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The Reverend 10:09 Mon Jul 16
Buy or Sell?
Sporting Index have our season points total spread at 47.5 - 49 points.

The last 3 seasons we finished on 42 points, 45 points the season before and then 62 points before that.

Buy or Sell?

(For the uninitiated if you think we will get more than 49 points you buy. Less you sell. Same principle as buying or selling shares. If you think a share price will go up, you buy.)

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The Reverend 11:20 Tue Jul 17
Re: Buy or Sell?
Gentile - the boat leaves Venice Saturday week.....back in time for the start of the season.

Clyde - Its a buy for me. Sorry!!

Rossal 9:44 Tue Jul 17
Re: Buy or Sell?
I still regret not trusting myself and selling Soton last year @ 51. Think £50 a point returned around £750

Grumpster 9:30 Tue Jul 17
Re: Buy or Sell?
Buy all day long.

3rd season in that crap stadium so can't use it as an excuse now and we have clearly done some bloody good business so far this window.

onlyoneclydebest 9:27 Tue Jul 17
Re: Buy or Sell?
The best tip I can give is whatever The Rev does,do the opposite 😜

Rossal 9:21 Tue Jul 17
Re: Buy or Sell?
I think buy. I would maybe have marked us a touch right

Gentile 12:04 Tue Jul 17
Re: Buy or Sell?
Boat docked?

Charoo 11:40 Mon Jul 16
Re: Buy or Sell?
@49 I Pay - 55 points minimum this season, slow start, strong finish.

The Reverend 10:57 Mon Jul 16
Re: Buy or Sell?

If you buy for 10 a point at 49 points and we get 62 again you win 130 (62 - 49 multiplied by your 10). But if we get 42 again you lose 70 (42 - 49 multiplied by your 10).

The principle with spread betting is the more you are right the more you win. The more you are wrong the more you lose. More interesting than a fixed odds bet.

Hammers1993 10:27 Mon Jul 16
Re: Buy or Sell?
Blimey, 62 points, it just shows you how good of a performer Payet was that season.

Also shows how badly we messed up in the transfer windows following that season, what a great chance we had to push on, hopefully this year is different.

mongo 10:25 Mon Jul 16
Re: Buy or Sell?
So what happens when we get more than 49 points? How much do you get back?

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