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13 Brentford Rd 12:34 Mon Jul 23
Labour's latest anti semitism row.....
Been rumbling on since last week.
Labour now ignoring the internationally recognised definition of anti semitism and trying to bring in their own code.......

”Hodge stands by comments accusing Corbyn of antisemitism
Labour MP, who faces party inquiry, says leader must be judged on his actions"

Mon 23 Jul 2018
The veteran Labour MP Dame Margaret Hodge has defended her decision to call Jeremy Corbyn a “racist and antisemite” despite facing disciplinary action and has instructed her lawyers to challenge the decision.

Hodge, who made the comments about the Labour leader in the Commons on Tuesday, faces a party inquiry after its national executive committee (NEC) refused to abandon a controversial new code of conduct on antisemitism.

The MP’s lawyers on Monday wrote to the party’s general secretary, Jennie Formby, to question the “fairness and legitimacy” of the investigation and suggest that the threats of suspension were an “attempt to silence” her.

The letter from law firm Mischon de Reya also accused the party of failing to set out the allegation against the MP or the rule that had been breached.

“It is a fundamental breach of natural justice and principles of fairness. You have left our client in the bizarre position whereby possible suspension is hanging over her for future unspecified behaviour.”

Hodge’s comments came as some MPs and peers were planning to push an emergency motion at a meeting on Monday urging the parliamentary Labour party to adopt a fuller definition of antisemitism, “including all of its accompanying examples”, in what would be seen as a rebuke to Corbyn.

In an interview with BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, Hodge said she stood by the criticism and that Corbyn should be judged on his actions and not his words.

“I have always in the past disagreed with those who called him antisemite but … what has happened in the [last] few months … has been a bridge too far,” she said.

“He is the leader of the Labour party, accountability rests with him … you can carry on saying you are not antisemitic but it’s by his actions that he has to be judged.”

Hodge criticised Corbyn for failing to respond to antisemitism against Labour members and concerns among the Jewish community.

She is critical of the party’s new code of conduct on antisemitism, which features the internationally accepted International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) definition, but does not replicate in full a list of examples of antisemitism published by the IHRA alongside its definition.

Hodge said: “It’s not what you say, it’s what you do, and he hasn’t adopted the full definition of antisemitism that everyone else has.”

However she vowed to remain in the Labour party, despite the row. Hodge said: “I have been in the party for so long. I fought the British National party, this is all about my identity and my values.

“I could have had time off when I was fighting the BNP [for her Barking seat in 2010] … my husband had just died, but it was important to fight. This is the same … I will fight from within the Labour party.”

She said she had faced abuse on social media since her row with Corbyn. “I have been called a ‘Zionist bitch’ and told I was ‘under orders of my paymaster in Israel’,” she said.

She said the comments were posted on social media pages that were supportive of the Labour leader.

“Within 12 hours of my talking to Jeremy Corbyn face to face I received a disciplinary letter. Think how long it has taken for the Labour party to respond to any allegations of antisemitism. I am not even sure they have responded to terrible words that [were posted online about me], accusing me of horrific things.”

A spokesman for Corbyn said Hodge’s accusations that he was antisemitic were unacceptable.

However, the disciplinary action against her has prompted anger from Corbyn’s critics in the party, not least because of Hodge’s standing within Labour. She is a former minister and former chair of the public accounts committee.

The shadow chancellor, John McDonnell, has suggested that a line should be drawn under the row. “My view is let’s resolve this very, very quickly, almost drop the complaint, and let’s move on. Or if someone wants their complaint investigated, let’s get that done quickly.”

The shadow solicitor general, Nick Thomas-Symonds, defended Labour’s approach. Referring to the IHRA’s examples of antisemitism, he said many of them were “adopted word for word in our code of conduct”, while in others “the ground is covered” in the document. He said the code would cover the abuse received by Hodge.

He told the Today programme: “We should be going further than the IHRA definition and the language of the code is at times much stronger. We need to expand on a lot of the examples to ensure that we have a legally enforceable code so that we can enforce discipline as everyone wants to.

“I totally understand, as well, that there have been concerns expressed by my parliamentary colleagues and concerns expressed by Jewish community leaders. We obviously take those very seriously indeed, and so we should, and that’s why I think the NEC was also right, while adopting this code, to say that we will now have a further consultation and take those into account. What we really need to do is to have something that we can all be comfortable with going forward.”

Labour’s code of conduct includes a section listing only some of the examples of antisemitism published by the IHRA. The missing examples include accusing Jewish people of being more loyal to Israel than their home country and claiming that Israel’s existence as a state is a racist endeavour.

Labour said all the examples were covered by other parts of the code. For instance, there is a section that specifically states: “It is wrong to accuse Jewish citizens of being more loyal to Israel, or to the alleged priorities of Jews worldwide, than to the interests of their own nations.”

Corbyn said it would be better if any debate about the issue was delayed until after summer recess, which starts on Tuesday, because attendance might be limited"

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Texas Iron 5:11 Tue Jul 24
Re: Labour's latest anti semitism row.....
Definitely NOT antisemitic...

Texas Iron 5:08 Tue Jul 24
Re: Labour's latest anti semitism row.....
Stop making things up...
I have Jewish relatives...friends etc...
Definitely antisemitic...
Show PROOF...or STFU...

The Kronic 5:01 Tue Jul 24
Re: Labour's latest anti semitism row.....
Ah bless, he's triggered by 'antisemitism' now.
What a fucking cock

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 3:47 Tue Jul 24
Re: Labour's latest anti semitism row.....

Firstly, you are a massive anti-Semite, one of the worst on this site.

