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Sydney_Iron 12:36 Fri Jul 27
West Ham fan TV, Hammers chat and others
Anyone watch these as well on youtube? Nicky Hawkins on West Ham TV is pretty good and positive most of the time, a few of the others rant a lot, the bloke on Hammer and Talk for example, others are a bit long winded or dour at times.

Watched the bloke from Mike on Monday do a thing on why do you support West Ham which was pretty good, although his regular thing each Monday can get a bit stupid at times.

Any of these people post on WHO?

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arsene york-hunt 1:46 Fri Jul 27
Re: West Ham fan TV, Hammers chat and others
WHFTV's video of our 1 - 0 win over tottenham is perhaps the best thing I've seen on youtube


A bit long but the last 2- 3 minutes are wonderful.

Lily Hammer 12:28 Fri Jul 27
Re: West Ham fan TV, Hammers chat and others
WHFTV are alright. They all come across as your typical Hammer. Not up there own arses and are fairly self depreciating.

Hammers Chat have grown on me purely because of the Canning Town Len saga. Top notch. I think Nigel Khan is a player in that. Hats off to him and whoever else is involved with that.

The shouty ginger lad is a bit menstrual at times, so I can never finish any of his videos. Is he Hammers Talk?

factory seconds 12:16 Fri Jul 27
Re: West Ham fan TV, Hammers chat and others
WHFTV mean well and do the job when it just comes to sticking a mic in someone's face, not the sharpest tools in the box and i reckon you'd get more insight by just talking to whoever is sitting next to you. be that at the stadium or sitting on a train to calcutta. got shown up during the BUNGAPOCALYPSE.

hammerschat has grown on me, which is surprising considering i find their board a bit wank. the jock is probably the most switched on about the actual football side of things and geo's banter is generally on point.

hammer and talk is like a NHS issued substitute for people can't get to games and massively miss having that one bloke behind you shouting bollocks at 150 decibels for 90 minutes.

find the oddest one to be the claret and hugh endorsed sean whetstone podcast. that description makes it sound like utter ear piss, but it's usually just an hour of the other two or three thoroughly extracting the michael out of the host's board plant status and generally being fairly clued up, if on a bit of a constant whinge. nigel kahn's on there and does well.

4ever-blowin-bubbles 10:28 Fri Jul 27
Re: West Ham fan TV, Hammers chat and others
yes i watch them and find it great to watch most of the time and i like the humour

Takashi Miike 1:13 Fri Jul 27
Re: West Ham fan TV, Hammers chat and others
yes, i watch some of the stuff. the jock bloke on hammers chat is hard to listen to but i don't mind the gonzo and mike fellas. west ham fan tv is ok, but does get repetitive with the same characters interviewed

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