshere has the fitness to be that player.

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Iron Duke 1:13 Fri Jul 13
Re: West Ham Midfield
Wilshere Noble
Anderson Yarmolenko

Takashi Miike 5:53 Thu Jul 12
Re: West Ham Midfield

Trevor B 5:49 Thu Jul 12
Re: West Ham Midfield
Noble will definitely be staying, managers seem to love him and think he is a very good link between them and the team. He'll end up retiring in a few years and becoming a coach with us.

Biggie Biggs 5:47 Thu Jul 12
Re: West Ham Midfield
I'd keep Noble , i think he would be an asset with better players round him . The others I couldn't care less about as none of them are any good

WHUDeano 2:12 Thu Jul 12
Re: West Ham Midfield
Would be ok with any of them being sold, though I'd like to see Antonio stay.

Kouyate - 100% sell

Noble - Keep unless silly money offer from newly promoted team.

Obiang - Keep for one more year unless bid of £20m+, if he finds consistency he'd be one of our best players.

Fernandes - loan out to a newly promoted team or top Championship team where he would play week in week out.

Fivetide 2:07 Thu Jul 12
Re: West Ham Midfield
Driz 12:52 Thu Jul 12

Maybe have Fred and Yarm on the right, and Arthur on the left.

Speedy team.

Iron Duke 1:57 Thu Jul 12
Re: West Ham Midfield
Any ITK knowledge about that Alan, or just guesswork?

Alan 12:59 Thu Jul 12
Re: West Ham Midfield
I suspect we'll be looking for a loan of Drinkwater.

Driz 12:53 Thu Jul 12
Re: West Ham Midfield
...and then there's LANZINI.... :-O

Driz 12:52 Thu Jul 12
Re: West Ham Midfield
Finalise ANDERSON.

Go ALL IN ON Loftus-Cheek....



Massuaku - Diop - Oggie/Balbuena - Fredericks

RLC - Wishere - Rice

Anderson - Arnie - Yamelenko

Bench (backups)


Knocking on the door


Absolute SALES


dealcanvey 11:55 Thu Jul 12
Re: West Ham Midfield
Move on Fernandes and Kouyate. Rice to play CDM

Russ of the BML 11:54 Thu Jul 12
Re: West Ham Midfield
ludo21 5:16 Wed Jul 11

Yes, arguably, you may be correct.

Sven Roeder 7:52 Thu Jul 12
Re: West Ham Midfield
I think there is something there with Fernandes.
He needs to make a major leap this season though. If he doesn’t then move him on.

I see Noble as a squad player this season and eventually some Championship club will decide they need a Nolan-style leader as we did . QPR maybe

Kouyate I’d move on to bring in a better player

Hermit Road 1:05 Thu Jul 12
Re: West Ham Midfield
And Fernandes isn’t up to it. Too error prone.

Hermit Road 1:05 Thu Jul 12
Re: West Ham Midfield

Good in possession, looks for and picks out a pass.


He’s done now. Needs to go.


Board mouthpiece who can only move quickly when he needs to assault a fan protesting his paymasters. Nothing else to offer.

Norflundon 12:59 Thu Jul 12
Re: West Ham Midfield
Fernandes is absolutely robbing a living absolutely dreadful player
Kouyate has had two very good seasons and two truly awful seasons decent squad player as he can play centre half and nicks a few goals, if we can get good money wouldn’t be fussed if he goes
Obiang he’s a nothing player I can’t tell you what’s hesactually good at not seen him boss a game if we can get our money back or above I would bite anybody’s hand off
Had a terrible season by his standards but always plays his best football when he has quality players around him went to a completely new level for him when we had payet and with the new wide boys and Wilshere and Arnie I can see him having a good season

Swiss. 7:03 Wed Jul 11
Re: West Ham Midfield
I'm still not sure where we should play Antonio except not in the defence. I'm also not sure he's a Pellegrini type player.

franksfat&slow&wank 6:40 Wed Jul 11
Re: West Ham Midfield
Kouyate and Obiang are not consistently good enough
fuck them both off they frustrate the life out of me

Trevor B 5:58 Wed Jul 11
Re: West Ham Midfield
Kante is leaving?

irisiris95 5:56 Wed Jul 11
Re: West Ham Midfield
Kouyate & Fernandes should probably go, not good enough.
Isn't Sturaro the guy to come in and take the Kante role?

Old legs Noble may well stay as squad player but let's face it he's too slow.

I'd like to keep Antonio but if his ego has risen & just doesn't get it then maybe he needs to be sold to balance the books. I presume Anderson is his upgrade.
Antonio has to see this as a challenge now to get into the team and can play on both wings & striker. I think he should be kept.

Obiang I like and perhaps with improved quality around him maybe his job gets easier. Physical enough but ain't the playmaker Wilshere is.

ludo21 5:16 Wed Jul 11
Re: West Ham Midfield
Obiang doesn't 'get around' enough though.

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