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Alvin 12:41 Sun Jul 15
Why we are out of the World Cup
Easy: no West Ham players.
What he should have done? - picked Joe Hart.
Problem solved

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Chigwell 2:32 Wed Jul 18
Re: Why we are out of the World Cup
It's simple - our players are not simply good enough to compete at the very highest level. Why are they not good enough? Because they think they have made it, once they sign for a PL club (and who wouldn't with earnings of £millions every year), which is quite likely to happen at a young age in order that the club maintains its home-grown quota.
It would therefore be counter-productive to increase that quota.

Italian hammer 2:07 Wed Jul 18
Re: Why we are out of the World Cup
Jon WHUFC in Italy is the opposite, italian clubs are fielding mainly foreign players, 54%.
PL has 59% of foreign players.
In Turkey is 65% while the other big leagues, Bundesliga, Liga and Ligue one are 49%, 39% and 36%.
But there is something else to check, all the players of the England team are playing in the PL opposite to the belgian team where just one player is coming from a belgian club.
Less than half of the french squad are playing in France.
I think is a combination of two factors, playing time and where you play.
English players refuse to take the challenge to go abroad and they rather prefer to be overpaid reserves in PL than playing abroad for less money.

13 Brentford Rd 6:11 Tue Jul 17
Re: Why we are out of the World Cup
Ag, I hate hairdressing and always have FFS. Don't do it anymore though I do work in that area still via FE. Dying (pun) to get out of it altogether though, full of annoying thick cunts who are really into it and I am not. Just had a team meeting and felt like walking out and handing my notice in.

Northern Sold 5:59 Tue Jul 17
Re: Why we are out of the World Cup
Shut up Road ain't you got any hair to cut or anything... stop trying to pull apart our happy campaign....

13 Brentford Rd 5:28 Tue Jul 17
Re: Why we are out of the World Cup
As I said yesterday, the mentality here despite all the noise after each failure in the past 20 years is still not far off Sunday league.
Pick the best / favoured 11 players and shoehorn them in.
All about power, pace, balls to the back post and set pieces. Even when we keep possession better it goes sideways and then back for Pickford to hoof upfield in the hope Kane can hold it up, get fouled or flick it on. For virtually every British manager this type of % football is the default. English players just can't help themselves as it's ingrained from childhood. I noticed this when Capello took over and tried to get England to keep possession, we didn't look like we knew how to turn possession into an end product. As with Southgate's team after a while of tapping the ball to each other between the edge of our area and the centre circle get bored and pass back to the keeper to hoof and undo all the good work. Never understood this, it's not Rugby where you try to gain yards and lineouts so why give the opposition a 60/40 chance of winning the ball back when you have possession?

We simply don't produce the players required for these reasons. Athletes yes, cultured footballers no.

istabraq 5:00 Tue Jul 17
Re: Why we are out of the World Cup
you will never have a better chance than the one just gone.you beat panama tunisia and sweeden in 90 min.colombia pens easy qualifying group as always.you need a midfielder who can run the game as is technically very good.ironic west ham have signed wiltshire who should be that player.anyway wont be as lucky in euros bound to face a decent team earlier in the comp.

Swiss. 3:04 Tue Jul 17
Re: Why we are out of the World Cup

That ain't the point. What we are saying is it better to play 100% for a lesser team on loan rather that the odd 20 mins a game for a top club? Is match time more important?

overbyyer 2:35 Tue Jul 17
Re: Why we are out of the World Cup
I bet countries like Croatia don't have grass routes football that prioritises inclusion, participation and experience rather than nurturing a winning mentality.

pdbis 2:29 Tue Jul 17
Re: Why we are out of the World Cup
Beaten by a better team? Only had 2 shots on goal in 120 minutes against Croatia? Players believed the stupid hype that they were bringing the cup home?

overbyyer 2:28 Tue Jul 17
Re: Why we are out of the World Cup
Because they didn't want it enough, because the mentality at home is that 4th place is good enough to have railway stations named after you.

Absolute bollocks.

Northern Sold 1:57 Tue Jul 17
Re: Why we are out of the World Cup
Loads of kids are farmed out on loan... even the best ones... Beckham, Defoe, Rio, Lampard.... the simple thing is .. are they good enough...

