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Mace66 11:31 Wed Aug 1
Taking off the kids
Kids living at home and working full time

How much of their earnings do you take off them ?

Hit me ....

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, 4:06 Mon Aug 6
Re: Taking off the kids
What it seems to boil down to is that most parents, depending on their means, are prepared to help offspring who are also helping themselves but not prepared to help those that are not saving or in debt.

Thames Ironworks 4:04 Mon Aug 6
Re: Taking off the kids
From the day I started earning I would pay my parents for my keep. Worked 12 hr days and on shift to bring in the brass and paid a fair amount of my salary to my folks. Did this until I was 18 then went off to study, finished studying and then got my own flat with my girlfriend straight away. Didn't want to burden them and never have.

Already telling my 13 yr old, once she is old enough she is going to work for her keep, no sponging off her folks.

Hammers1993 4:01 Mon Aug 6
Re: Taking off the kids
angryprumphs 12:23 Mon Aug 6

I pay rent. Just an opinion don’t get too wound up son you might do yourself damage.

Jim C 3:39 Mon Aug 6
Re: Taking off the kids
As I said in an earlier post, my parents did help me. However it was only once I had done some serious saving, they had commented on the fact that I had started not going to away games as much and had started driving on nights out or not going at all a few times until eventually they asked how much I had saved. Once I showed them the figure that is when I got the help which I did not expect.

Fully agree with what pwopernaughty said, I constantly hear people claiming they have no money yet always come to work via Costa, go to the cafe for lunch every day and a few drinks after work on a Friday turns into a full scale piss up.

I am not claiming to be the best with money, but I saved when I needed too.

Fifth Column 3:10 Mon Aug 6
Re: Taking off the kids
I moved out of my parents' home at age of about 21 and moved into shared house with some mates. I suppose it was 20 years ago now so was more affordable to do that AND still get a mortgage.

People living at home until they're 30 - that's just weird... maybe it's a generational thing. I certainly don't want my kids reliant on me until they're 30 - not on a day to day basis.

angryprumphs 12:23 Mon Aug 6
Re: Taking off the kids
Hammers1993 7:59 Sat Aug 4

Of course you are 'good with money' and have managed to build up £50k in the bank, because you are poncing off your fucking parents, you fucking parasite.

TheBoleynBoy 12:21 Mon Aug 6
Re: Taking off the kids
It’s a strange one as my family had fuck all and whilst living at home I’d pay for the sky, internet, phone bills and my younger sisters mobile (which i still do)...they never really wanted me to pay anything but I just done it so we could have internet as didn’t really have that growing up...if they ever needed money for whatever reason I’d always just hand it over in a flash, it would normally be to pay a bill or get some food shopping in...I even sent them on holidays sometimes...again they never asked from me or my older sister when we were at home, it’s just something you do to help when you can.

Mart O 1:48 Sun Aug 5
Re: Taking off the kids
"My personal opinion is" I hope you die, cunt.

And the sooner, the better.

Hammers1993 7:59 Sat Aug 4
Re: Taking off the kids
I've had this debate with colleagues, friends, even family members over my view on this.

I am extremely good with money, have over 50k in savings, but haven't got my own place as of yet, due to other family reasons.

But the whole "paying rent" outlook I have is, if you want your kids to save money to move out, then taking money off of them to me, seems a bit backwards. I am great with money and just to be clear I do pay rent, but, in order to move out, in this day and age you need thousands and thousands, and a big income monthly to even be considered.

It all depends on what the reason for taking rent is though. If the parents are saying it's to teach them that it's tough out there, when the person having to pay rent is well aware that it isn't just mortgage payments, it's water, it's food, it's electricity, it's heating, it's wear and tear, then how is taking money off them helping?

Having said all that I DO understand why parents charge rent, they feel like their kids get away with shit for free and everyone will have a different opinion on this.

My personal opinion is I will hopefully be in a good situation financially and never have to take a penny off my children, as long as they have an understanding that life is tough. Obviously if money would be taken I wouldn't spend it and I would put the entire amount into a savings for them as a deposit, if like I say I was fortunate enough to be financially comfortable.

I see some parents taking 1/3 of my mates wages just because and I always think that is an absolute piss take.

Obviously everyone has got different opinions on this though so someone is bound to take offence whatever your viewpoint is on it.

Johnson 6:55 Sat Aug 4
Re: Taking off the kids
Old man took 10% off all of us, which was very reasonable.

AnotherDay_SameShit 6:44 Sat Aug 4
Re: Taking off the kids
Some right old soppy cunts on here. Your kids won't love or respect you anymore, just so you know that.

Mart O 6:43 Sat Aug 4
Re: Taking off the kids
PwoperNaughtyButNot 6:29 Sat Aug 4

You know the rules: LINK.

PwoperNaughtyButNot 6:29 Sat Aug 4
Re: Taking off the kids
Girl at my work pushing 30

Always complains she has no money and her credit card is through the roof.

Always on holiday, at festivals, got best swag, brand new car etc

Lives with mum and dad on zero rent of bills.

No rent commitment means disposable income and ability to build credit.

Due to her debts built up buying shit she didn’t need that has no resale value, she’s fucked now until her parents die and she gets their house or marries some mug.

If only her parents had taught her about money and forced her to take some responsibility. I’m sure they thought they were being good parents and glad to shield her from the hardships they felt growing up but they have created a grown up child who is desperate for them to die.

AnotherDay_SameShit 8:51 Fri Aug 3
Re: Taking off the kids
Take 50 a week off my lad and he won't be getting any of it back either, I aint paying for him when he would only spend it on piss anyway, no-one did it for me.

Huffers 8:11 Wed Aug 1
Re: Taking off the kids
I never had to pay anything but I think they knew I was good with money and always saved more than I spent. I'll be the same unless he looks like he throws money away.

Anything paid from him to me would be put aside for him anyway.

Claret Badger 7:53 Wed Aug 1
Re: Taking off the kids
my first paycheck when I was 16 was 600 odd quid
my mum took 200 for rent

Pagey 7:05 Wed Aug 1
Re: Taking off the kids
I really like the idea of charging rent but giving it back to them when they need it for a deposit. They learn the value of money and still get a lovely unexpected gift when needed the most.

Also to get on the property ladder as soon as possible.

Lee Trundle 6:08 Wed Aug 1
Re: Taking off the kids
I would point out that my parents encouraged me to get a job as early as possible to "pay my own way". I've been working since I was 14, first with a paper round, then a part time job in SAINSBURYS while I was at college, then straight into another full time job that sent me to university.

Lee Trundle 6:03 Wed Aug 1
Re: Taking off the kids
Possibly, but it won't make me change my mind.

I had the best time of my life in my 20's, and saved up for and paid for every penny of it.

I'm just surprised young adults haven't learnt about the value of money at that age. I certainly had.

Dr Moose 5:50 Wed Aug 1
Re: Taking off the kids
Lee Trundle 12:43 Wed Aug 1

I think you're on your own with this one.

Russ of the BML 4:49 Wed Aug 1
Re: Taking off the kids
RichyP 2:09 Wed Aug 1

It sounds like you have class parents. To put your rent away and then give it back to you later is top drawer.

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