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oioi 6:43 Mon Aug 6
Laser Eye Surgery
Anyone had it?

Good result? If so would you recommend it? Any problems?

Nothing to do with West Ham? Well, I sit in the upper tier and it just feels weird putting glasses on to watch football. Upton Park is long gone but I'd feel a bit better about the LS if I had my 20/20 vision back.

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Lee S 7:27 Tue Aug 7
Re: Laser Eye Surgery
Had the Lasek done on both eyes which were -4.5 about 10 years ago. Cost about $3k

Once of the best things I ever done as not had to deal with contact lenses and glasses. All of which would have been hassle when swimming etc.

Cheezey Bell-End 1:19 Tue Aug 7
Re: Laser Eye Surgery
If you are over 40, they might say you are too old as the decline has already begun.

I had my lenses replaced 5 years ago and will hopefully never wear glasses again and can't get cataracts.

joe royal 10:23 Mon Aug 6
Re: Laser Eye Surgery
I know three people that have had it done and they say it’s fantastic .

Not for me tho .

defjam 10:10 Mon Aug 6
Re: Laser Eye Surgery
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MTC 9:56 Mon Aug 6
Re: Laser Eye Surgery
Wife had it done about 5 years ago after having glasses since she was a kid.She had to get reading glasses end of last year but she still thinks it was well worth getting done because normal vision is fine which wasn’t before and she suffered headaches which she doesn’t get anymore.

bertie 9:33 Mon Aug 6
Re: Laser Eye Surgery
Had it done about 18 years ago. Literally the best money I have ever spent (about £2-3k).

Could only see about 5 foot away back then, still have 20/20 vision today.

I will need reading glasses one day ( everyone does) but if someone said to me I’d have to have it done every five years I would still do it.

I dare say the technology has improved since my surgery so it should be even better. I know 5 others who have done it and they are all positive.

oioi 9:28 Mon Aug 6
Re: Laser Eye Surgery

You'll never guess who I bumped into in the opticians the other day...


oioi 9:26 Mon Aug 6
Re: Laser Eye Surgery
Whenever I've spoken to people about this I get such a mixed response and the same thing has happened here. Might have an assessment but not feeling confident about it. Seems to rely on very specific criteria to get a good result.

Thanks anyway chaps.

Far Cough 8:58 Mon Aug 6
Re: Laser Eye Surgery
I'd rather see an Ophthalmologist than an Optometrist, being blind in one eye, laser treatment was never an option

JohnnyL 8:51 Mon Aug 6
Re: Laser Eye Surgery
Worked for me very well with one eye ... short sighted. Had it done in Harley at 20 years ago and they said they could do both eyes but one wasn’t as bad and it would mean in c10 years I would need reading glasses. They were great and didn’t pressurise me. Went back about 13 years later and new company but even in Harley St they assessed me and had my old records ... could have suggested doing the other eye but said it was ok .. even better than before ! Mono vision seemed to work for me ... 20 + years and only one eye done which still has perfect sight and other eye ok and no need for reading glasses.

That said I have always said it was a personal choice and one you need to do your research. No issues for me apart from initial pain about 2 hours after op for c24 hours.

Never looked back ... if you know what I mean !!!

jack flash 8:51 Mon Aug 6
Re: Laser Eye Surgery
I've been retired now for a few years as an optometrist but for some patients laser treatment is ideal, others not so. Roughly:-

For young (up to mid/late 30's) moderate amounts of myopia (short sightedness) with or without a small amount of astigmatism it's very effective indeed

Astigmatism without myopia, hyperopia, hyperopia with astigmatism, not so good

Presbyopia, difficulty reading from about early 40's, when most people need reading glasses, poorly corrected with laser treatment

Of course, monovision, using one eye to see in the distance & the other to see to read, is an option for some people, but often poorly tolerated & not particularly safe when stereoscopic vision is important. Driving can be an issue

Personally, I wear varifocals. My uncorrected distance vision is pretty good but at my age I would struggle to read without spectacles so I wear them most of the time. I really don't mind wearing spectacles & I couldn't be on with taking them on & off all the time when I wanted to read!

The other advantages in wearing spectacles all the time are that they offer protection to the eyes, being photochromic, they protect my eyes from bright light, & finally, with all the holes in the ozone layer there has been an increase in harmful UV radiation which can induce premature cataracts etc. Wearing spectacles helps to protect against that

If you go for laser treatment, firstly get advice from a qualified optometrist, discuss your needs thoroughly, & secondly go to a reputable clinic for treatment of treatment is advised

fraser 8:04 Mon Aug 6
Re: Laser Eye Surgery
Can get monovision if you don't want reading glasses one for close the other for long

Dicko75 7:57 Mon Aug 6
Re: Laser Eye Surgery
I know well over 20 people who have had it done. All of them talk highly of the process and results. Go for it

Westside 7:57 Mon Aug 6
Re: Laser Eye Surgery
Tried contact lenses?

Modern daily disposables, made of silicon hydrogel are extremely comfortable (I wear them).

ray winstone 7:53 Mon Aug 6
Re: Laser Eye Surgery
My brother in law spent 2k on getting his slight shortsitedness done then found he had to wear reading glasses which he didn’t have to before.
Waste of money if you ask me...

Mr. Burns 7:50 Mon Aug 6
Re: Laser Eye Surgery
I had it done 10 years ago. All fine.

Gavros 7:15 Mon Aug 6
Re: Laser Eye Surgery
i know people whove had it done (who were seriously short sighted) and it was great for them.

I have got mild short sightedness (i wear glasses when i go to a game) but not enough for me to take the risk and spash the cash for this.

The Kronic 7:14 Mon Aug 6
Re: Laser Eye Surgery
I hate reading glasses, on-off on-off all fucking day, but bollocks to surgery - anything goes wrong and you're Ray Charles without the talent.

mashed in maryland 7:10 Mon Aug 6
Re: Laser Eye Surgery
My mate had it

It worked

Cost him about 3 grand i think

Nurse Ratched 7:09 Mon Aug 6
Re: Laser Eye Surgery
Fuck that for a lark. That's your SIGHT you're gambling with.

Gavros 7:07 Mon Aug 6
Re: Laser Eye Surgery
glasses are cheaper

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