Trevor B 1:52 Tue Jul 17
Re: Why we are out of the World Cup
I'm guessing you're about to make a huge Bolterang and say that you meant THORGEN Hazard, right Swiss? ;-)

Swiss. 1:34 Tue Jul 17
Re: Why we are out of the World Cup

Both De Bruyne and Hazzard were loaned out by Chelsea. No harm in that. More game time is important and I get the Foden point as long as it leads to full time play for City eventually.

JonWHUFC 12:37 Tue Jul 17
Re: Why we are out of the World Cup
After posting yesterday I read the Standard on the way home and Slav was making the same point as I did albeit with a lot more nous and experience. He was saying the best Croatian players are snapped up and play elsewhere but the youngsters are playing in the top two tiers of Croatian football and albeit questionable about the standard he said that they were high pressure games shown live on TV and their youngsters have 100 games experience under their belt before ours have any game time at all. Great to read and a really key point that we need to address. I go back to Phil Foden, he would be better served going on loan to say Wolves or Cardiff and playing every week in the PL rather than getting 30 mins here and there for Man City.

13 Brentford Rd 5:54 Mon Jul 16
Re: Why we are out of the World Cup
If they were good enough they could get game time at other PL clubs by leaving or going on loan as RLC has done recently.
If they are good enough there will always be PL clubs who will give be them a chance.
Problem IMHO is that we are not producing enough truly talented players. Yes we have produced a crop of internationals lately but as I said earlier they are very similar relying upon n pace and power but none have fantastic technique or a football brain.

Swiss. 4:51 Mon Jul 16
Re: Why we are out of the World Cup
And do we need to mass produce likes of Oxlade-Chamberline and thingy Creek.

Need to see Grealish at a good PL club.

Dr Moose 4:40 Mon Jul 16
Re: Why we are out of the World Cup
Would still like to see Wenger in charge of England by Qatar. Let Southgate have the benefit of the doubt but a poor Euro 20 qualification and finals should determine whether Southgate is a long term manager like Robson, who to me was the best England manager in my lifetime (to date.)

Swiss. 4:36 Mon Jul 16
Re: Why we are out of the World Cup

Yeah Rio was making this same point on TV recently.

JonWHUFC 3:59 Mon Jul 16
Re: Why we are out of the World Cup
Brentford, take you point about Croatia but when Barca coming knocking for Rakitic his Croatian club will blood another Croatian player. We wouldn't. That was my point. We have good young players here hence all the success at under 21, 19 and 17 but they need to play in the PL to continue to develop but the majority are getting very little game time if any at all.

13 Brentford Rd 3:28 Mon Jul 16
Re: Why we are out of the World Cup
There is obviously some truth in that and it has been a factor for years. Also the money available means players are happy to sit on the bench rather than leave to seek first team football or even leave the country to play in other leagues.
Croatia's best players don't play in their own leagues and other leagues have many foreigners too so I'm not sure you can blame it on that entirely.

We did have Wilshire sitting at home and in previous years have ignored the most talented players in favour of hard workers or put them in the wrong positions to accomodate others.
We pick players based on who they play for and form rather than pure ability or with a view to creating an international side.
It's still only a few steps away from Sunday league approach here. Pick the favoured / "best" 11 and gee them up.

Willtell 3:20 Mon Jul 16
Re: Why we are out of the World Cup
BobD 1:57 Mon Jul 16
"England U21 failure? Southgate's record was P33 W27 D3 L3. He won the 2016 Toulon tournament."

Those U21 stats look impressive until you check the 2015 European U21 Championship where "Under Southgate England....were knocked out in the group stages, finishing last in their group."

So he won a friendly tournament that included China, Togo, Qatar, Mexico, Scotland, S Korea, Japan, Canada, Turkey, and only Portugal and France were from top footballing nations.

Southgate also got relegated from PL with Middlesboro...

I rest my case. Hopefully Southgate has learnt from his mistakes but I saw no sign of it at the WC. The "expert" commentaries about Southgate sickened me tbh. Sycophantic bullshit. Southgate is a loser until he proves otherwise.

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