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Chigwell 2:37 Mon Aug 6
Ben Stokes trial
Jurors have been asked by the judge if they follow England cricket (if so, presumably they will not be jurors). All the same, I don't see Stokes being convicted despite the video evidence.

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normannomates 5:05 Sat Aug 11
Re: Ben Stokes trial
load of bollocls and waste of money rhis.

he sparked a noddy..bit naughty..but thats life

said noddy seems to be enjoyng the limelight.

which says it all
Stokes it would appear has as many brain cells as myself

Crassus 12:53 Sat Aug 11
Re: Ben Stokes trial
From the video I did not see anything that we have all not seen plenty of times
Pissed blokes get bouncy with other pissed blokes, wield a bottle then get ironed out for their trouble and will take a life lesson when next pissed
Life's learning process, all part of growing up, serves you right would have been the view when I was a lad

Modern life (and CCTV) is shit

Chigwell 7:59 Fri Aug 10
Re: Ben Stokes trial
As often happens, the defence case was at its strongest before the defendant gave evidence. Stokes appears to have shafted himself by telling the court that he couldn't remember knocking people senseless, and admitted that he had a load more to drink than the jury would ever have done themselves. He basically got worked up with adrenaline, testosterone and alcohol that evening, but is too honest for his own good in a trial situation.

White Pony 1:01 Fri Aug 10
Re: Ben Stokes trial
Completely agree that this is being given way too much attention.

However Stokes is clearly a monumental Kiwi bellend and I'd be happy if he never played for England again.

Chigwell 12:32 Fri Aug 10
Re: Ben Stokes trial
Ryan Hale was acquitted because the judge found he had no case to answer. It doesn't appear that the evidence against him which emerged at trial during the prosecution case was any different from that which would have been known all along to the CPS. Why was he charged then? Presumably because the CPS thought it a good way of getting him to give evidence, in his own defence, of what Stokes in particular did. That has backfired and he is now not going to appear as a witness at all. That may help Stokes, because how the fight started is known only to the 2 remaining defendants, and they will give different accounts.

Capitol Man 12:29 Fri Aug 10
Re: Ben Stokes trial
Alfs 5:10 Thu Aug 9
Re: Ben Stokes trial

To be fair the vast majority of these probably end in the same way that they used to, with no police involvement at all, provided no one was badly hurt.

But and England cricketer caughtn giving someone a clump on camera was always going to end up in court.

normannomates 11:40 Thu Aug 9
Re: Ben Stokes trial
alfs 5.10

On The Ball 2:45 Thu Aug 9
Re: Ben Stokes trial
Ryan Hale CLEARED. Interesting.

Rab 9:21 Thu Aug 9
Re: Ben Stokes trial
LeroysBoots 8:41 Tue Aug 7
Re: Ben Stokes trial

After he is arrested he asks 'what about the other two' who he had the row with and then asks about the two gay guys as well. All on body camera apparently so unlikely it's a manufactured alibi. Add to that one of the 2 involved in the fight said at the scene he didn't want to press charges

Alfs 5:10 Thu Aug 9
Re: Ben Stokes trial
There was a fight, so what. I grew up in quite a rough town and if you acted like an arsehole you'd get a good kick in, sometimes deserved, other times less so. It was all part of growing up. But the police never got involved.

A five or six day trial at a cost of I don't know what, is ridiculous. It seems to me that it was six of one, half a dozen of another. Just a few pissed blokes having an argument that ended up with a few clumps.

They should just be made to shake hands and move on, like back in the day. Society now is so precious, can't do this, can't say that, it's all rather pathetic.

Briano 11:41 Wed Aug 8
Re: Ben Stokes trial
Young man gets pissed and gets into a row.

Prison sentence based on his fame is a waste of time really...he's a bit fiery but has probably learnt his lesson

Sven Roeder 9:57 Wed Aug 8
Re: Ben Stokes trial
I understand one of the blokes was threatening Stokes with a bottle and the other with a metal pole. I imagine that’s why they have been charged
From my view Stokes defends himself from any threat (what caused that threat we will wait & see) and then goes beyond as the blokes back off and smashes the shit out of them.
Long beyond when any threat exists.

As long as the ECB suspend him for next years World Cup and Ashes I dont particularly care how this little gay spat plays out.

Lertie Button 9:12 Wed Aug 8
Re: Ben Stokes trial
Whatever the timeline of the fight and exactly who did what, Stokes certainty has a prehistoric attitude to sexuality.
His Larry Grason act was truly purile, and he comes over like a thick bone headed lout.
Methinks he doth protest too much

Chigwell 5:11 Wed Aug 8
Re: Ben Stokes trial
The evidence is not as straightforward at seems at the moment. Obviously if the CPS believed that Stokes was the only aggressor, they would not have also charged the Ryans with affray. There must be enough evidence against those two to take the trial beyond the half way point, and then we'll have the excitement of cutthroat defences.

normannomates 2:29 Wed Aug 8
Re: Ben Stokes trial

yellow card for you my friend

normannomates 2:26 Wed Aug 8
Re: Ben Stokes trial
had an unfortunate evening didnt he

most of us have been there...if you havent..you are a boring scarfer with no tales to tell other than your missus playing away again

normannomates 2:14 Wed Aug 8
Re: Ben Stokes trial
the geezer can handle himself for sure..pissed as well..very impressive

feet planted..wallop

thats pros for you

lowermarshhammer 12:38 Wed Aug 8
Re: Ben Stokes trial
Ginger bloke gets a bit PISSED and acts a like a TWAT.

Fucks sake, the poor bloke should just plead GINGER.


Sorry if this has upset and offended any GINGERS out there who are fiery and hot headed. It's your human right to be that way of course.

HairyHammer 12:27 Wed Aug 8
Re: Ben Stokes trial
He was drunk and I hope he is given a second chance but he has to be very serious and true in his apology for what he did.

Bill W 11:31 Tue Aug 7
Re: Ben Stokes trial
Gulity as a puppy sitting next to a pile of poo. 85 pound fine and a bit of litter collecting if he can find OJ Simpson's lawyer

Vexed 8:43 Tue Aug 7
Re: Ben Stokes trial
Stokes could end up getting his hoop stretched at this rate. The fucking plank.

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