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Q: 2019/20 With seven games to go will West Ham stay up
a. Our demise was sealed when the idiots on the Board appointed Moyes, we're down
b. Despite the efforts of Moyes and the players, we will stay up by the smallest of margins
c. I'm beyond caring & couldn't give two hoots either way

LeroysBoots 9:47 Thu Jul 19
Cliff Richard
What a lovely bloke

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Mike Oxsaw 8:02 Sat Jul 28
Re: Cliff Richard
I though the whole Cliff Richard image came about because he got caught shagging the wife/girl-friend of a best mate and said mate threatened to cut Cliff's bollocks off.

Cliff decided sex was "too much trouble" and has abstained ever since.

When I worked in a pub in Radlett, he used to pop in quite often for a bottle of wine, I assume, on his way from the station to Hank's gaff in Loom Lane. He never, ever, struck me as odd - but there and again, I HAVE been to Thailand...

Pedant 2:21 Sat Jul 28
Re: Cliff Richard
He tried to disown Honky Tonk Angels because he managed to record it without realising it was about prostitutes.

The Kronic 2:16 Sat Jul 28
Re: Cliff Richard
He made a music video noncing about on kiddies roller skates FFS. How he's still got away with it is beyond me.

jimbo2. 1:35 Sat Jul 28
Re: Cliff Richard
Move it (his first hit) and Devil Woman are decent songs, but then I'm considerably older than most on WHO!

Willtell 1:15 Sat Jul 28
Re: Cliff Richard
Cliff can't be a gay nonce. He has god on his side...

kirok1 12:04 Sat Jul 28
Re: Cliff Richard
Still strange, or somewhat predictable, depending on your level of cynicism, that plenty of evidence exists to prove Elm Guest House was a paedo centre, particularly involving Cyril Smith and suggestions of a certain Home Secretary’s involvement, yet all the VIP paedo ring investigation has been dumped because ONE witness was discredited, yet others committed suicide.
Kitty is significantly referred to in so many places and stories...
Still seems like the powerful and wealthy get away with the same as they did in Cleveland Street...

gph 3:22 Sat Jul 28
Re: Cliff Richard
Pretty sure I've heard Cliff saying he reckons God made him rich, so the corollary is that whatever he's doing is ok with God.

Johnson 3:16 Sat Jul 28
Re: Cliff Richard
The Elm Park Guest House stuff is deep, been reading a few bits.

Hoss 2:47 Sat Jul 28
Re: Cliff Richard

Google is your friend

normannomates 2:31 Sat Jul 28
Re: Cliff Richard
fucking nonce..

rot in hell he will

SUM A DING WONG 12:50 Sat Jul 28
Re: Cliff Richard
Cliff Richards is asexual.

Asexual deviant.

Tomshardware 11:24 Fri Jul 27
Re: Cliff Richard
Cliff Richards is innocent.

Takashi Miike 1:57 Fri Jul 27
Re: Cliff Richard
i get it now swiss, and it's even funnier that an almost identical post followed your one :.)

Russ of the BML 1:56 Fri Jul 27
Re: Cliff Richard
Swiss. 12:24 Fri Jul 27

What he fuck are you on about?

What's not a wind up? That your mate went hiking around the US? Or he met a bloke at a YMCA?

Why would we think that's a wind up?

yngwies Cat 1:45 Fri Jul 27
Re: Cliff Richard

cholo 1:43 Fri Jul 27
Re: Cliff Richard
SurfaceAgentX2Zero wrote...

The 'asexual' thing he just made up for public consumption and so as not to upset his mum

No real surprise Morrissey would use that very same tactic years later.

lab 1:14 Fri Jul 27
Re: Cliff Richard
Swiss 12:24 ,ag .

Northern Sold 12:32 Fri Jul 27
Re: Cliff Richard
Back in 1987 me and a MATE ended up in a late hol in Oct' to Corfu (Bentisis) ... met a couple of birds from Surrey (Morden) that worked in a clinic.... app' it was a place that a lot of famous people went to.... the one story I do remember this Nurse from the private clinic told us was that Cliff Richard used to have injections to make him impotent as he thought that getting a stiffy (prob when Sue Barker bent over) was the work of the devil.... not sure whether I believed her or not but still makes me laugh.... Oh great lay by the way... the Nurse... NOT Cliff that is...

Takashi Miike 12:27 Fri Jul 27
Re: Cliff Richard
what did the last post mean? what is not a wind up, you haven't revealed anything?

Swiss. 12:24 Fri Jul 27
Re: Cliff Richard
My best mate whilst hiking around the US met a teenage guy in a YMCA in California. And btw my mates not gay not that it makes a difference. But he told him and related to me a very interesting story which of course has no relevance to this thread :-)

That's all I have to say..and it's not a wind up.

Swiss. 12:21 Fri Jul 27
Re: Cliff Richard
What have Princess Grace and Sue Barker got in common?

They've both been fucked by cliffs.

OK I know its old.

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