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Q: 2019/20 With seven games to go will West Ham stay up
a. Our demise was sealed when the idiots on the Board appointed Moyes, we're down
b. Despite the efforts of Moyes and the players, we will stay up by the smallest of margins
c. I'm beyond caring & couldn't give two hoots either way

Justin P 7:27 Sat Jul 28
Cresswell and E Fernandes?
Something very strange going on with these two??

Nowhere near the squads for these friendlies.

Anyone share any light?

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Sven Roeder 8:18 Wed Aug 1
Re: Cresswell and E Fernandes?
Fish out of water!
Cresswell needs to concentrate on getting fit and getting back to playing left back in a competent manner.
That said I wouldn’t be surprised if we did sell him in the next few days

fraser 8:13 Wed Aug 1
Re: Cresswell and E Fernandes?
Nope can't see it myself, falls asleep way to often.

Wanderlust 6:15 Wed Aug 1
Re: Cresswell and E Fernandes?
I can see the logic of selling Cresswell if we got a decent offer AND we had enough left sided defensive cover, but I have been wondering if he could be converted to a left/centre defensive midfield; he has got a very good left foot and is very useful at set pieces. I think he has enough defensive nouse to play as a DM as well as decent pace to get back to cover, along with his experience last season as a central defender, but he clearly isn't tall enough to permanently occupy that role. He could link up well with the left back (Masuaku or A N Other) as well as cover that position and that of a central defender when necessary. It is possibly an alternative to spending big money on the specialist DM that many are saying we need, as I think there is still a good player there, but performances suggest that he is neither an out and out defender nor attacker and it might actually be the perfect role for him? My only doubt is whether his passing is good enough, particularly with his weaker foot, but hopefully the revamped front line will present far more options than previously, and the main job in the DM role is to win the ball and give it to others to create. Played alongside Rice, Noble, Obiang or Wilshere it could be viable, even if only as cover for injuries, but I think he is good enough to make the role his own.

hammer205 11:37 Sun Jul 29
Re: Cresswell and E Fernandes?
I spoke with a Ipswich fan about him yesterday because he was disappointed that he wasn't playing

He said Cresswell was amazing at Ipswich!!!
I said he was great before the injury, which seems to have knocked his confidence

onsideman 10:36 Sun Jul 29
Re: Cresswell and E Fernandes?
Cresswell was great for a while

Whether it was first season syndrome, or because he had Payet in front of him so the wider more offensive players on the other team had more to think about, or whether it was just pre his concussive injury I have no idea...neither do I know whether or not it is irretrievable... but the incontrovertible truth is that he was dogshit defensively and only very, very marginally better offensively last year.

He looks shit scared - of the opposition and of the ball

Sir Alf 10:22 Sun Jul 29
Re: Cresswell and E Fernandes?
Cresswell like Arfur has yet to prove he can defend well enough on a consistent basis. Arfur has looked very good in pre season going forward but we have yet to play anyone that has us on the back foot.

Left back and central midfield need further strengthening although that may have to wait to a future window.

Fernandes IMO is simply not good enough and should be moved on. He will make a living in the game of course but not physically strong enough or consistent enough. I suspect he will end up in a weaker league or plying his trade at a lower level.

Lee Trundle 10:06 Sun Jul 29
Re: Cresswell and E Fernandes?
We had the worst defence in the league last season, and Cresswell played a big part in our "defence". He didn't do well.

And Walker was our weakest link at the world cup, gave away penalties and was out-jumped numerous times which lead to the odd goal.

They're both full backs, not central defenders. It's a shit tactic.

Mex Martillo 9:53 Sun Jul 29
Re: Cresswell and E Fernandes?
Not true Lee, I said almost the same as Alex V earlier in this thread.

Cresswell did well as the left side of a back 3 and Southgate copied this tactic and used Walker in the same way. I cannot be bothered, but look at the stats, have a look for sure our defense was better when Cresswell was in the back 3.

Lee Trundle 8:25 Sun Jul 29
Re: Cresswell and E Fernandes?
Unsurprisingly I see the complete opposite of you, V.

Cresswell was shit defensively as our 3rd centre back, and there's no chance Fernandes is good enough for our squad let alone the first team.

Alex V 3:40 Sun Jul 29
Re: Cresswell and E Fernandes?
Sven Roeder 10:16 Sun Jul 29

I don't agree on Cresswell. I think he was one of our best players last season. Certainly missing the pre-season won't have helped him but I still have him as a solid first-choice.

For Fernandes I agree on the injuries - so disappointing. This was the time for him to stake a claim for the first team. How many more chances will he get? I think he has the quality to be in the first 11, but if he can't stay fit he's unlikely to prove that.

Mex Martillo 1:58 Sun Jul 29
Re: Cresswell and E Fernandes?
Fraser, we are better than that pile of shitsters

Mex Martillo 1:56 Sun Jul 29
Re: Cresswell and E Fernandes?
Eerie, I hate to admit you have a valid point there.
West Ham are aways just fantastic and now we actually have some good players, cricky, amazing times may be ahead.

fraser 12:26 Sun Jul 29
Re: Cresswell and E Fernandes?
Eerie Descent 10:08 Sun Jul 29

He rates everything about the club, if you only had him as a reference you'd think we were Real Madrid and playing in the Bernabeu

Sven Roeder 10:16 Sun Jul 29
Re: Cresswell and E Fernandes?
A couple of players at a crossroads (we have a FEW).

Cresswell was rightly in the England squad but has been pretty abysmal since he got that preseason injury a couple of years back. Is probably behind Arthur now and needs to get back to where he was.
Being ENGLISH he is saleable at an inflated price and wouldn't be surprised if that happens

Fernandes has done some good things and then looked very average. Seems to get injured a lot for someone who isn't a physical player and needs to take a big step forward this season.

Eerie Descent 10:08 Sun Jul 29
Re: Cresswell and E Fernandes?
Mex Martillo 9:00 Sun Jul 29

I think it's more the fact that you think EVERY one of our players is fucking brilliant.

It's as if we haven't been absolutely fucking dogshit for 2 years.

White Pony 9:37 Sun Jul 29
Re: Cresswell and E Fernandes?
Oh, and I thought this thread was going to be some kind of Morley/Bishop rumour mongering.

White Pony 9:35 Sun Jul 29
Re: Cresswell and E Fernandes?
I didn't see the game yesterday but it would not surprise me at all if Ogbonna was fucking shit again. Almost as overrated as Pedro fucking Obiang.

Mex Martillo 9:00 Sun Jul 29
Re: Cresswell and E Fernandes?
I rate both these players
Cresswell did well as a left sided CB in a 3 man defense.
I can see Pellegrini is going for a back 4, I hope it works, I think it is a big risk.
Fernandes has good ball control and a good future.
Seems to me that WHO is out to slag all our players

NEVER SAY DIE 2:46 Sun Jul 29
Re: Cresswell and E Fernandes?
Both injured although Cresswell has been back training for a week.

Eerie Descent 1:32 Sun Jul 29
Re: Cresswell and E Fernandes?
You've got a snooker table in your house?

Posh cunt.

jooliandix 1:30 Sun Jul 29
Re: Cresswell and E Fernandes?
Just because I'm sitting here in rubber gear with a snooker ball in my mouth and butt plug doesn't stop me giving my opinion on our defending today,it was abysmal,Ipswich could have beaten us if they had finished better,the season starts in 2 weeks,we should be better than today's showing.

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