Secondly, as has been clearly stated several times and is explicit in the definition, criticism of the actions of the state of Israel is NOT anti-Semitism unless you apply different criteria than you would for any other state.

Texas Iron 3:18 Tue Jul 24
Re: Labour's latest anti semitism row.....
I have no problem...or criticism against Jewish people...

But I have some criticisms against the Israeli government policies and actions...

How does that compare to anti Semitism ???

I don't believe it does...

Mike Oxsaw 2:45 Tue Jul 24
Re: Labour's latest anti semitism row.....
, 1:54 Tue Jul 24

Just like Budweiser beer, then.

mallard 2:35 Tue Jul 24
Re: Labour's latest anti semitism row.....
Ok 13, keep your cap on - I didn’t accuse you of attempting to shut the site down did I ?

Just casting out a bit of banter and you bit !

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 2:13 Tue Jul 24
Re: Labour's latest anti semitism row.....
Except speaking out against Israeli government policy specifically ISN'T racist, as is clearly explained in that definition.

, 1:54 Tue Jul 24
Re: Labour's latest anti semitism row.....
I’m more in Hodge’s court than Corbyn’s over this. But the difference in perception for Jews is that by bad large they are a religious as well as an ethnic group. No other race is as tied to a religion as the Jews. People might speak out of turn about a race or a religion but when attacking Jews both race and religion take offence. Hence speaking out against Israeli government policy is classed as been anti Semitic.

The Kronic 12:53 Tue Jul 24
Re: Labour's latest anti semitism row.....
Well that was rather juvenile.

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 12:37 Tue Jul 24
Re: Labour's latest anti semitism row.....
Morning silly pretend hard-man anarchist who's so thick he wants more government.

The Kronic 12:36 Tue Jul 24
Re: Labour's latest anti semitism row.....
And here's the relentless virtue signaller on behalf of the 'chosen people'. Morning Timothy.

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 12:33 Tue Jul 24
Re: Labour's latest anti semitism row.....
Robson 11:02 Tue Jul 24

'I really don't see the need for a separate definition of racism specifically for Jews.'

I would agree with you in principle, but I presume it's because Jews are subject to precisely the sort of sneaky, deniable racism exampled in the definition.

I would think with other races it's more clear-cut and no special definition has been required.

The Kronic 12:30 Tue Jul 24
Re: Labour's latest anti semitism row..same I
Hissy queen's pro Zionist recruitment drive part XVIIII going down the shitter yet again. Keep up the good work.

13 Brentford Rd 12:26 Tue Jul 24
Re: Labour's latest anti semitism row..same I
Sterling, you can do one. It's not what you say, it's the tone and intent.

Mallard, no simpleton, you're talking out of your arse. Not sure why I'm even bothering to defend myself.
Why would I grass up the site and get it shut down when It's the only site I post on?

Anti Semitism, Islamaphobia, Racism, yes it's all the same but I suppose there are different quirks and characteristics of different groups and racism may target inly one group.

I don't abuse or slag off other races or religions at all and that's a fact. Just suits some's weak argument to make it up that I do. Many on here do but not me.

Alvin, you do realise that Arabs are in the Israeli Army, Air force, government etc... don't you?
Israel defines itself as The Jewish state, it's the only one, so it wants legislation to ensure it stays that way. Israel is still a democracy though not a dictatorship unlike most of the region. This happens all over the region and it is often brutal but rarely questioned.
If the UK government tried to take steps to protect the identity of the UK, many would applaud them, in fact it's what many demand.

Willtell 12:18 Tue Jul 24
Re: Labour's latest anti semitism row.....
Good point Alvin. Funny how often people that play the race card are often racist themselves without realising it......

Alvin 11:50 Tue Jul 24
Re: Labour's latest anti semitism row.....
Israel recently passed a law that excludes Arabs from certain areas of public life.
How is that not racist?
But if you describe Israel as a racist state that's regarded as antisemitic.
Makes no sense to me.
Israel is a racist state.
SO maybe I am as antisemitic as Jeremy Corbyn?

stirlinghammer 11:46 Tue Jul 24
Re: Labour's latest anti semitism row.....

probably the most sensible comments ever posted on here on the subject of race/religion...not sure what you are doing on here mate if you want rational debate..

13 - it would be out of character of you if you now suggest these near impossible standards (which i actually mostly agree with) are applied to all races/religions/cultures. there is a hell alot of protection there for Jews/Judiasm and Israel. that's why your flippant abuse of other non-jews pisses people off. i teased you about big noses and you said that was anti semitic...if you were truly offended, i apologise.

it does appear you want freedom of speech to mock, insult others and special protection for Jews/Israel ....a contradiction which frequently causes you to lose the plot.

Robson 11:02 Tue Jul 24
Re: Labour's latest anti semitism row.....
I really don't see the need for a separate definition of racism specifically for Jews. It seems a bit hypocritical, not wanting to be singled out, i.e. wanting to be treated like everyone else, but then demanding special treatment.

Seems that the definition and examples would mostly work for any form of racial or religious discrimination, so why not just work towards a general goal of equality across all race and religion?

As for the penultimate example in Gavros' post, about not comparing Israeli policy to that of the Nazis. That's not really for them to decide is it? Of course I'm sure there are no grounds for comparison now, but the historical lesson of the Jews' suffering under Nazi Germany should serve as a warning to all peoples not to allow the same to happen again. No-one should be exempt from it.

Up The Iron 10:15 Tue Jul 24
Re: Labour's latest anti semitism row.....
"For the many, not the Jew"

The Kronic 10:12 Tue Jul 24
Re: Labour's latest anti semitism row.....
Israel needs fucking nking.

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